Bella Morte

real name: ?

code name: bella mortè

eye color: black

hair color: black

description: bella mortè appears as a skeleton man, with completely black eyes as well as around the eye sockets aside from that he has no lips and his gums are stained black.

back story: unknown (though there was a supervillain in the grave shift that was named bella mortè.)

power: bella mortè, while having no actual powers, is a brilliant criminal strategist and will often use any and all means necessary to defeat his enemy, some of which are perhaps the most depraved ideas ever conceived (locking people in a basement until they are so hungry they will resort to cannibalism and then throwing his enemies into that same basement etc.) aside from this he has some degree of skill with guns and melee weapons, and is deceptively strong and dangerous for a person of his muscle mass.

things of note

access to la croix manor, henchmen

gunman, melee weapons (scythes, machete's etc).

crime lord, merciless*

cold blooded killer
psychopath strength, intimidating

tommy gun, sickle

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