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This is just too good of a topic not to reopen. Especially now since some of our characters are changing. The premise is the same, 25 years after our students graduated another group of fresh recruits is about to enter the school. These students have a full career of learning what it means to be a hero in their new school ahead of them (So shoot for freshmen) and can tie into your previous character if you'd like. If you'd like to use another player's character in any way please ask them first. The staff has all changed from the first one and players are welcome to bring back their old NEXT characters if they'd like. you're also welcome to update us on where your current character is now that they're about to hit 40!

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Back story for the World is that after a massive cold war between Metahumans and baselines a truce has been reached and both sides have begun to allow cooler heads to prevail. Both sides are integrating again after many Metahumans left the Earth's surface during the rising tensions of the conflict. While living on massive spacestations they called the Colonies they attempted to forge new lives but felt displaced by the conflict. Now returning home to a world full of people who respect them but not fully trust them the Metahumans have to stick together behind their noble leadership in order to prove that even though they are different in many ways they are still the same. There are obviously hold outs on both sides, supremacy groups that argue that the war would have been a good thing. Much of the Earth's governmental power now lies with the United Nations, it is an egalitarian group that hears from and considers all sides to arguments. Since the psuedo unification regional conflicts have all but dropped off. The Colonies still orbit the Earth and as part of the peace agreement between both factions are being retrofitted as twin defense stations to protect the planet from outside threat. The Academy that our students will be attending is also part of the peace treaty signed between the two forces, while metahuman students are legally allowed to be integrated into normal schools this school exists for students who want or need special care and training. Technology has stalled a bit and life during the time period is very similiar to what our original students faced.Think of the sociopolitical climate as a bit similiar to the 50s. Economies are doing better than expected, people are relatively happy, but underlying mistrust could split the entire planet once more.

I'll post a character with Updates for Rio and Donny shortly. If someone is interested in working a future story with either character just ask me and we'll edit it to fit. NEXT characters have about the same plausiblity of being used in story as our After the Academy AU. So Please, no OP characters, characters who are impossible to work with, or nerds…. (Nevermind i'm being told i have to allow Nerds)

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