Demons, Devils & Fiends




Finally there are the mysterious, and probably oldest creatures known as the Fiends. Since the dawn of humanity these creatures have existed and fed off of humanities natural fear and superstion. They are metaphysical parasites that can draw power from the faith and ideas of mortals they encounter, taking on forms and powers suitable to what people believe in.

A fiend that lives in rural Norway for example would change to resemble a Troll and gain powers of nature and hexes but would also gain the weakness to sunlight. Long ago all the fiends resembled creatures of folk lore and pagan myth but sadly, with the rise of Christianity, most of these faiths lost their followers and the fiends were weakened and cut off from their food supply; they were forced to find a new source of food in the very faith that caused them all the trouble in the first place.

Almost all at once, all Fiends gathered in Jerusalem and took on forms similar to what the mortals feared. Many grew deep red skin and horns, others grew scales and hooves, some forked tails and yellow eyes, but all were terrifying. Luckily for them, the afterlife with which they tied themselves was central and easily accessable and one by one, they all migrated and settled in hell, mostly into the lower levels (Circles 6 -9) and started feasting on the power - afterall, a human's fear of hell and what monsters lie within is currently one of the greatest on Earth.

The Fiends also proved to be useful in that they don't want the Demon's and Fallen Angel's escaping hell and causing too much havoc. They want to humans alive and well to keep feeding them, and faith is a much tastier food source than knowledge (they can technically feed off of both). As such they have become rather useful tennants that the Angels permit to stay as they both actively punish the Fallen Angels and keep the demons locked up for the most part.

Recently however, the fiends seem to have developed a plan that they are putting into motion that involves them breeding with humans and producing the Infernal Bloodline. Nobody is sure what this plan is but whatever it entails, it's going to be something big.

Note: Some of the older and more powerful fiends still keep bits and pieces of their older forms, such as some in the 6th Circle resembling demonized Minotaurs and Gorgons while some in the 9th Circle still have remnants of their time as Norse Jotun.

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