Baba Yaga
The Shapeshifter
The Shapeshifter
Baba Yaga
Personal Data
Real Name: Baba Yaga
Known Aliases: The old Crone
Age: unknown
Height: unknown
Weight: unknown
Hair Color: unknown
Eye Color: unknown
Biographical Data
Nationality: unknown, possibly Fae of Russian decent
Place of Birth: unknown
Base of Operations: unknown
Known Relatives: unknown
Known Powers
As the pinnacle of Transmutation, Baba Yaga has magical power on par with altering the very fabric of reality, and can impose her will upon her surroundings in limited areas.


Founder of the Alteration sphere of magic, and Night Mistress of the Order of the Yellow.


Excerpt from the Meeting of the Seven:
A large taloned foot broke through the clearing, the massive appendage towering up into the trees. As the other drew forth, both bent backwards like a birds. As the massive beast descended, both saw no beast at all, but a hut where the legs ended. The hut gently touched the ground, and a wooded hatch swung wide, revealing a hunched and ugly old crone in stained brown robes. Baba Yaga walked heavily with the aid of a notched wood staff easily half-again her height, and her eyes sparkled with madness. She occasionally giggled to herself as she approached the pair, but left off with a grin as she stopped nearby, as if waiting. She amused herself in her madness by twisting the very fabric of reality into shapes and forms that amused her, such as her walking hut.

Many ages ago, across many great mountains and forests, there was a tribe dwelling on the vast tundra along the northern coast of which known today as Russia. There, winter was long and harsh, and the night was so cold that tears would freeze before they left the eyes, thus no one was allowed to cry. On one such a night, the shaman’s daughter was born. She was named Vasilissa. The girl grew up to be the most beautiful girl ever seen, and people called her Vasilissa the Beautiful, destined to be the next shaman. Unfortunately, Vasilissa the Beautiful had not an interest in the affair of the tribe. She would spend most of the day playing, running and hunting with the wolves, whom she did not fear and who did not fear her, across the magnificent, endless fields of the arctic tundra. She was always more interested in the lives of these wild arctic animals than of her own people. One day, the shaman decided to tell his daughter that he had had enough, and that she should focus on her training so she could take his place when he died. That was the day when Vasilissa the Beautiful turned herself in a wolf, and ran away.

Vasilissa lived with the wolves as one of their own. They taught her their arts, taught her how to be swift and cold like the north winds, how to follow even the most subtle of trails and songs with which she could sing to the moon so the night no longer hindered her way. And when there was nothing else she could learn from them, Vasilissa grew bored of the wolves’ way. She began to yearn for more. When she saw a snowy owl flying above her, light and graceful, Vasilissa wondered what it would be like to be free and ungrounded, so she spread her own wings and flew away, as a snowy owl.

Many eras had passed since Vasilissa the Beautiful was human. She had spent countless lifetimes as different beings, a hare, a sea snake, a pine tree, a rock, during which she had learned more than any man could ever hope to learn. Vasilissa began to see things in so many different ways, to think beyond the border of human comprehension. She was mad, but never insane. Her thirst for knowledge was insatiable. And when there was nothing else she did not know about, Vasilissa returned to the form given to her at birth again and made home deep inside the taiga, where she experimented with the wisdom she had gained, using it to create things, magical and terrible creatures of dreams and nightmares, wonderful and gruesome permutation of the livings while questioning the very meaning of creation itself.

And every now and then, someone would find themselves lost in the taiga, either to never return, or to come back with the tale of a mad woman living in a hut on chicken legs with her many bizarre servants, who sent them running with their tails (real ones) between their legs (thought still somehow out of the woods). Travelers feared her, and called her Baba Yaga. And that was the name she would ever be known for.

Powers & Abilities:

Baba Yaga is unpredictable: she plays by no one’s rule and serve but her own purpose, which is ultimately the complete understanding of all creations, and which can only fit the nature of her magic, the ability to shape and create simply with one’s will and imagination. Her seemingly mad and eccentric way belies her frightening intellect, as she has eons of accumulated knowledge and thus thinks and sees in a much different way from others. Also the first shapeshifter, Baba Yaga can assume any form she wants, and does have the habit of changing her shape constantly into unexpected creatures and objects, whether to travel around undetected, or to unleash her wrath upon her opponents.

The Yellow Tower

The Yellow Tower is founded by Baba Yaga, created out of the earth and nothing else simply on a whim. The tower lies under the earth, but one will never discover it simply by digging into the ground, for it has no shape or form, but is the land itself. Mages of the yellow order may simply place their feet on the ground, any ground, and they will be transport to the tower. The tower can, nevertheless, transform into any shape, may it be a tree, a rock, a cottage, or a castle or tower in its true meaning, as long as it touches the ground. As long as there is still land, the tower can never be truly destroyed, as it will instantly rebuild itself or meld into the earth and reappear somewhere else if its physical form is demolished.

This is the reason for it being mistakenly believed as having collapsed along with the Yellow Order; the tower simply came into hiding, deep inside the Earth, waiting to be called upon again.

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