Robert Demetri Vargas
Dressed up
Dressed up
Donny Vargas
Personal Data
Real Name: Robert Demetri Vargas
Known Aliases: Donny Vargas
The American Witch
Age: 17
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 177lbs
Hair Colour: Black, Cut short intentionally left messy
Eye Colour: Black, with a flicker of Silver
Biographical Data
Nationality: American (French- Israeli Heritage)
Place of Birth: Western Florida (The Friday before Easter at 3am)
Base of Operations: New Orleans, Louisiana
Known Relatives: Andre Vargas (Deceased)
Catherine Vargas (Deceased)
Sheri Vargas (Living Dead Girl)
Known Powers
Witchcraft, various powered Artifacts


Robert Demetri Vargas has been a resident of Louisiana for roughly two decades. Raised with his older sister by their reclusive grandparents since their parents disappeared before the boy's second birthday Vargas has recently developed powers to aid in his search for his now missing sister and her supposed kidnapper. After stressing his last lead he has come to the Academy knowing that the odd events that surround the School will likely reignite his search for the missing girl

Background (Bio):

Robert Vargas was born in Florida as the second child of a young working class couple. Both parents worked constantly in order to provide for their children. The boy's father Andre, a college dropout and eventual snake handler/removal specialist, was the only surviving child of European immigrants who had settled in Southern Louisiana in the late 1960s. The boy's mother, Catherine, was a revisionist preacher and bible scholar who had been scorned by the local community for publishing her interpretations of old testement lore and attracting negative attention to the community. Baby Robert was a quick learner and was walking and talking (albeit like a baby) by the time he was 13 months old; his thick head of black hair that seemed uncontrollable earned him the playful nickname of Donny (Catherine's deceased father who was afflicted with the same wild hair). While living under constant ire from their neighbors and the community abroad Andre and Catherine raised Robert and his sister Sheri (who is two years older) until one mysterious night.

On a foggy October morning Police responded to a suspicious car to find that the Vargas children were both asleep in the back seat while the front seat was deserted as the car sat parked on the shoulder of a backroad surrounded by miles of thick swamp. Nothing about the 1965 Chevelle was out of place or damaged apart from a large hole that seemed to indicate that the driver had been propelled (or pulled) from his seat at great force. No skid marks were found that would indicate a sudden stop, even the car's custom paint on it's hood was undamaged as it read Thunderkiss '65. When questioned about the location of their parents both children could only remember that the entire family was on their way home from a weekend visit to their father's parents and that their grandfather was worried about a "devil-man" who was never gonna stop.


Thorough scans of the swamps around where the old muscle car was found provided no evidence of the missing parents and a community wide search turned up no leads other than an a story of a Creature of the Wheel who supposedly occupies the highway sending all victims to Supercharger Heaven. With no leads the police were eventually forced to close the missing persons case and require the children to move permanently with their only surviving relatives, their grandparents.

While growing up in the Swamps outside New Orleans Donny and his sister were home schooled by their grandparents and taught an odd variety of old European superstitious stories to occupy their minds rather than learn more about their still missing parents. As both children grew older and the health of their grandparents began to fail the Occult stories they were told grew darker and the odd little teachings they had memorized began to tie into their education more. The true meaning of their grandparent's tutelage became more apparent to the teens when a mysterious man in black began to visit frequently. While both had seen this man arrive and leave after long private discussions with their grandfather neither could describe the man accurately. The siblings both grew to fear this man when their ever-stoic grandfather lashed out at the man during out of their private talks and the man calmly stood up and left despite having a large gash on his chest. As their grandmother rushed over to clean the mess both were stunned to see Sawdust in the Blood.


After several hours of worried chatter under their breath back and forth both Sheri and Robert demanded that their grandparents tell them who the man in black was. With great apprehension their grandparents told them the truth of their blood line: the entire family was cursed to die at the hands of some Demonoid Phenomenon.

The children were explained that some four hundred years ago their gypsy ancestors managed to capture and mortally wound a roaming demon and as they Let it All Bleed Out it cursed them to share its fate. From that moment on each member of gypsy clan was forced to rely on charms and spells to belay their own demise. The curse had been effectve over time for every member of their family and the only two surviving members of the once vibrant clan were Robert and Sheri.

