Diana Kemp

Diana's parents were exposed to mutagenic radiation at Burning Sands, the home of the infamous Grond. While they were cured they later gave birth to a daughter who was unfortunately affected by the radiation. Since the mutation is rooted in her basic DNA she did not respond to the usual treatment. She has some of the usual Grond-like manifestations, such as four arms, great strength, and a height of almost seven feet. But still has normal human facial features and inherited her parent's dark black skin. She has a few unusual and unexpected side effects. She also has incredible manual dexterity and can perform several simultaneous unrelated physical tasks. What was most unexpected was her musical talent and aptitude. She studied at Julliard and was classically trained. Diana was never really went for the superhero thing, for pretty much the same reason she never took up any of the offer to join any one of numerous mutant rock bands. She simply does not like parading her mutations and prefers to rely on her own talents. This is one of the reasons that she and Tananda D'Argent are friends.

The headmaster was so impressed with her skills that he had a special ten manual organ which had to be especially made so it match the her incredible vocal range that reaches frequencies that only dogs and alligators can hear. She is one of the few people who can play organ pieces for four hands. School legend has it that the first time the headmaster heard her sing the Aria from Tosca,he actually came close to displaying emotion.

Diana is a constant reminder to students that you should never pigeonhole yourself and you can do whatever you want. of course in Diana case it helps to be able to pick up and bench press anyone who tries to stand in your way.

She has been romantically tied to a cello player in the Huston philharmonic.

"This is actually an easy piece to play. Just remember to put your right hand on the high C. Your left hand stikes a low D chord on the lower keyboard, and your other right hand goes… Oh. Sorry."

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