Mother Abigail



Everything is a gift. The Love, the heartbreak, the War and the peace, all creatures of the earth, sea and the sky. Some of these gifts are to be enjoyed, precious things like music, honey, and the life of a newborn. Other's exist to test our resolve, the heartache of a love lost reminds us just how beautiful love is; war reminds us that things change and that people are different. For as many obstacles that we are given to overcome we are reward four times as much with beauty to enjoy.

All things exist to better shape us into the people who will stand before the Great Gatesl


Like the other branches this school has access to the volumes of text containing the magic teachings of the various schools of magic. The Body denomination is known however for its specialization in two types of magic. Earth manipulation and Alteration.

Earth Manipulation - Students of this magic will be able to expand on simple spells like, Stone Shape and Stoneskin while also using Earth related/specific versions of other spells such as Water Breathing becoming Earth Breathing.

Alteration - Some students believe so strongly in the worlds gifts that they focus their studies on mimicking the gifts of nature. They have learned how to use magic to alter themselves and others to better assimilate with natural environments or to create art from themselves, sculpting their own forms like clay.

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