Their grandparents told them the Superbeast visiting them was a creature born from a House of 1000 Corpses that was coming to claim its part of a bargain made fifteen years prior. Their grandparents explained to the them that their father, Andre, had been taught just like they were and practiced his charms every day until their mother convinced him that such beliefs were simple superstition. The very night that the young couple came to tell the grandparents they would no longer take part in such rituals was the night they disappeared. The truth was they were killed by a Demon Speeding and that the children would have been taken too if it weren't for a deal that invoked the grandparents themselves giving their lives in the place of Robert and Sheri. The man in black was in fact one of the Devil's Rejects who came to stake his claim. The Grandparents explained that they had no time left to finish the training and that it was up to Sheri and Robert to learn to protect themselves against the curse.

As the explanation finished a knock at the door sounded as the door creaked open to reveal the man in black smiling smugly. For the first time one of his features were clear, hundreds of dark shark-like teeth filled his mouth. With a tearful good bye they told Sheri to look after their younger brother and held hands as they silently followed the man out the door into the dark night. As they left the door slammed shut leaving the siblings alone to realize their fates.

Over the next few months they abandoned the tiny shack and moved to nearby New Orleans in an attempt to learn more about the Occult. Robert followed his sister's plans until she began to ask for help from the wrong crowds. After a heated argument she stormed off screaming she'd meet him the next day. Unfortunately she never showed. After days of waiting he began to search for her; fighting anyone who refused to help his search. Over time Robert's talents improved out of necessity but he could only piece together that his sister had made a deal with a dark figure that was supposed to protect her brother and herself from their curse… but the cost of such a deal was unknown to him. Having no leads left he had heard rumblings from various sources that a mysterious school was attracting all sorts of powerful people that may be able to help his search.


He tends to wear a white baseball style shirt with blue sleeves that features a cartoon picture of a vampire in black and white with a caption under it that reads "Dragula". While his sleeves are always rolled up to his elbow he has various bracelets and charms around his wrists each with some forgotten purpose. While he may change his shirt or jeans he always wears two black ear rings at all times as well as his old dirty pair of red chuck taylors.

For an easy frame of reference Donny Looks like that guy from the O.C :



Donny has learned not to trust just anybody but not to judge anybody before you meet them. Losing his sister also meant that he has lost his first and only friend growing up. He is very attached to her and misses the playful banter they used to shoot back and forth with one another. The young man seems to have inherited his fathers personality. Donny isn't overly active unless he has to be and definitely prefers kicking his feet up and relaxing. Unfortunately he hasn't had much time to relax since his sister went missing. His southern accent makes him seem even more laid back and maybe a little bit charming. While he never spends very long in one place while looking for his sister he always seems to attract a little extra attention from girls and isn't against that at all. He will probably be shocked at all the personalities floating around the school….

Donny's Cats

Over the course of his travels Donny will attract a small group of cats that seem to follow him for some unknown reason. While he thinks that felines just tend to like him each of these animals in truth will be a powerful spirit that is drawn to the boy.

Pet - Nubian Black cat- This solid black cat was found alive in 1916 when archeologists opened the great pyramid. Its been said that the curse that killed everyone involved in that dig originated from the Spirit of Anubis that occupies that particular feline. Since then it has wandered most of the middle east and Europe causing violence, hunger, and death everywhere it goes. Only recently has it made its way to the United States and found itself following a young boy. Donny has no idea the true origins of this animal, it seems to follow him around but he never knows how it gets to places. Every attempt he's had to speak with the animal seem to end with it ignoring him to take a nap on his things. Of all his cats the Nubian has the worst attitude, it rarely likes others and composes itself as if it were royalty. Donny nicknamed this cat Posh

Pet- Japanese Bobtail Cat- This friendly kitten, much like the other cats that Donny keeps suddenly began to follow him during one of his journeys. Unlike some of Donny's other cats the boy seems to openly like the kitten enough to even give it a name, Haro. The cat is very playful and affectionate with Donny and loves to be near him when he finally gets to rest. Since rescuing the animal in Japan and taking it into his home it has shown to be even more loyal. The other cats that seem to circle Donny treat Haro as a baby and dismiss its happy attitude as such. Even though the cat appears to be young it is actually a centuries old spirit that japanese custom associates with friendliness. Of course Donny doesn't know this, he just thinks he stumbled upon a lovable young cat.

