Don't Make Mistakes When Choosing a Driving Glasses


There are many types of glasses of varying degrees, and it can be difficult to find an ideal one.

It's not because there are so many options that you will buy either, so see what mistakes to avoid when choosing and get away from them.

1. Don't think only comfort
You need to choose a model that fits your face and doesn't bother you.
Driving glasses that disrupt or cause discomfort will distract you and put you at risk.
Try different models until you find one that makes it look like you're not wearing the lens. He should not pinch the sides or fall off his face.

2. Set aside the gradient lenses
Gradient lenses are a great choice as they have a darker top and a lighter bottom. This way you can have protection from sunlight while you can see.
These are lighter lenses than sunglasses, ideal for those who prefer a little brighter without leaving sun protection aside.
Gradient or gradient lenses (which brighten at the end) is a good choice for those who want to wear sunglasses indoors.
This is because it does not disturb your field of view and facilitates the exchange of environments.

While lenses with only one tint (usually darker), having only one tint, can make it difficult to see in these indoor environments.


3. Not considering polarized lenses
Another type of lens that helps to better protect the eyes is the polar, because it can reduce the light reflections.
They can be very welcome on sunny days or when there are too many lights.
This type of lens features a sun filter chemical, preventing some of the light from passing through the lens.
That's because sunlight spreads in all directions, but when it hits flat surfaces like asphalt, for example, polarized lenses have a special filter that blocks out such intense light reducing glare and eye discomfort.

4. Not having a yellow lens glasses
One of the mistakes when choosing driving glasses is to find that colored lenses are only decorative.
Yellow lenses, also called Amber , are suitable for those who drive at night and want to reduce vision conflicts.
It decreases the incidence of blue light and makes us see green and red better.

5. Ignore the protection factor
Who buys sunglasses often ignores the factor of protection from UV rays . Protection from UV rays sunglasses not only blocks sunlight but also prevents eye damage.
Counterfeit glasses, for example, lack this protective layer and end up further impairing long-term vision.

6. Not knowing the origin of the glasses
Counterfeit or dubious glasses are of inferior quality and cause health damage.
It is not uncommon for them to break easily or to come loose for no apparent reason .
Also, they can cause dizziness and headaches as you will be looking at an acrylic and not a lens. Not to mention that it does not protect against the sun.

7. Ignore consultation with ophthalmologist
Visiting a doctor is essential to know if you have vision problems and need corrective lenses.
He will also be able to advise on how to choose a best sunglasses for driving without making mistakes.
The ophthalmologist is the only one who can assess whether you need to wear prescription glasses and how the lens should look. It may be that your vision is impaired and you can not imagine if you do not make an appointment.

8. Do not use ideal grade
Both ordinary and sun glasses may have a degree, but it should be adequate with vision problems.
Using it to a lesser or greater degree than you need can make you not see well, make your eyes tired or blurred.
After making an appointment with the ophthalmologist, you need to make bespoke glasses so you will have no trouble seeing while driving.


9. Choose glasses that do not match your face
Choosing glasses that harmonize with the face is not just about aesthetics, but about vision.
Those that do not fit the shape of the face well can cause the lens to stay away from the eyes. If this happens, you may not see as well and get UV radiation from the sides.
Find out what your face shape is in this step-by-step guide we have prepared for you .

10. Choose by value only
As much as you want to save, don't just consider the price when choosing.
Review all the factors we told you about in this article. And if you think the value is high, look for promotions, discounts or installments.

You are better off paying a little more and knowing that you have quality glasses than putting your health at risk.

**When choosing a driving glasses think about all the pros and cons. Always follow medical advice to ensure that you will see well and will not harm your eyes. **