Debbie Carter
"Evil requires the sanction of the victim." ,,-Ayn Rand,,
"Evil requires the sanction of the victim." -Ayn Rand
Debbie Carter
Personal Data
Real Name: Debbie Annabelle Slater
Known Aliases: Blightwitch, Pinky
Age: 16
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 120lbs.
Hair Color: Brown and wild, sometimes with licks of color.
Eye Color: Brown, Pink, Green
Biographical Data
Nationality: Kerguelen
British American,
Native American and
Irish American
Place of Birth: London, England
Base of Operations: Kerguelen Islands
Known Relatives: Arthur Slater (Father)
Unnamed Dark Sorceress (Mother)
Adrianna Winston-Slater (Older half-sister)
Alexandria Winston-Slater (Older half-sister)
Derrick Slater (Deceased, Paternal Uncle)
Nicholas Slater (Paternal uncle, Guardian)
Known Powers
Mystical Backlashing

Debbie Carter is known to Academy students by the very nonthreatening moniker, Pinky. A peer to their age group, Debbie is also considered an enemy or evil by most. She stands disliked by most of the population that has had the pleasure to meet her as the first betrayer of the Academy.

Debbie Carter was born to a mysterious apostate witch and Arthur Slater, a mediocre mage who had long sought the power of bloodlines. He was particularly interested in the fey blood that his own family had descended from, and through them succeeded in a family bloodline. The Fey do nothing for free, but Arthur was one of the lucky few to know their terms beforehand.

The Surragatti are the unique fey version of the medieval changeling; mortal mage children who were not born directly from the fey, but were blessed and then claimed by them. In practice, they merged one of their own young fey (around a century old) with the child, let the child age, killed the child, then kept the body. Surragatti possessed sometimes incalculable amounts of power. More so, in fact, than those with a fey parents. For the fey, the power of the Surragatti was coveted for their usefulness in wars and battles, but their human appearances were far more important as it gave the Fey the ability to influence other mortals, involve themselves in mortal politics, and catalyst certain events in their favor. The fey therefore valued newborn mages as rare and advantageous commodities that were desirable in any instance.

To bring the power of the fey to the Slater line, Arthur had to agree to give them his child as a Surragatti.

Well… Arthur and his brothers had planned on gaining power themselves to take it home and show the rest of their line, not a child… but the fey insisted that it was not advantageous for them to do so. Arthur, who had already lost a brother to the search, and who was so close he could taste the gloating it would bring him, decided it acceptable to go along with their deal. He would father a child for the fey, raise it to give birth to a Slater son, then return the child to be their instrument. The child would be expendable… what was the worst that could happen?

Naturally, Arthur had to look elsewhere for a witch to bear his child, for he intended to keep the entire thing secret from Elizabeth and worried that the magic in his blood alone would not be considered adequate. For many reasons, he wanted to have this child as far off the map as possible, and so, turned to the apostates who had a gray enough moral compass to comply. Arthur knew of only a few other apostates; most of which he didn't like to associate with and some of which didn't particularly trust deals with the fey. One witch, however, was seemingly open to the idea. Arthur only knew of this witch by name, but she was an old contact of his deceased brother's and her low profile seemed promising. Arthur should have done his homework.

Yvesteina, the name the apostate witch bore, was a witch that lived in isolation in a manner that seemed to emulate Circe. She had her own island, seemingly desolate of even the simplest life forms and staggered by dangerous spires and cliffs. When Arthur came to her, she went on about how she had always wanted a child of her own. Upon participating in the act, however, Arthur was sure that the truth was otherwise. Later on, Arthur would share with his brother that the experience was corrupting and made his skin crawl. Apparently at that point he had discovered the evil within her and it was like a taint had washed over. He discovered this far too late to take it back.

Despite great regret, Arthur realized that the deed had been done. He and the witch arranged for regular meetings and Arthur promised the fey his next child. As luck or karma would have it, Elizabeth had been impregnated not long prior with the child who would be named Alexandria. It was this child that was born first, and so, against Arthur's plans would be the one to take on the burden of the Surragatti. A concerned Arthur went to the fey, hoping to go back on his words and alter their agreement. The fey, however, remained absolute. The apostate witch grew very furious, viewing the change of events as treachery. Through unutterable magic, she gave birth to Debbie prematurely and insisted that her child be the one to receive the fey blessing. She threatened Arthur that if he went through with his act of treachery, she would upon Elizabeth, such hexes that the woman would suffer terribly for a week then die.

