Adene Rin Tosakusha

Name: Adene Rin Tosakusha
Codename: Boom
Age: 24
Position: Lunch Lady
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 108 lbs
Hair color: Black, dyed blue in the front
Eye color: Black
Build: Small, pale and a little skinny but overall perfectly healthy

Spontaneous Combustion – Boom, true to her name, is capable of accelerating the vibration of molecules to the point of combustion with her mind. She can explode anything as long as she can perceive it, and her current mass limit is that of a small car, approximately a ton.

Heat Resistance – Boom has also developed incredibly strong resistance to fire and heat, a kind of defense mechanism against her own power. The current limit of this is unknown but you can’t make her feel warm with an acetylene/oxygen cutting torch.

World-class chef.

Character Biography:
Daughter of an immigrated Japanese couple, born in a small town in Washington, Rin’s power developed since she was very young. Spilling hot milk and breaking toys might be acceptable for a child, but exploding things just by looking at it isn’t exactly in the guidebook for childcare of every parent, at least non-meta ones. And while Rin’s parents tried as hard as they possibly could to be there for her, they gradually learned to stay away from her for their own safety. Rin’s destructive talent not only chased her parents away, but also pretty much everyone else. As a child she had always been alone; no kids are allowed near her, not even to throw rocks at her. The only thing that reminded Rin that she still existed to the world around her is the fearful look everyone gave her before quickly turning away, afraid of catching her attention.

Rin grew up, adapting to the best of her environment by becoming cold and introvert. She was the typical goth girl who dyed her hair blue and dressed in black, with spikes around her neck and wrist, the pyromaniac who liked to blow up junk stuff for fun in an empty alley while listening to metal in max volume, the lone wolf no gang dared to recruit or pick up on because she was too dangerous, the girl every parent would tell their child to stay away from. She never ever came home, and only went to school when she felt like it. No one ever minded; they were too scared they learned to ignore her presence. Even her parents pretended they did not have a daughter. She was neither a bully nor a criminal, just a teenager fed up with her life; the world did not care about her, and she did not care back.

And then one day, she met her. A young woman came to her while she was burning posters and throwaway stuff in a dark alleyway behind school. Her hair was as red as the maple leaves in autumn and her eyes were so blue they were almost violet. She dressed like a goth, and looked not much older than Rin, but there was something very mature, very calm and confident about her. She told Rin to hang out with her, just for the rest of the day, and they did. They went to the amusement park and had ice cream in the afternoon, had a walk in the woods at sunset and went star gazing at night. It was the most fun Rin had ever had in life. The woman then told Rin that there was so much more she could do with her life than burning stuff in dark alleyways and hiding away from the world, that she could create rather than destroy, live rather than survive, and learn to accept herself and accept people so they could accept her. And after that, the woman gave her a piece of paper, on which an address was written, before saying goodbye walking away. Rin did not pursue her. She was 15 then.

Instead, she did just what the woman told her. Next morning Rin gathered what little belongings she had, then hopped on a bus to Seattle. Coming to the city Rin got in various part-time jobs, saving money to have her own apartment and then go to a culinary school. It was here that Rin discovered her immense talent as a cook, and embarked on her journey to become a master chef. She achieved this goal at the age of 19. Working for the most famous restaurants in town, Rin had finally fulfilled her dream, to create rather than destroy. All the while her power kept growing exponentially, but then coupled with iron disciple and a positive attitude, Rin found no difficulty in controlling it. At the age of 21, Rin began her career as a part-time superhero, fighting crimes at day under the codename Boom and working as a chef at night. On weekends, she studied and invented more recipes.

One year later, Boom discovered a piece of paper in the pocket of an old jacket. An address was written on it. Out of curiosity, she decided to track down the location, only to found out when she arrived, that it was the West Coast Academy. She had heard of it, but didn’t know much. Nevertheless, Boom felt the urge to enter and asked for information, upon which she was greeted by the receptionist and was told that the Academy was in need of a chef. Boom immediately applied for the position.

Character Personality:
Rin is an easy-going and carefree person, though she still retained much of her goth trait. Under the apron, she still likes to talk like one and dress like one, with black, spikes, chains and jeans, and heavy make-ups. Like a super cool sister figure, she likes to hang out with other students when she doesn’t have to work and treat them like buddies. Her small figure belies her rough and daring character. Boom is quick to get fired up and never turns down a challenge. However she doesn’t take failure hard and rarely loses her temper. People know better than to anger her anyway. Additionally, though she makes incredibly good food, she is, in some degree, the “you eat what I make” kind of chef.

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