Only in Anarchy are we United.
Only in Anarchy are we United.
Clan Info
Clan Name: None, Unrecognized
aka: Bastards, Castoffs, Rogues, Exiles, etc.
Origin: Plagued, mostly…
Founder: unknown
Established: Only more organized recently, 1957
No. of Members: somewhere around 200 likely, "more every day".
Current Leader: Arturo Rodriguez is nominally recognized as the head of the Clanless.
Additional Info
Base of Operations: Los Angeles, CA
Minor Bloodlines: Various per standard.
Known Powers and Abilities
Various per standard.



Clanless Vampires are the castoffs of the Plagued, Vampires with no ties to their bloodline, by choice, happenstance, or exile.


Standard per their base clan.

Powers & Abilities:

Standard per their base clan.


Standard per their clan, PLUS:

  • Unbound: Without a blood tie to speak for them, Clanless are unrecognized by the 'official' plagued vampire lines, and largely left to their own devices. This leaves them not only unconnected, but also largely uninformed: they might not even know what powers they possess, at all.
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