Founder of the Conjuration sphere of magic, and Grand Summoner of the Order of the Green.


Excerpt from the Meeting of the Seven:
From the west, a line of white power appeared, circling a small space. As the circle joined, another man appeared within. The circle blazed then died, and he stepped forward. He too, wore fine robes, but his were immaculate, and many heavy stones and gems hung from myriad necklaces, shown from numerous rings upon his fingers. This then, was Dispater, a mage from the area that would become Rome. His arrogance was written upon his face, but he too, knew he must be humble amongst those of his own power, and he controlled himself with an effort of will, drawing near and saying nothing. He was a master of conjuration, and the ability to create anything from nothing made him arrogant, but not unwise.

When the tribe leader discovered the child growing inside his wife’s womb was not his, he immediately ordered their death. The woman managed to escape in the night. She ran, and ran, deep into the woods, and after her the sound of the hounds and the light of the torches coming after her. Stumbling on the root of a tree she fell down into a cave, which was hidden by moss and vines. She gave birth to her son on the cold, damp floor of the cave. Too weak to climb out but too strong to die, the mother survived on mushrooms and rat meat alone, feeding her child with her breasts until she finally succumbed to exhaustion. The child was a few months old, and his name was forever a secret.

Even with his mother no more he did not cry, but instead he crawled even deeper into the cave, until there was light. Without realizing it, the child was in another world full of strange creatures. They brought food to him, played with him and told him their true names. And when the baby was old enough to wander off on his own, he left this world through the cave mouth and began exploring. The cave tunnels seemed to go on forever, and each time, they would lead him to a different world. But wherever he ended up, the wild creatures of that realm were drawn to him, as if they saw within the boy a great power, so great that in his presence they were forced to lower their heads and offer their true names. And for those who did not submit pleasantly, he conquered them with sheer force of will. When the boy felt that he had explored enough, had learnt enough names (which was an awful lot of names), he left the cave into the human world. Eras had passed; his father and his tribe were long dead millennia ago, and in their place many great cities and empires had sprung. The moment the boy laid eyes on them, he had decided that he wanted them all. He made himself a name that he saw fit for a king, Dispater, and his conquest began.

Powers & Abilities:

Dispater has complete dominion over innumerable numbers of creatures from this or any other world, who have no choice but to answer his call and obey his every command for he holds their true names in hand. His magic allows him to travel effortlessly between spaces and realms, and he uses this power to ever enlarge his mighty legion. And with this horde of mythical beasts he had triumphed over countless armies and kingdoms. Dispater is a born ruler, the embodiment of the Roman emperors, cunning, proud, dictatorial, vindictive but also cautious to the point of paranoid, as he often prefer sitting back on his throne and letting his loyal and near invincible army does the dirty work.

The Green Tower:

Unlike the Yellow Tower, which has no fixed shape and is the land itself, the The Green Tower is a citadel, a true and magnificent one, built underground inside a gigantic cave and shone upon by glowing crystals and stones of the kinds that no human have ever seen, growing from the ceiling and the floor of the cave. These crystals and stones contain very powerful magics which serve as a protective barrier to the tower. The entrance to the cave and its multitude of tunnels, as well as the tower itself are also guarded by monstrous beasts of magical and extraplanar origins, any of which can easily take on several full-fledged magi.

Green mages transfer themselves to the tower by passing through any hollow body enclosed by some sort frame, be it a door, a window, an arc, the mouth of a tunnel, the opening of a forest, anything that signifies the transition from one space to another.

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