Pet- Russian Blue Cat- Another mysterious cat that is drawn to Donny during his travels this smokey gray cat with deep green eyes seems to be the intellectual of his cat parade. Appearing roughly the same age as the black cat that continues to follow the boy the Russian blue is a full grown cat that in reality is much older than any feline could naturally be. The cat seems to take particular interest in Donny's studies and tends to only want attention when the boy is surrounded by books. Donny enjoys speaking to the cat because it never breaks eye contact while he is speaking and seems to listen better than other cats. The cat itself is a spirit of Academic pursuit. It has graced the presence of dozens of great Russian thinkers over the past centuries before being drawn to the dark haired american boy. Donny tends to call the cat Merlin when asked its name

Pet- African Lion Cub- This burly yet clumsy kitten is among the youngest of Donny's ever growing collection but it is without a doubt the stockiest. After finding the cub alone yet trying to fend off a group of circling Hyenas Donny has taken a liking to it's brazen demeanor. The tan colored lion cub is very brave and is one of Donny's few pets that likes to be outside of his quarters. As it darts down the hall each time he opens the door to his room he becomes more aware that taking the seemingly orphaned big cat from its homeland was a mistake as he would eventually have to give it up once it becomes too big for the litterbox. The boy is unaware that his pet cub that plays so rough with the other cats is a centuries old spirit of bravery and has not grown since the day it was born to this plane of existence. While Donny plays with the cub he tends to call it Shaka after the warlord he had learned about. The Cat's brash displays of confrontation with the boy secure it's closeness to his heart. When the cub darts off Donny is sure his destination every time, the cat seems obsessed with the REC Room.

Powers & Abilities:

Donny uses various Occult objects to protect himself from harm. His life so far has been spent subconsciously training in order to protect himself from his eventual death and has resulted in Donny becoming More Human than Human. While he has affinity for magic in his blood, he has no access to traditional magic (like Alex or Maerik would use) and relies on a small group of spells that were taught to him during his time in the swamp. Donny is still mostly untrained and thus takes bits and pieces from various philosophies.

In his short time on his own Donny has experienced a lot while searching for his sister. He has fought with and against vampires, hunted werewolves, made deals with ghosts, drank a witch's brew, even exorcised demons. While he is young and would never realize it himself he is quite the expert on the supernatural world and can quickly analyze and handle a situation. The boy has also shown a natural affinity to bladed weapons. He regularly wields Stakes, Swords, and Machetes in combat to help him compensate for the (un)natural tools at his foes' disposal. The boy also has shown interest in certain firearms when need be. However before he'd use a gun he'd fully customize the weapon to suit whatever cause it's being used for.


Bottled screams:
After removing the lid from a premade vial Donny releases a long, piercing scream that begins to bellow from the opening. While this howl provides Donny with no benefits in a fight it can provide him with a necessary escape when he is cornered, outnumbered, or outclassed. The scream leaves those afflicted's ears ringing and them left with a certain degree of sadness for whatever could produce something so awful. Werewolves sensitive ears hate the loud constant noise produced from the bottle.

Silver Stakes:
After multiple run-ins with vampires that did not want to treat humans with respect Donny learned that any object piercing their heart religates the creature of the night to the past tense not just wooden stakes. Coupling this knowledge with the fact that many other monsters cannot stand the touch of silver he made a deal to have several sharp silver spikes made to help him fend off anything that could be attacking him.

Blessed Water:
Glass vials holding "borrowed" holy water that is caustic to the skin of both Vampires and the possessed. The burning sensation that is caused by the thrown bottle is distracting to a single enemy and can separate a tightly confined group quickly. However due to the rarity of the contents of these holy hand grenades Donny only carries them when he knows he'll need them.

Fly nip:
Donny carries two seemingly benign dry powders that when rubbed together produce a thick, pungent gel. This foul smelling Gel attracts an odd amount of flies when applied to any organic surface.The flies can be brushed off but quickly return to the area and seemingly increased numbers. The more the target of the fly nip struggles against the flies the more they seem interested in the target. As hundreds of flies swarm around it can provide a decent distraction or just creep someone out.

