Devlin Synthe
Mr. Synthe before the accident
Mr. Synthe before the accident
Devlin Synthe
Personal Data
Real Name: Devlin Synthe
Known Aliases: None
Age: 48
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 153 lbs.
Hair Color: Black/Grey
Eye Color: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Arlington, Massachusetts
Base of Operations: Boston
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers


Devlin Synthe was born to a well off family in Boston, and treated to a very padded childhood. He went to private schools, played on competitive sports teams, and was treated to the best that money could buy. But rather than lead him to becoming spoiled, he often resented his parent's frivolous spending on him. He was often embarrassed to be given everything he wanted without earning it, and vowed to change it. He struggled to do well in school, and rose to the top of school clubs and organizations through popularity and hard work. Often times he didn't care what he had to do in the process, so long as success was achieved in the end. By the time he was in college, he was adept at manipulating and playing the odds to win out in the end.

He attended business school at Tufts University, and it was there he began planning what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He had only one goal: to be successful and respected, and anything he did that achieved that was okay in his book. Looking at the times, he noticed an increase in technology such as transistors, robotics, electronics, and so on, deciding that was where the money was. He knew nothing about electronics, but that was only a minor setback for him. Befriending the best and brightest scientists and engineers his college had to offer, he began planting the idea of a start-up company focused on selling products that they had spent their whole college terms learning to build. He was successful in converting several students to the idea, and by the time he had earned a master's degree in business, him and his "friends" were ready to form the basis of Synthe Technological Enterprises. Though it started off slow, thanks to his business and interpersonal skills he was able to grow the company and continue hiring greater and greater talent to his cause. In the end his original business partners were left in the dust as he gained people vastly more experienced than them, but he remained firmly in his position as CEO.

Decades passed, and through his oft-times ruthless business practices he was able to transform SyntheTech into a R&D giant, becoming one of the forerunner companies in robotics, electronics, and power systems. This made them very popular by many companies who were interested in their expertise and products, and by the late 90's they found themselves being approached by the military as well. The United States Artificial Intelligence Weapon Program, run by General Joseph Decker, was very interested in what they had to offer, and suggested a partnership in order to complete a project they had been planning for many years. The deal was struck, and SyntheTech and the AIWP joined forces to create Project Voltaic.

Though he was often very hands-off with the actual dirty work of the company, he couldn't help but be interested in their joint operation to create robotic soldiers. He often made breaks in his schedule to visit the facility and see the progress, especially when testing started. Unfortunately for him, and several others in the facility, he never believed that the robot they had spent more than half a decade creating could turn on them. Giga Volt, inexplicably viewing his escort as hostiles, began attacking those within the facility. Mr. Synthe, caught in the confusion and unable to react in time, was hit in the chest with a particularly powerful electricity blast, doing severe damage to his lungs and heart. Eventually Giga Volt escaped the facility, and would remain on the run for the next two years before finally being captured.


After being rushed to a hospital, Synthe was in danger of losing his life due do internal burns on his lungs and damaged heart muscles, which left him in danger of heart stoppage. When it became clear there was no other option, the doctors were forced to conduct emergency surgery, removing his damaged heart and replacing it with an artificial one. Though he remained in critical condition for a while, he eventually stabilized, doctors finally confirming that he should survive. But though he was no longer in mortal danger, things were far from good elsewhere. Giga Volt continued unabated to cause mayhem and destruction, and a link had somehow been found between the rogue android and the two organizations. Media was swarming over both companies for their negligence, and bad press was abound, causing investors to withdraw their funds and stocks to plummet. The AIWP, with its government backed funding, was able to survive the crisis, but SyntheTech had no such luxury, relying on their income to stay afloat.

Synthe argued with countless doctors, demanding that he be released in order to save his company from going bankrupt, but he was in no condition to involve himself with the business matters required to turn things around. He was forced to sit in his hospital bed, immobile, while the company he had spent his life building crashed down around him. Understandably, he was eager for someone to blame. Allowing the members of the board to represent him, SyntheTech demanded that the AIWP provide financial support to ensure their survival, at the same time blaming them for what happened with Giga Volt. While they did feel partially responsible, they were having difficulties of their own, operating at a loss despite their backing. They couldn't afford to support SyntheTech in their time of need. Synthe was outraged, and SyntheTech began a year long mudslinging campaign, trying to shift the entirety of the blame for what happened onto the AIWP's shoulders, possibly convincing their investors to return. The tactic, though despicable, seemed to have worked, as SyntheTech managed to barely stay afloat. There are rumors, however, that Synthe used some of his less legitimate business contacts to bail himself out, though there is little to no evidence of this claim. The rumor persists nonetheless.

Though the incident was almost 5 years ago, Synthe still holds a very large grudge against the AIWP and General Decker. Even more, since the capture of Giga Volt by the AIWP, Synthe has been trying to gain possession of their company's "property" through legal means. He has yet to be successful, but has not relented at all, confident that commercializing Giga Volt as a weapon to the highest bidder would more than make up for their losses. As with the previous rumors, there are others that insist that Synthe will not wait or rely upon due process to get what he wants. The AIWP can only hope the rumors stay as such.


Devlin Synthe is a man who wields business power like a weapon, doing anything he can with all of his business savvy to play the odds. A skilled manipulator and a good actor, he's able to charm or negotiate his way towards any deal. And when that is not enough, he is not above being ruthless or dishonorable to come out ahead, believing the ends justify the means. It is also rumored that some of his dealing may even be less than legal, though he has never been seriously accused of such, and all company records so far have been rock solid.

