After The Academy

Our paths started separate, then converged as students. But once we passed our classes and completed our missions as a team, we were left to decide our own fates. The choices are many and the roads are winding… almost ten years later, what has changed?


It has been almost ten years now… and so much has changed, it has become hard to even remember how it once was. I still look back somewhat fondly at my time with the Academy, and the adventures we used to have, some grand and some mundane. And though I've striven to maintain contact with some, others have slipped away to lead their own lives, and I can respect their privacy. I have certainly had my hands full, and I have no doubt the rest have moved on as well. But still, I wonder if I shall ever behold them with my own eyes once more…

In the time since your character has graduated, they've moved on, and begun living their own life, whether as a superhero, a normal human, or something entirely different. These choices are yours to make, and everyone has a plan in mind… if not more then one. But for our purposes here, you can assume almost ten years have passed, which should give everyone a reasonable amount of time to consider what they've been up to since the Graduation, and how they've approached living a life on their own.

General Info:

This should still be considered an Alternate Universe of sorts, because nothing is ever set in stone. The purpose here is to give everyone an idea of a possible evolution in character, while seeing if the Ties really do Bind us together after all. Some might… others might not. But we'll get to see the lives of our students as adults, going about their lives as they see fit, and that should make for some good stories all on its own.


There's no real rules per se, though I think everyone is familiar enough with the basics of our world. If there are any questions, please ask. For example, I don't see any of our student's becoming world leaders, not because they aren't capable, but because humanity at large wouldn't really trust say, a President that can fly and is invulnerable for all intents and purposes, because other Human leaders would see that as a veiled threat. So consider what you wish to accomplish, and if you're really left thinking a bit too hard, just ask!

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