Arthur was pressed between a rock and a hard pllace, but upon a last minute gamble altered the fey a new offer. He would give them both children to be blessed, under the condition that Alexandria could not be killed and was not to be sought for their services until she died, making her body freely theirs. Debbie, as intended, was theirs for the taking whenever they desired. Without realizing he had played perfectly into the hands of the fey, Arthur begged for them to accept the deal. From this they gained not one Surragatti, but two. He assumed that all parties were happy and they commenced with the blessing of the sisters.

Fey blessings are supernatural gifts placed upon mortals to carry out the desires of the fey courts. Alexandria, Arthur's first born daughter, was blessed with the gift of potential. She would pick up on things easily and find herself well equipped for almost any pursuit. It was powerful, but did not allow her to reach perfection in any pursuit without the help of others. Debbie, the younger daughter of the apostates was blessed with the gift of knowledge. This gift seemed to be concocted by either a cruel sense of justice or an equally cruel sense of mischief. Unbeknownst to anyone but the fey, this gift granted the child knowledge of things she shouldn't be able to know, as well as sensitivity to precognition and clairvoyance. The two were then merged with a young fey and their powers bound by the twin brothers.

The fey proved to be, while impish, also wise. Before parting, they warned Arthur about the apostate witch who had mothered his illegitimate child. They could see the hunger she had for Debbie's power and did not trust her to not try and take it for her own. Should they lose Debbie, their promised asset, to the witch, it was Arthur who would have to pay. The brothers agreed for Nicholas to watch over Debbie, allowing Arthur to keep his daughter safe from harm and from being revealed as a Surragatti. Though Nicholas attended to this duty as a father to Debbie, he was afraid of the witch. Not once did Nicholas ever dare to challenge the witch for any act she committed against Debbie.

The apostate witch's first acts were to unbind her infant child's abilities and use the child as a power source for her complicated spells. She used the Surragatti's unique bond to magic to numerous ends. It got to the point where she was able to wield the child to cast a spell that would have taken ten apostates like herself. The magic was so dark and the infant Debbie was so pure that the results of each action were catastrophic. The witch tortured Debbie, and used her cruelly for her rituals until it was time for a new project or she no longer needed the powers that Debbie offered her. During these seasons of time, the witch left Debbie on the island to fend for herself. The not-so-motherly witch did not feed Debbie, nurture her, or teach her. Only through her gift of knowledge was Debbie able to learn to walk, and talk, and to use magic. Nicholas had only a small role in Debbie's upbringing and maintaining her health with hygiene, food, and occasional words of support. They were all too far and in-between though. Debbie was very much independent and she disliked Nicholas because the whole time, she knew of Nicholas' role in things. She knew, but she did not understand.

Debbie could not understand why Nicholas would let the events go on, why he didn't take her home with him, or to her sister. She knew of their sick deals, but didn't see the fairness in it. She saw the concern on his face, heard his comforting, but could not understand how he could just stand by and watch as the witch had tortured her. This lack of understanding fed Debbie's hate for her uncle, for her biological father, and for her half-sister who she blamed for it all.

Years passed but Debbie's life remained very much the way it started, ironically stable. She came to expect the torture of the witch and learned to predict what times of the year the witch would want her to use in performing an act or pay tribute to some demon. Debbie was much less pure now, plagued by her knowledge of evil things. Debbie came on her own free will, resenting the witch, but never once rebelling against her. In her silent compliance with the witch's desires, Debbie plotted to murder the witch.

When she was ten, because of the torture endured and the fact that she was unbound, Debbie's 'inner fey' became far less dormant and even a bit apparent. Her ears became slightly pointed, which was unusual even for the Suragatti, and because she lacked control over the glamor ability of the fairy, her hair began to take on streaks of pink. Her eyes too often appeared pink in hue. Debbie had frequented trying to talk to the fey within— as the island was considerably lonely. During this time, the girl would begin to consider 'freeing' the fey as she had began to project her own trapped feeling upon it. She thought that killing herself would free them both. One night, Debbie procured a ritual dagger, and tried to puncture her heart, but the blade would not even scrape her skin, the fey had enough control to stop her from ending her life. Then, for the first time, it communicated with Debbie and she knew…

From then on, Debbie became quite loyal to the fey and she learned magic from it.

Debbie was fourteen when she finally put her carefully contemplated plans into action. The witch had grown very powerful with her alterations and augmentations made over the years through her abuse of Debbie. The apostate witch now sought to summon a demon to bring forth a purge of the world. Debbie knew this, and intended to end her plans, as well as facing the end to her own pains.

