David Fionn
Explosion in 3...2....1....
Explosion in 3…2….1….
David Fionn
Personal Data
Real Name: David Fionn
Known Aliases: The Alchemist, Goliath (his pet-name)
Age: 22
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 66kg
Hair Colour: Reddish-Brown
Eye Colour: Violet
Biographical Data
Nationality: Welsh
Place of Birth: Wales
Base of Operations: Cardiff, Wales
Known Relatives: None Living
Known Powers
Mage of the Red, Alchemical Genius, PHD in Chemistry and Botany


A curious individual with both a gited talent for magic and science who puts both to great use in an attempt to better understand the world and all it's mysteries.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic and any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science"


David Fionn was born in Wales, his mother a famous chemistry and his father a renowned botanist. He grew up exposed to both scientific feilds and proved to have an incredible aptitude for science above all else, a true child prodigy; he went through every special program offered and travelled to other schools just to keep from getting bored. Everyone knew that one day, David would be great scientist.

But nobody expected him to set his lab on fire when he was 17, esspecially not a neon-green flame that was −273.15 °C and froze half the building solid. It caught the eye of the warlock Manus Deus who instantly recognized the raw magic behind it all and took David to meet the rest of the magical community.

Instead of devoting himself to the mage lifestyle like so many do, David still carried on his scientific studies along with his magical ones, even delaying his Test until he got his second PHD. Nobody was surprised when he final did finish his test and his robes turned crimson red with dozens of pockets and potion holsters.

Now as both a mage and a scientist, David hopes to unlock the mysteries behind just why and how magic works, finding a way to finalyl explain it. Unfortunately, every time he does figure out a particular spell, it simple seems to stop functioning in his presence which raises some interesting, if somewhat terrifying questions of it's own.

Powers & Abilities


  • Alteration - David is highly gifted in the feild of alteration, the basic ideas and structures of matter always stood out to him and with a sizable knowledge of molecular make-up made it a simple matter to change to form and shape of whatever he can get his hands on.
  • Logical Destruction - By some truely confusing means, David is capable of distrupting the use of magic by "Explaining It"…if he can conclude just how a spell works and logically justify it's use via scientific means he somehow gains the ability to shut it off or prevent it's activation whenever encountered with it again. Even he doesn't fully understands how this works and he's affraid that if he does then it will stop working.


  • Black Oil - A greasy black substance that functions as both a lubricant and ignition fluid. What seperate's it from normal oil is it's mass-replication, you spill a drop and it will cover a square metre, a whole bottle can coat a room in seconds.
  • Liquid Rust - A thick, reddish goop filled with black and gray grit that slowly bubbles at all times; upon contact with iron based metals it causes them to rapidly start rusting and breaking down. He makes it in various strengths depending on how much he wants to rust and how quickly.
  • Dragon's Fire - A luminous yellow-orange liquid with a shinying orange crystal floating in the solution, the bottle's are known for being extremely hot to the touch. When it becomes exposed to air, the soultion turns into a magical yellow flame that not only burns matter but mana as well, weakening and possible disabling spells it touches.


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