Alternate Universes

No epic story is complete without them.

Alternate Earth

There very well might be as many Earths as there are choices…

  • Earth-Prime - Unknown Speculative theorists liken the Prime Universe as an ideal Humanity, from which all other Earth's deviate… or an ideal Hell…
  • Earth-007 - Earth Noir A somewhat drab world where light lends intself to a rather more basic color scheme, most of the populace is locked in secretive wars as countries send hordes of highly trained spies against each other
  • Earth-077 - Scion Gods from various pantheons got together, each for their own reason, a decided to found a group of their own Scions that would be collected and trained from a younger age and use them to to act where they cannot
  • Earth-101 - Scholar's Groundhog Day A strange world that progresses ever slowly due to an unknown space/time conflict, current apprised to be at an early Greco-Roman period of philosophy. Masses of the populace are theorists and scholars, and classes for the rest at large are both free and all encompassing as society continues to struggle to relearn themselves every day
  • Earth-204 - Van Helsing A Gothic world ruled from the shadows where steampunk technology serves as humanities edge.
  • Earth-238 - Planeswalkers A nexus universe, there are seven universes tied together within, all floating in space; each one advanced in its own way.
  • Earth-351 - Elemental War the powers of the elements can be bound to a person through an artifact specifically for that person. With these artifacts the elementals have hosted a tournament of champions for as long as recorded history
  • Earth-404 - Universe Not Found While the universe is stated to exist, and can theoretically be visited just like any other, all attempts to do so have inexplicably failed. While the theories for this are many, as of yet the universe cannot be reached.
  • Earth-411 - Infoverse The people in this universe prize information above all else. Wars, arguments, even basic day to day life revolves around the facts that people know and exchange with each other. For the most part, people have proven to be generally friendly and informative.
  • Earth-420 - Peaceful Oblivion noted for a relaxed, peaceful, and immensely creative culture that seemingly struggles to actually get anything done
  • Earth-648 - Wild, Wild West It's 1921and the west has seen it all. Wars for Independence, wars for conquest. Slavery, oppression, freedom and emancipation.
  • Earth-808 - Boring Reality A seemingly normal Earth that has suffered a few wars and dramatic twists in history, but tends to lay the foundation for other realities despite its normality
  • Earth-843 - Costumeverse In this world the need for secret identities and costumed heroics still outweighs the realistic paths many of our students are bound to travel.
  • Earth-928 - Changeling Behind the mortal world exists the many realms of Arcadia, home of the True Fae, mythical, godlike beings with the maturity of children and the morals of a serial killer. These Fae grow bored and apathetic in their ever changing worlds, so to amuse themselves, they sometimes take on assistants.
  • Earth-939 - WWI Leviathan The world is falling into a state of chaos as alliances are formed and broken, war will break out any day and when it does come, it will not end well.

Futures Possible

Much left to Fate is yet undetermined… but this Could Happen…

Academy NEXT

25 years after our students graduated another group of fresh recruits is about to enter the school

After the Academy

7 years after graduation, where have the students found themselves?

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