His practical business sense can sometimes give way to bouts of anger, as shown when the Project Voltaic incident occurred. He is a proud, and somewhat arrogant man, and when he feels insulted the result is rarely pretty. He's been known to fire trusted employees for minor cracks, though later advisers learned to hold their tongues when in his presence. But even lost in rage, he simply becomes more determined to right perceived wrongs, and will cross almost any boundary to protect his and his company's image.


Before the incident, he was an athletic man with sharp features and an approachable smile. Balding slightly, he wasn't afraid to show his grey hairs, and liked to dress in finely tailored suits and coats. Afterward however, his appearance took a turn for the worse. His chest and back now bear large scars from where he was attacked, the chest scar creeping up slightly onto his neck. Lately, due to the stress of keeping his company alive and relentlessly attacking the AIWP, his eyes have become bloodshot and baggy from lack of sleep. He often wears sunglasses to cover up this unsightliness, but what he cannot hide are the internal problems Giga Volt's attack caused. The electricity severely damaged his lungs, and is now forced to wear a respirator mask to assist his breathing. His voice has turned raspy, and he no longer smiles, being covered up by the respirator. It's no small secret that his interpersonal skills were in part dependent on his pleasing appearance, and he's becoming increasingly frustrated to find out he can no longer make deals like he used to. He seems to be relying more and more on intimidation and ruthlessness to get what he wants nowadays.


Mr. Synthe permits himself few friends, seeing most everyone as a stepping stone to a greater goal. He doesn't stay friends with those who have outlived his usefulness to him, but will be as friendly and charming as possible to those he's trying to impress. Lately, his disposition has become much darker, and doesn't put nearly as much effort into maintaining facades anymore. His susceptibility to anger leaves him unable to simply live and let live, not sleeping soundly until grudges are answered and revenge is delivered. Revenge seems to dominate a great deal of his time now.

General Joseph Decker - Though originally they got along well enough, he now despises the General with every inch of his being. He blames him, and by extension the AIWP, for the injuries he suffered and the strife his company is facing. He's made it clear he won't rest until he gets his revenge.

Giga Volt - In his own mind, Giga Volt is property of SyntheTech and rightfully his. He sees him as the answer to his company's financial woes, believing that if he's able to mass produce an army of robotic soldiers, ones he knows personally to be very effective at killing, he'd be a very wealthy man. He holds no qualms about becoming a glorified arms dealer, so long as it takes him back to the top.

United States Artificial Intelligence Weapon Program - Synthe would like nothing to wash his hands of the AIWP and never deal with them again, but his ego won't let him leave them alone until he gets Giga Volt for himself. He is extremely spiteful towards them for surviving while he has struggled to keep from going bankrupt these past few years. Entire campaigns of mudslinging and political opposition have been directed at them, trying to get them to either relinquish what they owe him, or force the AIWP under. Whichever comes first.

The Infernal Bloodline - Though extremely wary of the group, Devlin sees them as a great asset to his company. They have power, resources, and from what he can see, boundless generosity. He's willing to bleed them for all they're worth, but is taking as much precaution as he can to make sure it won't come back to bite him. He obviously expects them to stab him in the back, sooner or later, but when that day comes he hopes to be prepared.

  • "Mr. White" - This "man" met with Synthe in his office to make the business between the two groups official. While Synthe was very untrusting of him, the information he provided was enough to win Synthe over. Mr. White is confident, fast talking, and enjoys a good whiskey. He has red eyes, glowing red runes on the inside of his mouth and tongue, and controls the element of fire. All Synthe knows is he's going to enjoy watching him squirm when the Infernals are no longer necessary to his success.
  • "Mr. Snow" - While meeting with Mr. Guy Ghastly, Mr. Snow stepped in to tell them he was not content with their business decisions, and sat down to help them reconsider. Synthe think's he's a tactless brute of a man who happens to wear a 500 dollar suit. In actuality he's the go-to people person in the Infernal for the Business and Political world. His eyes are white, his runes are a chilling blue, and he controls the element of ice.

Guy Ghastly - A fellow CEO and a tycoon of the weapons and energy world, Mr. Ghastly is quite the competition. He keeps a friendly face around the man, playing nice at the occasional Alternative Energy conferences, but Synthe has always kept a healthy distance from the man. In truth, he feels like Ghastly has a stick up his ass, and a bit too serious for his own good. But his results speak for themselves, and he maintains his respect for him. Things hit a bit of a sour note when Ghastly called to offer up his entire company to Synthe, who's paranoia and staunch refusal to be betrayed again caused him to turn down the offer. Synthe felt that relations between them, while strained, would be resumed in time, as they both moved on with their lives and business. That is, until Mr. Snow stepped in, shortly followed by Lyndrossa, who enticed Ghastly with further dealings. By staying through the meeting and weathering the rather inordinate negotiations, Synthe was able to impress Ghastly enough to give him a second chance in their negotiations. Whether that will yield fruit is yet to be decided.

Lyndrossa - While her original purpose was to deal with Ghastly and his ecto-energy technologies, Synthe's presence in the meeting drew her mind toward other thoughts. While Synthe doesn't yet understand the extent of what Lyndrossa is and does, he knows her to be a powerful sorceress and no friend of the Infernals. That makes her useful to him, and he intends to do whatever it takes to make her an asset to his plans. He is very much looking forward to that endeavor.

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