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Summer time, summer time. Remember how you used to spend summer vacation between school years? Did it have those family routines or were you left to explore and have little adventures? I've wondered that lately. Reminiscing about things I used to do in awesome summer weather. I hate working inside in the summer. Being outdoors reminds me of the perceived freedom for 3 months at a time, from a jail with no bars. I rode my bike, spent hours swimming in the pool, other time spent wandering around camping and checking out the planet. Freedom from a confined, controlled, and routine driven space. Being an adult means you have to earn that freedom with a job. Job's fund the fun as well. Most of us in this little neighborhood, in some fashion or another, have grown up and graduated. Going out in the world being adults. So the streets have been kinda empty. No street hockey and having to pause the game for a car to come through. No bikes with bells and streamers rolling up and down the sidewalk. No tree houses being used for sleepovers and scarey stories. Just an empty playground waiting to be played in.

So let me invite you to come play. I am starting a thread call "How I spent my summer vacation." So stop by and see if it is a sandbox worth playing in, if even for just a little while.



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