Debbie came to the witch's home as she had so many times before, closed the door, and reached for a pair of rings that brought forth barbed whips the witch had crafted to strike Debbie with. The whip cracked like lightning in its wielder's hands, seared the skin, and made the body convulse. The witch was very quick in seeing what Debbie had intended, but was surprised to find that Debbie had silenced her and made her unable to cast a hex or retaliate. From that instant on, for several minutes, Debbie lay into the woman with a terrible furry, cracking the whips viciously, seemingly augmenting their affects. Debbie was stopped only by the arrival of Nicholas who was horrified at what he saw.

The blood had splashed upon nearly everything in sight and flowed like small red rivers into a pool of blood at the witch's feet. It was absolutely gruesome. What the already shocked Nicholas wouldn't have expected, was for Debbie to extend the rings in his direction, with the silent but clear intention that he help her finish it. Nicholas only wept and babbled incoherently as he grabbed Debbie by the shoulders and shook her gently. He asked her all sorts of questions, begged her not to kill, and insisted that she was not a murder. He apologized, babbled more, hugged her, and offered to take her away, but she did not hug back. Debbie was dissatisfied with this part and was agitated further that shee would not torture the apostate either.

Debbie thrashed out of the witch's home, turning her back to Nicholas. The witch begged Nicholas to help her, but he killed her. For Debbie.

As he suspected, Nicholas did not find Debbie on the island, somehow, she'd found a way off. From then on the girl took care of herself, and sought out a means to remake herself until one day, she had the thought of vengeance.

At only fourteen, Debbie spent the next few months traveling the world. She found herself guided by her gift, allowing her to live in considerable comfort. The places she visited then on were varied and crossed oceans. She learned concepts and skills from Monks and sages, had run ins with other apostates (who knew exactly who she was), and did many things to earn a living. Debbie's last stop would be the coast of Australia, some 6 months after running away, where she watched as a man was assassinated not 20 yards away from her. She knew the assassin on sight, even though she had never met him. She followed him, then, broke into his home. She didn't harm him, but instead offered the man a deal. She would work as his associate in exchange for money until the time came where they agreed to part ways.

The Overseer was primarily a strategist of great skill, making plans for other villains and sometimes tying up lose ends on those plans. Under him, Debbie helped plot many of the overseers plans. Sometimes, Debbie had a role to be played, as a stage in his plans. Other times, Debbie was merely a quiet observer of the twists and traps he executed. As such, Debbie herself can be considered a trained criminal mastermind. She knows how to cover her tracks well.

Debbie was about sixteen years old when the Overseer tried taking more jobs to multiply his income. With Debbie's help, this was possible and she proved to have been a great student. Only a few months after the Overseer allowed her to take on a few of his jobs independently (for a cut of the money) Debbie told him that she wanted to do one last plot, this one, for revenge.

Debbie knew about Alexandria. With their father incarcerated and the girl out of the direct attention of so many people, she hoped that she could finally act on revenge. Debbie planned the entire ordeal out with herself, using the overseer mostly to stregnthen weak points and provide contacts. Debbie wanted a distraction, so with the overseer's help, she was able to contract numerous Viper agents and a lowly Cybermancer with ambitions of her own. Debbie then infiltrated the Academy as a peer of its group of assorted students, perfectly undetected due to her age and gifts in deciept.

Debbie's plan worked well and she might have succeeded in killing her revenge… But the Cybermancer proved to be incompetent and self serving. In a turn of events, she tried to act out her own events, setting back Debbie and the Overseer. In the rushed moments that followed, Debbie did not get the chance to 'pull the trigger'. Beside the Cybermancer's bad timing, Debbie also found herself confused. Debbie was not used to not having answers and certainly did not expect the act of bringing harm to Alex to be quite so moving as it had been. The fact that her sister was ignorant to her existance lessened the craving for blood. Unlike her revenge against her apostate mother, Debbie could not kill Alexandria. Mission failed, a first for both the Overseer and Debbie, the two knew well that it was time to flee even though Debbie was left with a feeling of a job incomplete.

Almost immediately after their retreat, a contact of the Overseer reached out to him about Debbie. She had missed her chance of revenge on her sister, somehow, they knew this. They promised her, however, that if she were to join with the Institute, she would get her chance soon. Debbie, ironically, has not had many chances as she has promised and at times she grows impatient with those over her, but she knows something about the future that we don't know and, for the first time, she has a family.

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