Capabilities Chart Template
Average Combat Capacity Achievement Chart
Perception: Perception; the senses and understanding of them.
Agility and Reflex: Agility; athleticism and over all dexterity.
Pain Threshold: Pain Threshold; the amount of damage one can take, willpower, and vulnerability.
Lifting Strength: Lifting Strength; weight able to be lifted and sustained above head.
Running Speed: Speed; the distance covered within a limit of time.
Martial Proficiency: Martial Proficiency; the level of training and skill in melee combat.
Energy Projection: Energy Projection; the measure of how far energy can be expended.
Logic and Learning: Logic and Learning; the ability to reason and/ or grasp new concepts. Not based on knowledge/ education.
Charm: Charm; the ability to gain another's favor or influence them.
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  • Only digits 0-7 may be used 7 being the maximum to any stat. If you have an eight or a nine, it will not work.
  • Remember that regardless of number, there are always double digits. NO 1,4,7. Instead, 01, 04, 07.
  • There are not really two digit numbers and actually 07> 10 in this case.
  • The FIRST number of the pair is their typical rating.
  • The SECOND number is their rating after a boost from an ability or condition they can trigger.
  • Read each column separately. 45, is a base of 4 with a maximum of 5 under a certain condition.
  • Double integers will not work. Examples are 44, 55, 22. In these cases, there is no modifier because you are saying that they lift whatever is in the first column regularly. There is no modifier if they lift the same weight under both conditions and so in the second column you only put zero. (Instead of 22, you put 20.)
  • The exception to the last rule is 00.
  • This capacity chart it meant to show where they are strongest at. It will not work having a negative modifier where the second digit is less than the first.
  • The base (first column) is ALWAYS the minimum the second number cannot be less or even.

It will not work if you fail to follow these rules.

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