One's own skin can serve many a purpose... yours is just a bonus.
One's own skin can serve many a purpose… yours is just a bonus.
Clan Info
Clan Name: Dero
aka: Clan of Flesh; Fleshcrafters, Puttymen, Surgeons
Origin: Plagued
Founder: Zeno, 3rd of the Three
Established: 700 A.D.
No. of Members: perhaps 400 active worldwide
Current Leader: Emile the Muse
Additional Info
Base of Operations: Milan, Italy
Minor Bloodlines: A few.
Known Powers and Abilities
Dominion of the Flesh



The Dero Clan (also known as Fleshcrafters, or Fleshies, among others…) are a debased clan who pride themselves on the pleasures of the flesh. Members tend towards those equally suited to debauchery, and include many dark, sadistic creatures.


Like other Plagued clans, Dero can pass for human with relative ease. As with others, they can be marked with the stillness of the dead, but tend to mingle with mortals often and have a taste for them… Normal people generally find them exceptionally creepy, but then again, Dero tend to prey on those so twisted that being creepy is just a petty compliment. Dero vampires tend towards dark endeavors that tempt mortals, and have their hands in trades like human trafficking, prostitution, and drug running, which also tends to provide them with limitless amounts of sinners to feed upon. They are notable as well for their investments in human society, and several notable mortal entertainers are actually Dero vampires.

Powers & Abilities:

Dero vampires consider themselves connoisseurs of Flesh, and their powers run along the same lines.

  • Blood Binding: Dero can feed their blood to mortals, turning them into Ghouls under the influence of the vampire. This influence ranges from subtle suggestions with a single taste, to complete mental domination with three drinks. Ghouls so singularly dominated are called 'Husks' derrogatorily, and will not even move to feed or bathe themselves without explicit orders. Most Dero only keep a few on hand for fodder, preferring their guardians have some willpower to exist on their own.
  • Blood Speed: Dero can use the powers of their blood to increase their speed to inhuman levels, becoming mere blurs of movement. This also helps to increase their reaction times, to the point of being able to catch bullets with ease.
  • Call Flesh: Generally used to seduce mortals, Dero vampires can pull upon the desires that motivate flesh, and trigger pheromones in mortals as well as physically excite them. Generally they use this power like another drug, 'selling' the effects to mortals to tempt them into asking for more…
  • Mend Flesh: One of the lesser known but highly valued powers, elder Dero can Call Flesh with even more control, ordering it to knit itself and heal. While they generally reserve this power for their own preservation, they can and have been called upon to heal injuries suffered by other vampires, as Plagued can only heal serious wounds (like sunlight) with mortal slowness or burning blood, while Cursed can only heal by burning blood.
  • Fleshcrafting: Truly powerful Dero have mastered the calls of Flesh, and begun to move onto rebuilding it. Typically, they use minor applications of this power to further enchant mortals, making themselves more beautiful and such. Elder Dero are usually almost alien in their beauty, and feared even moreso by their peers: They can use this power on unwilling victims, causing their lips to seal shut or restructure an entire face. This power takes time to use, and for conscious mortals or vampires, is excruciatingly painful.


  • Cannibals: Dero vampires can feed off blood, but its like starving yourself for a week then having a glass of water. To truly feed, a Dero must consume a pound of flesh for every pint of blood they'd normally need. This generally results in truly macabre meals, which mortals have an unfortunate habit of attending… as the main course.
  • Susceptible to Disease: Even more then other Plagued vampires, Dero suffer an additional weakness in line with their cannibalistic tendencies: they will suffer from what ever their meals suffer from, inheriting all manner of strange ailments. Generally, this ties them to Hamia vampires, who help purge such issues from their bodies in exchange for later favors, generally damage repairs from sunlight exposure.
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