Gator Bait:
While not bait for a living aligator this tool in Donny's arsenal does not disappoint. When Donny drops this leathery little concoction into any body of water it summons forth a powerful protector. The tool literally calls forth a spirit of the swamp summoned to Protect Donny during his adventures. This creature appears to be a normal, albeit very large, Aligator that is extremely determined to protect Donny from harm. While it cannot speak it seems to understand Donny's commands and can attack with powerful snapping jaws while defending with its thick hide. If destroyed the gator turns into a puff of smoke that will require Donny to prepare for and perform the summoning ritual once again. While the Gator is loyal to Donny and will protect the boy if Donny is interrupted or screws up the ritual he will summon another swamp spirit: the Snake. The Snake then proceeds to attempt to kill the boy.

Slug Phlegm:
Donny holds in a pill bottle a dried salt that he is always hesitant to use. When given a couple seconds to cough and pat his own chest after ingesting some of this "salt" Donny can spit up a thick mucus that when applied to metal instantly causes rust. The process required to produce this phlegm obviously causes the boy a high degree of uncomfortability as he has to hack and wheeze the substance up seemingly from his stomach. The corrosion caused by the mucus is extreme enough to make once duarble metals brittle. Much like a swamp reclaiming a piece of technology left unprotected this process shows the power of the environment Donny was raised in.

Dowsing Bracelet:
If Donny can physically hold an object in the hand that this bracelet is wrapped around he can cause a reaction that not only determines if the user of the object was malignant in nature but can track the path that a malignant person used to get away from the object. If a sinister force is sensed their path appears in the form of tar footprints that form directly where the person's feet stepped. these prints stay visible as long as Donny remains hold of the object in the proper hand. If no evil is sensed from the object the bracelet does nothing at all.

Crawling Itch:
While rubbing a piece of cursed hide between his hands and focusing on his target Donny can make any organic target feel an insatible itch that moves as they claw at themselves. While he focuses on his opponent and continues to rub the specially cured hide he can whisper where he wants the itch to move back and forth to it at will. While in no way fatal it can slow many attackers to a standstill. Those afflicted for long enough can try to alleviate the itch hard enough to draw blood from themselves. If Donny ceases contact with both hands the effects are broken.

A Little bit of Rigor:
This Potion was one of his grandmother's favorite pranks to play on her husband. When ever the children were due for a beating she would sneak them just a sip of the awful tasting potion that would make their skin hard as wood but still allow them to move their joints so when their Grandfather swung to punish them he was met with a painful surprise. For years the children thought their grandparents were just playing a game with them until Donny drank an entire vial he had found stached away and was stuck paralyzed in his body for two days. It obviously has its benefits when dealing with others.

Salamander Root:
A smelling Salt that makes the afflicted feel as if all the water in their body is being drained out of them. Its psychotropic effects can be resisted as long as the concoction is just smelled and does not make skin contact. If allowed to make contact with skin the victim could take hours to come down.

Yakuza Sleeve.
After being honored as a unique friend to the Yakuza Donny will be allowed to recieve a sleeve of traditional Japanese tattooes on his right arm. With a touch Donny can channel the magic energies of the ink into an object forcing it to become hot to the touch. While the heat does not burn him it can definately affect others however a quick grasp is not enough to gather ample heat Donny must hold onto an object for quite some time before it is hot enough to be felt.

A customized pump action sawed off shotgun Donny uses to expel oncoming attackers. While he has access to standard birdshot he chooses to use a variety of special shells that he has integrated his existing items into for example: Silver pellet birdshot does massive damage to werewolves, etc. Holy water slugs pack enough punch to knock just about anything off their feet.

Templer's Chestplate.
A metallic chestplate that has protected the core of its wearer for hundreds of years. Unfortunately the wearer always dies from some other painful experience not long after putting on the piece of armor just once. While the armor has taken hundreds of blows since its forging it is remarkably untarnished. Its shiny enough to appear as if it was just made. Occult circles do not know if the piece of armor is a blessing or a curse. The armor seems able to take a high amount of magical energy.

