Alexandria Winston-Slater

Character Details

  • Name: Alexandria Kayla Lynn Winston-Slater
  • Aliases: Aegis
  • Age: 17
  • Height: 5'9
  • Weight: 130
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Brown
  • Build: Slender, Athletic. Modest breast size and defined musculature equivalent to a gymnast.
  • Style: Versatile; if fond of bohemian styles and high fashion, but also favors practicality in movement. While in school she dresses appropriately: polos and skirts. On an average day she may be wearing athletic clothing.
  • Other Features: Both lobes are pierced, studded earring. There is also a piercing on the Auricle and Pinna of her right ear.
  • Nationality: Franco/British/Irish- American
  • Hometown: New york City, New York
  • Marital: Single, Recently split
  • Relatives: Father: Arthur Slater, Mother: Elizabeth Winston- Slater, Sister: Adrianna Winston- Slater, Half-Sister: Debbie Slater
  • Powers: Mage/ Surragatti, Force Magic

Alexandria's life didn't start in tragedy, not like so many of her peers at the Academy. Her life was not normal, but in the sense of being a daughter of two very wealthy families affording her opportunities and experiences that most girls her age could only dream. She was pretty, desired by many of those within the opposite gender. She was athletic, displaying skill after skill and taking up any hobby holding her interest that her vast wealth could afford. She was unhappy. Sometimes her life just wasn't what she wanted it to be. Her family was entwined in lies, her friends were snotty and vapid, and she always felt a heavy pressure upon her as she wrestled with her place in society a task most girls her age never felt the need to contemplate. Alexandria is and always has been a very intense young woman; she was the teenage overachiever and undoubtedly proud of her achievements.

There are some things that can be done to change a girl's life forever; who knew that superpowers would be one of them. In days Alexandria found that the life she'd led was invalid, that she only knew half of herself and half of her destiny. Now that she realizes that she is but a mere instrument to the fae, she seeks to flush out her family's secrets, to use her abilities and generate change, and to earn the right to live her life. Meanwhile she wrestles with her real destiny which is linked to her rogue half-sister. Though she has made leaps and bounds of progress while under instruction at the Academy, she is far from her goals and has much to learn. Each secret, however, pulls her further away.

Social Impact

  • Arthur Slater: Alexandria's father. A somewhat irresponsible lower tier mage that never completed his Tri Magus test. He is wealthy and fun loving but cares far more about his magic than his family's wealth. He loves his daughters more than either. Alive but incarcerated.
  • Nicholas Slater: Arthur's twin brother who is somewhat the more mature and responsible of the two. He usually pays the consequences for his brother's actions. Unmarried and sometimes a bit of a hermit.
  • Derrick Slater: Older brother to Arthur and Nicholas, assumed murdered by a demon.
  • Elizabeth Winston- Slater: Alexandria's mother and CEO to Winston-Slater Corp, the world's leader in biotechnology for medical and agricultural markets.
  • Adrianna Winston- Slater: Alexandria's older sister who shares differing values than her sister. Adrianna has no magical ability to name but is a rather famous supermodel with a business background. Just as high-strung.
  • Debbie Slater: Alexandria's recently discovered half sister, the two share one grim possible fate and because of this have learned to dislike each other. Debbie blames Alexandria for a life of hardship and hated her to her core.
  • Charles Slater: Alexandria's cousin who she has met only recently do to her family being somewhat exiled from the rest of the Slaters. He has helped her develop her abilities.


Season 1
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Episode 2: Weekend Vacation
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Episode 3: Control. Alt . Delete.
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Season 4
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Episode 5: The Crow & The Butterfly
Episode 6: Slumber Party
Episode 7: Slow Saturday
Episode 12: Academy Outreach Program
Episode 16: West Coast Academy Orientation (September)
Episode 17: Sidewinders / Potential For Perfection / Café des bouchers /
Episode 23: Copperhead Conspiracy
Episode 24: L490- Main

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