The law of conservation of energy.
It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time. A consequence of this law is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed; it can only be transformed from one state to another. The only thing that can happen to energy in a closed system is that it can change form.

We at Paranorm Inc. have learned to harness a byproduct of this rule of physics. Life energy though powerful and mysterious, has never been refined. Masters of the Eastern Arts have long since studied this energy source. They have managed to harness it for various martial arts application and some have been able to physically augment their ability. However, through all of their analysis and understanding of this potentially limitless resource mankind has never truly managed to harness its potential in masse. This is what prompted the research that has propelled Paranorm Incorporated to success. Knowing that no form of energy could ever be destroyed or created we sought to answer the question of, what happens to all that life energy when one dies. The pursuit of the answer to this question, is what has lead us to the goldmine that is Ecto-energy.

Ecto-energy, coined by Guy Ghastly president of Paranorm Inc., is the residual energy left as a result of the transference of “life energy” from one form to another. When one dies it appears that their escaping life force is filtered, by some unknown means, into what we now know of as Ecto-energy (EE). Some theorize that this “filter” is the bridge between “reality” itself, for the resulting EE is not found on this plane of existence. EE can be found on what we have dubbed the Ecto-Realm. This realm of reality seems to be a pocket dimension of space that coexists simultaneous and parallel to our own reality. Whatever seems to be the bridge between our reality and this “Ecto-Realm” may indeed be the unknown filter of life energy. We have crossed this bridge. Through our extensive research we have been able to locate and harness large sums of EE to fuel all of our technology. These “wells” of EE seem near limitless though we can only dig so deep. This entire realm requires more study and we intend to uncover it’s secrets.

Okay. So this is one half of the story. The way I imagine it, there is a twofold explanation to the afterlife, one scientific one spiritual. The scientific interpretation is that the soul is simply a form of energy and thus it follows the laws of conservation of energy. It changes into a different energy and travels to a parallel dimension, following the laws of String Theory this explanation are explored. The dimension that this energy travels to is known to others as limbo, or purgatory, a place where the soul waits in transit. This is the ghost world.

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