Damien Black
The Working Class Warlock
The Working Class Warlock
Damien Black
Personal Data
Real Name: Damien Black
Known Aliases: Manus Deus
Age: 38
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 96kg
Hair Colour: Redish-Brown
Eye Colour: Yellow with Red Pupils
Biographical Data
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Whitechapel
Base of Operations: London
Known Relatives: Malecoda (Real Father), Dexter Deus (Adoptive Father - Deceased), Elizabeth Jones (Wife), Bishop Jones (Brother-in-Law), Ayin Black (Daughter), Gimmel Black (Son)
Known Powers
Demon Tracking, Telekinesis, Heat Immunity, Enhanced Physicals, Magic


The gruff middleaged, street working Warlock and pariah member of the Infernal Bloodline.


Early Life
During the height of the 19th century, Whitechapel was the prostitution capital of England, and today, little has changed. This is also the favourite place of the Arch-Fiend, Malecoda, who fathered the Malebolge House of the Infernal Bloodline. While every member of the bloodline is carefully planned…Malecoda went against this plan just once and accidentaly left a young working girl named Sarah Black with a child.

This child would be named Damien and would be the bane of his mothers life; she blamed him for everything, esspecially the massive loss of income and having to feed him. When he was four years old she ran off and left him in an empty apartment, no food, no money, no note, nothing. He cried his eyes out and wandered onto the streets looking for him mum, but never succeeded. Instead a group of local working girls took pity on him and gave him some food and a place to stay.

The girls helped raise him and took it in shifts taking care of him, providing a very unusual, but still loving upbringing. Things strangely worked for him, until his 12th birthday, that was when his blood began to burn. His eyes changed colour, his hand lit up with flaming runes and the blood in his veins reached boiling point. He screamed for 3 days straight and nothing that anyone could do helped him in any way.

By some chance of fate, one of the girls knew a man who could help, Dexter Deus. Dexter was a mage doing cheap, arcane jobs to pay the bills and instantly recognized what Damien was, an Infernal. I took only half an hour to stop the surge of fiendish blood and calm down the poor child, though not leaving him unchanged. After a lengthy discussion with the women who had raised him, it was eventually determined that Dexter would now have the best chance of helping to raise and teach Damien after his change and Dexter eventually agreed to adopt him.

Damien proved to be an adept student, esspecially when it came to fire and smoke magic, although he also proved jsut as troublesome when it came to burning down their apartment. The years weren't easy but at least they had eachother and once Damien turned 16 he started working with his dad to help bring in some more money and pay back and damge he inflicted on the house; he got most of his money from sniffing out monsters for people, a very easy and very lucritive career move.

Things took an even better turn once he turned 18 and was finally allowed into his father's favourite club, The Goetia Bar, a transdimensional bar/nightclub for the supernatural of the world. This brought in a myriad of new jobs and contacts, it helped them get up enough money to finally fix Dexter's vitange T-Bird. However in Damien's opinion, the best thing about it was meeting Bishop Jones, his new best friend who had an incredible hot and talented sister named Elizabeth.


By the time he was 23 he was dating Elizabeth, driving around the world in Dexter's T-Bird and making a rather decent living for himself, using his special talents to do jobs nobody else does. Life was freakishly good for the once poor boy who was raised by prostitute and used to set the house on fire.

Then came in the report that Dexter was dead. They found his body in an alley with his throat slit and his eyes cut out; there were no witnesses and no clues as to who killed him or why. It was his death that sent Damien on a downward spira, wasting his money, crashing his car and drowning himself in alcohol (which didn't work too well as he was nearly immune to the affects of alcohol). It wasn't until Bishop dragged him out of a sewer in France that he realized he needed to snap out of it.

It took almost a year to clean himself up and get back on the straight and narrow, but he always had Bishop and Elizabeth by his side to help him through it. He still regrets crashing Dexter's T-Bird most of all and he still has no idea how he ended up in France.

After getting clean and fixing up his life, he took the chance to by a ring and proposed to Elizabeth; she said yes, and also revealed that she was pregnant. After the double shock of the event they got to work to planning the wedding, strangely for them, it actually went perfectly with no monsters or anything showing up to ruin it; although Bishop did come out of the closet about being a werewolf.

Married Life

Six months after the wedding, Elizabeth gave birth to a healthy baby girl who her father named Ayin after a rather long argument about naming rights. It didn't take long for the signs to show up but they knew she had inherited some of her father's blood was certainly a member of the Infernals, just like Damien.

It was after she was born that Damien was finally contacted by House Malebolge who had finally discovered his existance. Damien managed to completely confound them when he turned down the offer to join. They offered him thousands of dollars, a mansion and limitless power and he turned them down every time, much to their confusion and frustration.

They hounded him for almost 5 years, trying almost every month to try and get him to join their ranks, and every time he ssaid no, his family was too important to him. In the end, they gave up after the birth of his second child, a boy named Gimmel who also inherited the Infernal Blood.

Current Events

Powers & Abilities

Innate Powers

Telekinesis: Damien's rune covered hand is able to telekinetically affect objects at a distance with equal strength and dexterity as his physical hand.

