Canyon Ekon

Character Details

  • Name: Canyon Ekon
  • Aliases: Bones, M'Fupa, Kinyago, Lil' BoneZ
  • Age: 15
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 128
  • Eyes: = Dark Brown
  • Hair: Black
  • Nationality: American
  • Hometown: Thousand Oaks, Ventura, California
  • Marital: N/A
  • Relatives: Mother: Alison Ekon - Father: Michael Ekon - Sister: Amber Ekon - Brother: Michael Ekon II
  • Powers: Super Strength, Pain Immunity, Indestructible Bone Weapon

Canyon is a spoiled, selfish, arrogant, brat! He is charmingly manipulative, and very goal oriented. He grew up in success, he accepts nothing less than success. Because things have always been so easy on him though, he often has difficulty dealing with situations that get the best of him and so he often tries to control his environment. Though some may find him insufferable, he does have redeeming qualities. He is very loyal, and values loyalty and trust above most other things and he carries a deep interest in the wellbeing of those he considers friends. As evident in his appearance, he takes great pride in how he prensents himself to the world. He carries the Ekon prestige and though it might sometimes come off as gotty or overdone, his dress and appearance represents him at his best. That said, he doesn't hesitate to use people when it best suits his interests.

Social Impact

Canyon Ekon the son of famed attorney turned politician Michael Ekon and Alison Ekon former Dean of Millennium University. He lived a privileged life from the beginning his father had already acquired a significant fortune from his late father’s inheritance. The Ekon family who hailed from Africa had been making big waves in their short time spent in America. Canyon’s late grandfather had been 1st generation American leaving Africa to start a family of his own. He brought with him the riches his family had amassed through what, as far as they know was “smart trading” practices and “smart investing”. The true source of his family’s wealth is shrouded in mystery and it is almost taboo among the descendants to ask. For whatever reasons Canyon’s grandfather Waquiqui Ekon came to America with his friend Dr. Rori Dafko.

In America the two quickly became their own men and grew further apart. Waquiqui started a family and Dafko moved away for his own reasons. The Ekon family grew and the first born son Michael Ekon who had been paying significant attention to the way the world worked as he grew up studied to be an attorney. He studied at such prestigious law schools as Loyola University in Chicago where he met and formed a bond with a man named Victor Spettro. He became a star attorney and when dealing with a case against a rival university of his own Loyola, Millennium U, he won the heart of a young female law professor who had just happened to be at the case with her class for an observation assignment. The couple quickly fell in love as both knew time was too precious to waste a moment and were soon married. They quickly gained influence in their respective professions and had become quite the power couple. Michael started leaning away from law and getting more into politics and Alison was promoted to head of her department. The two made the decision to pursue the responsibility of a family.
They had three children, Michael Ekon II, Amber, and the young Canyon. Michael grew up to follow in his father’s interests. He was the star of his high school football team and is presently in his 2nd year of college as a Pre-Law major with a Political Science minor. Amber is currently a senior and head cheerleader at her high school following in her brother’s reputation. And Canyon, well let’s just say he does well living off of his families successes.

Alison Ekon - Canyon's mother, is a strong willed and independent woman. She is currently Dean of Millennium University, an Ivy League University in the metropolis of Millennium City. (RL Reference: Michelle Obama)

Michael Ekon - Canyon's father, is a strong willed and charismatic man. He sits on the U.S. Senate and commands a large number of seats in both the senate and the house. (RL Reference: Colin Powell)

Michael Ekon II - Canyon's brother, A freshman of Millennium U, he is the star quarterback of his football team. (RL Reference: That popular jock kid in all of the teen movies.)

Amber Ekon - Canyon's sister, A senior in the Ekon's old high school, she is her class president and head cheerleader. (RL Reference: Alison DiLaurentis)

Waquiqui Ekon - Canyon's paternal grandpa, Rori is a somewhat eccentric old businessman. He is the type of man that seems to always know something you don't and his presence alone, commands respect.


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