Character Details

  • Name: Aesir
  • Aliases: n/a
  • Age: ?
  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 100
  • Eyes: blue and pink
  • Hair: polychromatic
  • Nationality: celestial
  • Hometown: space
  • Marital: none
  • Relatives: none
  • Powers: Healing/Regeneration

Artificial life form created from nebulous energy in the depths of space.

Aesr is a very polite, though overly apologetic and somewhat unsettling, individual who frequently makes strange connections or leaps in logic others might find bizarre.

She is very fond of people watching and will unintentionally stalk some one if they happen to do something she finds curious. Frequently refers to herself in noncommittal or ambiguous phrases (such as 'this one').

Social Impact

No relatives


Titles of the RPs the Student has participated in.

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