Magic: He has been practicing magic for roughly 30 years and has developed a vast amount of practical experience. Instead of focusing on more intricate spells, he prefers to focus on easier and more practical spells with every day use and functions.

Fire Attunement: Damien has an incredible aptitude for magic associated with fire and smoke at the expense of lacking skill and aptitude in other elemental fields.

Infernal Bloodline
Demonic Senses: As part of his bloodline, Damien is able to percieve and identify supernatural beings via his sense of smell.

Heat Immunity: Damien is completely immune to all forms of natural heat and fire and highly resistant to less natural forms.

Enhanced Physicals: In terms of strength he is easily three times as strong as a normal human and go for extended periods without sleep or rest as well as being highly resistant to most forms of toxins.

Spell Book
Over his many years of studying magic he has gathered numerous spells to add to his collection. While most mages go for directly powerful and useful spells, Damien goes for more pragmatic spells that allow him to keep the situation in his favor.

ManaBarbs: Perhaps his most favourite spell is this accursed incantation that was discovered mainly by accident. When cast, an area of roughly 20 feet around the original casting point takes on a faint reddish glow with faint sparks flying off anything that moves within the radius. However, whenever a spell is cast within this area the mage that cast it suffers a sudden backlash accompanied by the deafening sound of thunder as their own magical energy turns against them causing physical harm equal to the overall intensity of the spell cast. A powerful mage who is unaware of the ManaBarbs can char their casting hands down to the bone when attempting to use their most powerful spells.
Commonly he will cast this when fighting a mage and rely on his own enhanced strength to pummel the rival mage sensless as he's learnt that even he is not immune to the use of his own ManaBarbs.

The Black Vice: An insidious spell created during the Inquisition that limits just how powerful a mage can be. When the curse is placed upon another mage they are forced to continually spend their magical energy to prevent the crushing feeling of a vice on their skull. By constantly spending energy it prevents the mage from having enough reserves to cast their higher level powers and should they refuse to spend the energy they feel as if their skull is being crushed into a pulp which severly limits their concentration, also preventing the use of more complex spells.

Mind of the Hydra: A curious ritual designed by a highly paranoid mage toward the end of the 1500's was designed to confuse and dissuade those who would interfer with his mind; Damien knicked this spell from library for much the same purpose. When cast the ritual creates two copies of the caster's own mind that follow him around for the next 7-8 hours. Anyone attempting to read or control the caster will find that their powers frequently target one of these two fake "decoy" minds instead, effectively giving the mage a 1 in 3 chance of actually being affected by mind-reading or mind-control.

Restless Deodand: One of the oldest and simplest spells ever made but still useful to this day is one that prevents an opponent from maintaining his weapon. This very basic hex afflicts any object (usually a weapon) that an opponent is holding, for the next 10 minutes this object is nigh impossible to keep a hold of. It seemingly becomes impossible to keep a grip on it and the weilder frequently finds themselves dropping it at crucial moments.

Chant of the Skifsang: An odd little curse that simply makes a victim forget how strong they physically are. Those under the curse usually find objects to be extremely heavy and unbalanced but they don't actually lose any physical strength, they meerly think they do. Certain individuals even feel as if they cannot support their own weight and collapse in an instant.

Traitors Talons: One of his rare, directly offensive spells is the talon, a spinning, flame engulfed blade that can pass through most physical barriers. However, the blade can only harm those that have caused suffering on those that placed trust in them. Traitors that are hit with the blade feel a burning cold, harsher than any arctic winds flowing through their veins and cutting through their muscles and crippling them with pain. Victims frequently bleed from their eye and palms while suffering it's effects.

Screw Lock A rather bizarre and simplistic little spell that still proves affective in almost all situations. With a few chants the caster is capable of paralyzing the target's thumbs, preventing all movement from the digit in question. It only last for a few minutes but it can drastically alter the course of any situation into his favour.

Apparatus Vacuus Deus Strangely, one of the oldest spells in his retinue is known as "The Machine Without God" which he considers very ironic. This curse removes a machine's "soul" making it very simplistic and for the most part useless. A souless machine can't perform more advanced functions that it would normally be able to do (computers go back to running DOS, microwaves can't change temperature or time, etc) and object reading fails to work on the curse machine. They're also known for constantly breaking down or needing to be re-booted while under the affect of this curse. Sadly it requires a constant stream of magical energy and concentration to keep it going.


Ronald Richards:
"He's a good kid, was a bit uptight when I met him but a few arse kickin's later and he's well on his way to being a pragmatic little prick like me. Strange he's also the closest thing I've ever had to an apprentice, I dunno, does that make me his instructor or something? I mean he did spend a couple of months living with us while I was teaching…come to think of it, I think my daughter has a thing for him….crap"


- Damien is one of the few Infernal's to ever reject joining his house; he is also one of the even smaller minority who join the Trimagus Council.
- He joined the Trimagus at the age of 30, passing the Test with comparible ease.
- Don't drink from his bottle of Holy Water, he prefers to bless vodka as it's more practical and fun than water


"Ah jeez, these demons just keep on trying to find more and more ways to make you puke. I’ve got to hand it to him thought, this guys has really outdone himself."

"I’ll be the first to admit it; I suck at subtlety and remaining inconspicuous."

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