Bishop Jones
We don't check ID, we just let you pick your poison of live with the consequences
We don't check ID, we just let you pick your poison of live with the consequences
Bishop Jones
Personal Data
Real Name: Bishop Jones
Known Aliases: Black Bishop, Barkeep, Garm
Age: 38 (stopped aging at 25)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 86kg
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Eye Colour: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Louisiana
Base of Operations: New Orleans
Known Relatives: Elizabeth Jone [Sister], Damien Black [Brother in Law], Ayin [Neice], Gimmel [Nephew]
Known Powers
Werewolf, Lingering Magic


For the last 17 years, Bishop has been the main bartender at the Goetia Bar. What most people don't know is that for the last 13 years he's been what might be one of the most dangerous monsters on this planet.


Powers & Abilities

While a broad term, Bishop is part of a werewolf category known as the Gévaudan a French species that arose from a monsterous wolf spirit possessing humans. Bishop is the latest host which confers several benefits and drawbacks.

  • Wolf Form -At will, Bishop may turn into a large black wolf.
  • War Form - If he gives up his free will to the Gévaudan then he will turn into a massive beast of muscle, fur, teeth and claws that resembles a ragged wolf that is twice the size of a horse. This form is incredible powerful but extremely dangerous and difficult to control or aim. In this form, all his abilites are magnified to incredible levels that seem to defy classification and can survive effectively any thing as the spirit will simply repair the host body.
  • Peak Physical - The spirit aids the host's mortal form, giving them peak human capabilites and hightened sense along with a super-human immune system and regenerative capabilities.
  • Unaging - As long as he is host of the Gévaudan he will never age and can theoretically live forever
  • Possessed - Bishop constantly has to deal with the monsterous persona of the Gévaudan in the back of his mind and it will try and take over his body at any chance presented. The beast can usually take over his body for short periods of time around the half-moon phase.
  • Frailties - In all forms he is repelled by holly and mistletoe along with being unable to cross a line of ash. Wolfsbane will cause his skin to burn like acid exposure and will not benefit from his improved healing.
  • Transmission - Bishop lives in constant fear of passing on the curse. Should another take on the curse (means of transmission are classified) he will instantly die.

Lingering Magic
Bishop still has access to some of the magic he'd learned before becoming a werewolf. This magic is limited and not directly connected with any of the magical towers and no matter how hard he tries, he'll never be able to learn more.

  • Evocation - Bishop has managed to keep hold of some evocation, mostly in regards to the fire element, allowing him to summon small portions of fire or extinguish it. He can also control flame in small portions, shaping it and directing it along with changing the colour of the flame.
  • Transmutation - He retains a few minor transmutations that allow him to alter the physical state of water, turning it solid of gasseous or even turning it into another similar liquid.
  • Necromancy - While he can't affect undead tissue he can connect with spirits and ghosts and call them to the area of a ritual necromatic ritual. He can also draw on ectoplasm/essence from these spectres which he often sells or can feed on to ease his transformations.


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