Area 17 Nevada

Area 17 is a stretch of land owned and operated by the United States Government, delegated for use by the United States Artificial Intelligence Weapon Program. It is located in a fairly remote area in the northeastern Nevada desert, away from major cities. It comprises of approximately 53 acres of open space, and contains a rather large research facility on which the work is conducted. The area is fenced off, and patrolled regularly to prevent trespassers. Violators are subject to search and seizure, and may be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. A no-fly zone is positioned over the area, and is enforced by radar and F-15 fighter planes via local Air-Force bases. Pilots caught in restricted airspace without authorization will be asked to land or turn away, and are subject to removal by force if they fail to comply to warnings. As a top secret research facility, no photography is permissible on the grounds.

Those with authorization may access the area by taking a single, main road through multiple checkpoints, leading toward the main facility. There is also a small landing strip, as well as several helicopter landing pads to allow personnel to arrive via air. The facility is run and overseen by General Joseph Decker and his staff.

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