Donovan Lewis

Donovan Lewis is head of the Academy's PR department. This also includes student recruitment. He also take the opportunity to teach some electives that are not available or applicable at most schools.

Donovan was born with the uncanny aptitude to invent. He is a prodigy at invention and with tools in his hand he is a great threat to any enemy. Under the name "Mech-nick" he became a superhero. However in the last great battle with Dr. Destroyer for Detroit, he jumped in the way of Dr. Destroyer's mega-blast to save Ms. Roboto. While he saved her life, she lost her right hand, and Donovan's spine was severed. Eventually his spine was replaced, but he still often wears his lightweight armored exoskeleton. His current armory also include goggles increases his vision, but he no longer adventures.
Teaching Edit Teaching sectionEdit

Donovan teaches the “Superhuman life and Career planning” electives the Academy. The courses he teaches are

Superhuman PR: A public relations class for the super heroes. In this class he teaches students how to choose emblems with strong and memorable significance.

Working Conditions: Teaches students about the health precautions, career plans and retirement benefits of being a hero. Most importantly, it outlines the cautions of hero life from family endangerment to bad witty banter.

Maintaining Your Secret Identity: A class that teaches students the basics of maintaining a secret identity. And even how to deal with friends, lovers, and family when in and out of your secret identity.

Donovan is married and has three children, ages 13, 10 and 5. Of all the faculty he has the closest sembelance to normal life. However, it is rumored, both amoung students and faculty, that he and Dr. Nakagawa once had a thing. Other say they two are having an affair, despite the two both being married. Dovovan and Murasaki both laugh hysterically whenever they hear the rumor, and say they are both just good friends for along time. While it seems they are both happily married to their respective spouses, it still makes for a darn good rumor.

(SCHOOL BELL GOES RIIIINGGG) "So for homework, I expect a rough sketch of your chest insignia on my desk tomorrow, and remember we have test next Monday on the 37 ways to get your nemesis to tell you his master plan!"

(CELL PHONE GOES OFF PLAYING "ROCK LOBSTER") "Wait, yes dear, I can get the milk after I pick up Jerry after soccer practice, no its not a problem. I was going to be in the neighborhood anyways to pick some eye of newt for Dr. Myt'Sellyx. He heard there a store next to the Piggly-Wiggly that has a fresh shipment. No, the Piggly-Wiggly off of Pollock Ave…"

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