Carl Lennox
The Blue Haired Capacitor
The Blue Haired Capacitor
Carl Lennox (Deceased)
Personal Data
Real Name: Carl Horton Lennox
Known Aliases: Bio-Flux
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 80lbs
Hair Colour: Black (Dyed Blue)
Eye Colour: Electric Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Canadian American
Place of Birth: Toronto, Canada
Base of Operations: Boston USA
Known Relatives: Bardon Lennox (Father), Lynda Lennox (Mother)
Known Powers
Electrical Absorption and Emission, Teleportation, Electromagnetic Sense of Smell


Carl's life started out fairly normal. He was born is Vancouver but moved to Boston at a very young age due to his fathers work, nothing out of the ordinary, That was until shortly after his ninth birthday.

On an ordinary day while walking home after school, Carl was kidnapped, a man simply jumped out, grabbed him and threw him in a van before driving off. The kidnappers demands where simple, give him $500'000, he would return Carl whether he got the money or not, the money just affect how many pieces Carl would be in when he was returned.

He kept Carl hidden in an out-of-the-way shack for 3 days before Carl tried to escape, that's when he got shot, the bullet punctured his liver and his body went into shock. However the sound of the gunshot gave it away, the police found him shortly after and managed to get Carl to hospital in time to prevent any permanent damage…….at least any physical damage, Carl was diagnosed with paranoid personality disorder and paranoid schizophrenia.

It was after that incident that Carl shut off the outside world and found comfort in computers. Almost never leaving his room Carl could devote all his time to his work with computers and develop his skill and knowledge. His connection was practically shut off from everyone except form his parents who had begun home schooling him….that was until he met Icarus. Icarus a fellow computer fanatic like Carl, who had now taken on the title of Deadelus. Deadelus and Icarus frequently exchanged information and opinions without ever knowing who the other one was, even to this day neither of them knows who the other is.

Shortly after discovering Icarus Carl developed his powers. IT wasn't a spectacular event like many heroes, simply got electrocuted while plugging in a cable and realized it didn't hurt him, this was shortly followed by Carl shooting a small lightning bolt out of his hand and destroying his current computer. He temporally put his computer work on hold to experiment with what had happened, after causing a blackout for the entire street his parents thought it was time to put an end to it, the only problem was how.

And then answer arrived, Icarus had sent Carl all necessary information about The ACADEMY and how to enroll. After words it was only a matter of days before Carl arrived and began his first adventure with The ACADEMY……the only problem was Carl never paid attention to the fact that he never told Icarus of his condition….so how did he know?

Powers & Abilities

Electrical Absorption - Carl's body is capable of absorbing several million volts of electricity. Once absorbed the electricity either slowly fades away or can be used to fuel his electrical emission. Currently he can only absorb electricity through direct contact.

Electrical Emission - Carl is capable of emitting his absorbed electricity in a variety of ways. These include electrical blasts, electrified skin, DC paralysis, recharging/disabling electrical devices and healing himself; these are only the powers Carl is aware of. However Carl can only emit as much electricity as he has absorbed.

Ionic Teleportation - Carl developed the ability to teleport himself as a bolt of lightning from one location to another. This is very uncontrolled and generally destroys anything electronic near him as well as often burning his clothes.

Electromagnetic Sense of Smell - Perhaps his strangest power, Carl developed to ability to perceive certain electromagnetic wavelengths via his sense of smell. This allows him to detect and follow electromagnetic fields by smelling them.


Carl's only imediate family are his parents, Bardon and Lynda, a pair of normal, everyday humans who have done very little to stand out in the world. Suprisngly, Carl and his parents get along perfectly fine and have never had any problems beyond his father wanting him to play ice hockey.

Carl also has a pet, white dwarf, Russian bred hamster named Ohm which was originally given to him for therapy reasons and he loves it, treating it incredibly well and lavishly.


Despite being a massive fan of Grunge and Punk music, Carl has a love of 70's & 80's rock such as B.O.C and Boston. Recently he's developed a love of Folk Metal.

Carl has developed a minor phobia of the colour pink

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