Atlantis, The Lost City

The Legend of Atlantis

Ancient times were different. In the past the Atlanteans were living on land and were just a group of humans. They were exceptional however, and evolved socially/technologically/spiritually at a much faster rate than the other blooming societies the secret was that they had made contact with the people who would become known as the Lemurians. These Lemurians had been around longer than mankind, and as such were ahead of us technologically. Lemurians still need to breathe, but like whales its less than often, so they would occasionally come to land, but on land was dangerous for them since they have the fishtails and what not. So the young Atlantean people who had been practicing magic as a means of keeping themselves ahead of the other blossoming groups, traded with the Lemurians. Technology for the promise of giving the Lemurians a means to survive better on land. The spell the Atlanteans eventually taught/cast on the Lemurians was the spell that allowed them to have legs on land and tails in water giving them the best of both worlds.

The Lost City of Atlantis 20XX
General Statistics
Population 31,500
Atlanteans 17,500
Lemurians 13,000
City Statistics
No. of Buildings 313

In return the Lemurians provided the Atlanteans with technology and things unavailable to most men at the time. But ironically from that point on, the Lemurians became more fascinated with the exploration of magic, and the Atlanteans technology. So the Atlanteans advanced technologically while the Lemurians advanced or rather retained the tradition of magic.

Because of Atlantis' isolation as an island separated from the rest of the known world by the sea, it was able to develop at a faster rate than the majority of human kind. When the Atlanteans began believing themselves to be the only life forms greater than the beasts they feasted on, they began to foster a spirit of community a lot sooner than the rest of the world. They began to care about the lives of those who helped them to survive. They began to help each other with the understanding that others would help them in return. Together they would be able to control their environment. This spirit though it may seem small or irrelevant was possibly the sole driving factor allowing them to advance at such a faster pace than the rest of humanity. The idea that "I'll be better off, if I kill you and take your stuff never evolved in Atlantean society. Rather, the belief that, "We are alone, and the only way we can survive is though helping each other" was the dominant way of thinking even in the mind of these pre-historic people. This ideology promoted settling down, language, organization and fair self-regulation. From this they built farms and villages together, while the rest of the world hunted and gathered and killed each other off for their resources. The increased stability of their advancing civilization allowed them to discover and harness the resources of their island. The magical world was soon opened to them. They practiced this new craft to further their blossoming luxury. They created trinkets of alteration, abjuration, and conjuration. It was to these people that the Lemurians chose to reveal themselves.

The Lemurians were an ancient people, an offshoot of humanity that evolved for the capability to survive mostly submerged. Like the dolphin or other marine mammals we know today, their physiology was built to live in deep waters but as mammals they still require air to breathe. Their vaguely humanoid form afforded them many advantages but also many weaknesses when competing with the rest of the sea life. They were relatively small, and lacked any real claws or other forms of defense but their minds developed and like their land based counterparts they soon managed to find their own way of living amongst the monsters that surrounded them. Their reliance on breathing air often kept them at a genetic disadvantage from the true marine species and their advancement could only go so far. They were vulnerable on land, their tails could only afford them so much dexterity on land, and they were vulnerable in sea, sleeping or falling unconscious was always a dangerous risk should their need to resurface come when under attack.

In time they developed technology to increase their chances of survival. They were carnivores so agriculture was never something that crossed their mind, so though they advanced technologically their path to advancement was different than our own. They hit their own renaissance not soon after we came out of the ice age before our own stone age with the discovery of heat-pressure devices. These simple tools allowed them to harness the power of heat, to build and create tools that could benefit them greatly. It was with this discovery, and the technology it allowed that they were finally able to settle down and build strong settlements that could protect them for the most part.

The Lost City

Today, Atlantis is structured with two different races that become largely divided into two significant social classes, which are largely broken up into two worlds. Dominating the metropolis of the main city, Poseidon's Keep, are the Atlanteans (Homo-Aquarius). While the abandoned temples of the past, The Remnant's, are largely occupies by the Lemurians (Cetacea-Sapiens). These two race of humanoid, have co-existed at odds but in reliance with one another for quite some time. Today the Atlanteans control the central city, moving the sea-people into the future with their advancements in technology and sciences while the Lemurians protect the secrets of their past and provide them with the support structure they need in order to create such a metropolis. The Atlantean society is strongly isolationist and perhaps even a bit racist. So much so that they have gone to great lengths to ensure their secrecy from the common man. The Atlantean's themselves are responsible for the institutionalized disinformation projects that would lead to Atlantis being relegated to mythological status for the common man. They forbid their people from visiting the surface world under normal situations, but do allow special pardons, and the government has agents placed strategically in within our society. Socially, surface visits are treated like we would treat going on African Safari, or visiting a Zoo.

New Poseidon


The city is highly advanced. The people of Poseidon's Keep enjoy a lifestyle not yet available to the human race. They live in comfort, luxury and security. Freedom, really, is what they have. Their city is self-sustaining in its energy use to energy out-put ratio and is accessible to them in three dimensions (in every sense of the phrase). These are the people trained in medicine, technology, literature, philosophy, theology. These are people of reason, the people the enlightened men of our 18th century dreamed us to become.

The Remnants


The Remnants are as their name suggests, the leftover structures of a once powerful ancient civilization. Ironically, this place was built for the Atlanteans and is the Atlantis of myth and legend. The discarded success of the Atlantean's past, has become the home of the working class Lemurians. Here they construct farms and live a simpler, more humble, life. The past of both races is hidden here, lost to only the select few. Despite what may seem to be a deprived life-style, the Lemurian community officially accepts its place in Atlantean society. There is a distinctive aire of magic in this place that has lingered ever sense before it made its watery grave.

The People of Atlantis



Physical Traits

  • Psionic Abilities
  • Magical Items (Water Breathing)
  • Born with Magic
  • Blue eyes
  • Human in appearance

Social Traits

  • Classical Attire/Flow-y Attire
  • Reason and Logic
  • Easy-going, Liberal, stubborn


Physical Traits

  • Super strength/durability (By human standards)
  • Darkvision
  • Echolocation
  • Marine Blue/Green/Grey skin
  • Sharp Teeth and Fish-Tails

Social Traits

  • Coral and rough metals worn with skins to cover the genitals. Very revealing overall.
  • Faithful, humble and respectful
  • Fierce, strong willed, conservative

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