Corey Walsh

Name: Corey Walsh
Codename: Cockroach
Age: 33
Position: Maintenence
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 65kg
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Build: Average

Corey's biology is, simply put, freakishly resilient to anything that could harm it. He doesn't need to eat, drink or sleep ever, he is immune to all known poison and disease, is resistant to extremely low or high temperature and pressures and has been shown to be immune to radiation. He is also highly resistant to impact, lacerations and chemicals, making difficult to harm in direct combat as well and he has been seen to heal 50% than a normal human.

Simple put…you just can't kill him.

Character Biography:
When things go bad and a situation goes to hell, heroes can always call in the famous cleaner known as the Cockroach. He never asked questions but he always cleaned up whatever aftermath was the result of a hero's actions.

If in the middle of a battle with your arch-nemisis you caused a chemical spray, don't worry about it. Just give the Cockroach a call, he'll be their to patch it all up and clear away whatever chemical waste you left behind.

He's never been famous, just a guy who's always been hanging around on the sidelines, waiting to fix things and help keep people safe from the less impressive and less immediate threats to the world.

However when working on cleaning up an oil rig that was on fire, the floor gave way and the whole thing started to sink, with the Cockroach right in the middle of it as it dropped to the bottom of the ocean. Of course his powers kept him safe and alive, it still took him 3 weeks to get to the surface and then back to sure…needless to say he wasn't too happy.

Not even a day back, he got told that a superhero school had been blown up and they wanted him to go check it out to make sure things were safe for the normal cleanup crew to go in. He was still pissed but he did his job and went to the campus…but in his frustration he didn't bother to check which campus was blown up and went to the west coast campus.

In a fit or rage he refused to leave the campus and screamed about his bosses for 12 hours before they gave him one of the spare rooms to stay in. It was a few weeks before people had realized he just hadn't left and was wandering around the campus cleaning things up as he went and even cleaning up the places most people would refuse to go (they once caught him polishing the inside of the schools generators while they were active).

Since he was doing a good job and mostly stayed quiet and out of the way, the rest of the staff never bothered to say anything and let him stay. No point in telling him he was only meant to stay for the night.

Character Personality:
Corey tends to be fairly quiet and just wanders around the campus with most people not really 100% sure why's there. He's sticks to himself and just likes to clean things and fix whatever's broken. In truth he's just tired and has nowhere else to go to he does what he's always done…clean up.

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