The tears of Giles Corey
During the mass hysteria of the Salem Witch hunts one man retained his poise and level head during the onslaught of violence and mistrust. Giles Corey was a successful farmer and member of the church unlucky enough to be one of the many accused of witchcraft during the hunts. Being an honest man with no magical ties he scoffed at the idea and was stunned to hear he'd be tried for such aggregious offenses. Corey would take no part in such antics however and refused to enter a plea to something so ridiculous. For his refusal the zealots of the town turned on him and stoned him to death. As he lay being crush by dozens of heavy rocks the town watched expecting a confession but none came (because none was due). Even while dying Corey remained stoic; asking for more weight to be added to his torture. Upon dying some quick witted witch who had been watching in the crowd collected the innocent farmers tears that had been forced out from the pain (although Corey never complained) and fashioned them into a necklace with a glass vial. These tears contained the powerful negative emotions of a man who was wrongly accused and when they were treated with a spell the necklace became a powerful tool against any witch's enemies. The necklace gives it's user the ability to spread blight amongst whatever crops and produce they chose via touch

Memory Leech
A special breed of leech can be found under the mud of the Amazon. When attached to their prey these leeches do not drain blood like their common cousins. Instead the dark brown colored insects attach themselves to the back of the target's neck (and the tip of the brain stem) and begin to drain the memories from their target. The memories the insects absorb are then stored within the leech until the user pleases. The leeches can then be attached to another and squeezed causing the memories stored within them to be pushed into the mind of the user. Being Leeches they cause next to no pain to anyone they attach themselves to thanks to enzymes released on contact however the gradual sapping of memory or the strong push of a new series of memories can cause mental stress

Ancestors' Voice
This protective shout channels the collective energy surrounding the user that consists of the spirits of their ancestors. It is practised by many West African medicine men but mastered by very few to harness its actual potential. By communing with and opening their spirit up to the energies of the ancestors the user draws in the energy and expels it from their mouth to repel any negative entity within the cone of their voice. Being a rather short range technique the user must be patient and allow their ancestor's energies to fill them until the exact right moment then releasing the spiritual blast. When released the shout sounds like the words of dozens of different voices all being produced from the same source to the physical realm but to the spiritual realm it sounds like getting punched in the side of the head. Donny will learn this technique from a wise medicine man who sees he's being followed by some bad spirits.

Donny's Things of Note:

1. Magical Artifact User
2. Dark Magic (Blights and Burns)
3. Regular Human (Is Squishy)
4. Field Strategist (Quick Thinker)
5. Battles Monsters!!!


Sheri Vargas:


Since being seperated from her brother Sheri fell in with a group of sinister people who call themselves Black Sunshine. This amalgam of nefarious doers has warped the young girl to better suit their needs. She has been literally been caught halfway between life and death and is now virtually impossible to kill. Ater wiping her memory and conditioning the blank slate as the bodyguard of a young warlock named Kid Vicious. Kid Vicious is a malignant narcisist with considerable power who enjoys occupying the public attention and has thrust his new bodyguard into the limelight as well. While their location seems to jump around the world at a whim, rumors of the warlock's creation have made Sheri a Dead Girl Superstar among Occult circles. Unfortunately none know her true identity before her current appearance.

Sheri has been codenamed Living Dead Girl for her slightly green appearance and her ability to be shot, stabbed, etc and keep on fighting. While she is zombie like she still retains her ability to think, unfortunately she believes that she as always been a bodyguard and does not remember her brother at all. Sheri has been taught to fight with extreme brutality and is somehow proficient in both sword play and firearms. The cabal who have manipulated the girl have managed to stave off the presence of the man in black but who knows for how long.

The Vargas Clan:

400 years ago the Vargas Clan were well known performers who travelled Southern Europe using their various carnival skills to astonish common villagers while collecting enough wealth for the clan to survive. Each clan member was wise to hide their magical abilities in fear that they be assaulted by the various powers whose land they travelled freely. The clan knew that many of their gypsy cousins were persecuted simply for being viewed as thieves. The Vargas were loyal to their gypsy cousins and followed all laws they were bound to but found their way of life jeopardized when their own performers were haunted by some dark aura. Night after night performers would go missing for hours or wake up scratched to the point of crippling pain.

Deciding to fight back with their special skills the Vargas cornered the demon and mortally wounded the creature. As it lay dying each of the 60 member clan and all of their descendants were cursed to be pulled from this Earth by the brothers and sisters of the fallen demon. Only a few weeks after they left the fallen ash of the demon were the first members (Mostly children) brutally trapped during a freak snow storm. It seemed that no member of the clan would be allowed the peace of a quiet death. As time has passed the clan has split up and integrated into modern society but when members who share the same bloodline as those cursed 60 make the mistake not to perform the charms taunt to them by their elders they are nearly instantly killed in a variety of unexplainable manners.

