Captain Franchise
They called me mad!
They called me mad!
Captain Franchise
Personal Data
Real Name: Simon Colmen
Known Aliases: Madman, Mr. Copyright, Proffessor Powers
Age: 73
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 140lbs
Hair Color: Gray
Eye Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Austrian/American
Place of Birth: Washington, America
Base of Operations: Washington DC
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Access to the "Franchise" Formula


A complete derranged scientist who readily hands out super powers as long as he owns the rights to the powers and those who use them.


Simon Colmen was a perptually down-on-his-luck scientist, forced to drop out of university in the 60's because he couldn't keep up his payments, lost his job and couldn't get a loan. After that, he seemingly vanished off the face of the earth, re-appearing breifly in the 80's claiming that chipmunks could cure cancer and that cucumbers are sentient beings that plan to kill humanity….obviously these statements made him a laughing stock and he dropped off the radar once again.

Nobody's 100% sure what happened between those mad statements and now but he has once again re-appeared, running self-help comercials on late night television, claiming that with his genius new medication and training regime, he can make you "All that you can be and more!". It wasn't long before one sad, lonely mad decided to take up the offer out of desperation…that's were it all began.

Simon's treatment bestowed the individual with super strength and flight. It was here that he say the chance for real money, the intellectual rights to a full blown super-hero; not only that, he could get them sponsors and make even more money! He could be famous!

Unfortunately, he never bothered to consider the long term effects of his treatment and say the young man he help degenerate until he went so far, he was barely recognizable and it's now an athrophied, brain-dead vegtable on 24/7 life support. Simon looked at what he'd done to the man and realized, he'd just need more candidates.

Now he has a steady supply of people longing to special that willingly go in for the first treatment and then get addicted, giving him his own, corporate sponsored super team that are 100% dependant on him to live. While he's not a villian in the classical sense, he's just a downright sociopath who has no concern for the well-being of the people he treats, just as long as he gets his money in the end.


Simon lives up to the image of a sterotypical mad scientist in every possible way. White labcoat, tie, blast goggles, frizy white hair, balding and skeletal hands that are usually grasping some form of beaker or chemical vial.

Powers & Abilities:

Seemingly the only power that Captian Franchise possesses is the ability to mysteriously produce a chemical that, when ingested bestowes super powers. At first this seems perfect but the effects of the chemical begin to fade after roughly 3-4 weeks; they slowly become weaker and weaker until they fade completely. This is usually to get people 'addicted' to the power and force them to come back for more doses.

Prolonged use causes powers to fade more and more quickly until they only last about 48 hours before fading completely. Also, the person becomes far more dependant on the chemical, suffering withdrawal as the powers fade, leading to nausea, aching joints, blurred vision, poor coordination/balance and short to long term memory loss.

Another more insidious aspect that he always forgets to mention is that powers have a directly negative effect on the victim's physical and mental health, usually to make them more dependent on the powers he gives them. Examples include telekinetic's that lose physical strength until the only way to move anything (including their own limbs) is with telkinesis.

"Intellectual Property":

The Visonary - A bedridden, nearly catatonic with Astral Projection who is kept on a constant IV Drip of Franchise chemicals

The Protector - A forcefield projector who's immune system has failed and is highly sensitive to pain

The Immortal - An extremely powerful regenerator who has lost his sense of taste, smell and touch (can only feel pain and is addicted to it)

The Scout - A speedster who needs constant adrenaline to keep his organs functioning

The Seer - A highly skill telepath/empath who is blind, deaf and mute

The Phantom - A shadow and darkness controller with a lethal reaction to UV light

The Healer - Can heal any injury or illness except his own, his own natural healing has slowed to 1/10th of what it should be

The Traveller - A teleporter who's leg muscles are slowly breaking down making him dependant on teleporting

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