Demetrius Wanlorn
Old Greybeard
Old Greybeard
Demetrius Wanlorn
Personal Data
Real Name: Demetrius Aloysius Cicero Julius Wanlorn
Known Aliases: Too many to name, Old Greybeard, Wanlorn, Wanlorn the White, Wanlorn of the Stepps, Wanlorn the Wanderer, etc
Age: "A hair over four centuries"
Height: 6'1", stooped. 6'3" standing.
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair Colour: White
Eye Colour: Blue-grey
Biographical Data
Nationality: Roman
Place of Birth: Naples
Base of Operations: Tower of Sorcery at Van'dyal Forest
Known Relatives: All deceased.
Known Powers
Possibly the most powerful mage on the planet. As a very powerful wizard, Wanlorn has access to incredible resources and can acquire or make almost any nonartifact item he might need, given time.


An old, wizened face hold a youthful vigor. Demetrius Wanlorn has been around almost as long as the oldest can remember, and has recently once again become the Head of the Order, taking control after a century absence from the position. The insanity of Virgil was to blame for this debacle, but none complained when the calm man stood amongst them and promised them peace once more.


Demetrius is as old as the hills, and will be the first to tell you so. His demeanor is often aloof and cold, because in his long life he's seen numerous tragedies, and has been locked into the longview of thing for far too long. Occasionally a touch of compassion will color his features, and he truly still favors the lot of goodly folk… but he's been thinking for almost a century how much he'd like to retire…

Powers & Abilities

Spells: An immensely powerful wizard, Wanlorn calls upon magic through words and gestures along with willpower. While being bound would limit many wizards, most haven't had his centuries of experience to study for just such occasions… Most of his favored abilities carry the theme of white arcane fire, which he can imbue with any element as he desires.

Arcane Fire: Demetrius tends to call power with a pure arcane effect, which he then channels into whatever effect he thinks might exploit a weakness. Spells conveying such effects are highly resistant to dispelling, and the flames of magic are capable of consuming anything.

Arcane Reach: Any spell Wanlorn could normally cast through touch, he can do so within a 30' ft range.

Mastery of Elements: Wanlorn can prepare any arcane spell he knows with the acid, cold, fire, electricity, or sonic designator to be cast as a different element. For example, a fireball spell could be prepared to deal sonic damage instead of fire damage.

Mastery of Counterspelling: When Wanlorn successfully counterspells any spell subject to spell turning, he reflects it fully back on the original caster. A spell not subject to spell turning is merely counterspelled.

As a very powerful wizard, Wanlorn has access to incredible resources and can acquire or make almost any nonartifact item he might need, given time.

Master of the Tower

Master of the White confers upon Wanlorn several abilities while within the Tower of Sorcery at Van'dyal Forest. He is completely immune to spells with the following effects while acting Master: detect thoughts, disintegrate, feeblemind, death, fireball, magic missile, blind, time stop. As well, nothing of magic can hide from his eyes within the tower, and any illusion attempted against him within its walls will fail automatically.

Head of the Order

Being the Head of the Order of the Trimagus further confers benefits upon Wanlorn:

  • Nothing of magic can hide from his eyes on his native world.
  • He can mindspeak with any magi who's passed their Test, regardless of distance or dimension.
  • He has a permanent mindlink to the Towers, and can pull spells from their libraries with concentration.
  • He can teleport to any Tower at any time through a mere effort of will.
  • He cannot age biologically while Head of the Order, and will be resurrected at the nearest Tower if slain.


Wanlorn has held the position of Head of the Order before, for almost a century, only reluctantly reassuming the post in the aftermath of Virgil's madness.


"I might remind you, the Test is intended to weed out the weak willed among our order… those that might be harmful to themselves, to us, and to innocents. Recall as well, that it serves to, hopefully, teach the mage something about himself…"

-Demetrius Wanlorn

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