The Clan had all but died when Andre Vargas and his young bride gave birth to their two young children. Only two elders remained (Andre's parents) and they had locked themselves away from society for fear that their curse spread to others. They had trusted their son would continue their bloodline and were heartbroken when hearing of his choice to abandon the knowledge they had worked so hard to teach him. Today the Clan is gone with Sheri Vargas missing and Donny Vargas being nothing but a rumor that the surviving Gypsy clans talk about.


Jacob Kaldr: Burly Jake is Donny's roommate in the Academy and the one person who is forced to deal with all of the boys strange tendencies all the time. Donny and Jake work well together on the battlefield and off. With Jake as a front line fighter and Donny providing his own form of support the duo can fight well. While Donny stays up late nights Jacob talks in his sleep (In demon)

Viktor Devange: The Gypsy Prince is by birthrate Donny's king. A monarch who the boy is bound to protect and serve. Viktor however treats Donny as family and was delighted to hear that Donny was in fact a member of the nearly lost Vargas Clan. Embracing each other as kin from their first meeting the boys are nearly inseperable. Both are members of the same team on the Academy and have shown unrivalled grace when working together under duress.

Alexandria Winston-Slater: Donny is keen to use rumors to frame a person when he cannot read them himself but after his brief interactions with Ms. Slater he knew that it was quite possible that not even her closest friends knew the real Alex. Seeing within her a potential greater than himself Donny has taken an interest in watching this powerful sorceress grow into a force for (hopefully) good. Alex is the senior member of Donny's team and has taken an interest in telling him how to lead.


Donny was born at 3am the Friday before Easter In a blackout
Everything Underlined is the Title of a Rob Zombie Song (The character was inspired by such)
Donny Speaks with a thick Southern Drawl
Snakes (magical or normal) hate him
Donny Loves Johnny Cash, it's the only musical act he knows.

Alternate Universes:

Acada-Verse 3811 (Costume-Verse)
In this Alternate Future Donny moves to Miami and becomes a legacy hero under the codename of the "the Sand Witch". Fighting as a reserve member of the Globe Guardians the Sand Witch is a secondary hero to the city's big name "Manta Ray." The Sand Witch is a golden age type hero who uses magic to battle foes of all sorts.

Acada-Verse 4812 (Targets-Verse)
In this universe Leon Jinks "Shooting Gallery" has privatised all the world's armed forces by stealing the DNA of any metahuman that the test clone had ever came in contact with and splicing it into their armed forces. Donny Vargas is among those who battle public image and congressional order to stand against one group having so much power. However now even a single Shooting Gallery clone is too strong for him to combat and his entire life is spent running.

Acada-Verse 512 (Wild Wild Academy)
In this universe Robert Vargas is an outlaw who battles politicians and landowners who have been corrupted by the dirty dealings of vampires. Known as the "Witch Kid" Vargas is famous for his use of silver bullets and his signature kill style that always involves two shots to the heart at close range. The Witch Kid has been shown to be highly elusive and has allies at every church in the west. The Kid's got a variety of tools he uses to take the fight to his enemies

Acada-Verse 1151 (Der Deutche Verse)
In this universe The Nazis were successful in taking Europe then the rest of the Free World. All that stands within the Third Reichs goals are small pockets of resistance lead by various incarnations of heroes throughout the Southern Hemisphere. As the Nazis used their Werewolf Women of the SS to kill off his Gypsy kinsmen Robert Vargas was raised to lead his own squad of terrorists he calls the Devil's Rejects. Vargas is known as The Man who Laughs due to a sadistic glee he gets when destroying Nazis.

Acada-Verse 441 (Gender Verse)
In this universe the gender of every man and woman to ever live has been switched. Upon entering the Academy in order to gain help in finding her brother Roberta "Cat" Vargas has embraced the same dark arts that had seduced her brother. Now armed with training and a mind full of spells Cat is slowly corrupted by her dark magic while torturing every vampire she comes across.

Acada-Verse 2097 (Genevieve's Mafia)
Preparing to enter his Thirties Donny Vargas was not surprised when rumors that Genevieve finally fell into darkness emerged. The girl however did not know the enemies she had made. Using her as a decoy Donny has drawn many of his most reviled enemies to one target which he'll try to keep alive as long as possible.

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