Dr Murasaki Nakagawa

Dr. Murasaki "Ms. Roboto" Nakagawa Demanding, challenging. Specializing in Robotics. Dr. Nakagawa rules her classroom with an iron fist. Actually she is pretty easygoing, but she does have an iron fist…

Her love of computers started when she made her first program as a teenager in her Tokyo high school, a chatbot called "Mr. L33T." (Over 20 years and many upgrades later the program is still around and is head of the Computer Sciences Department at the Academy as Dr. L33T.) She took the academic world by storm earning several science degrees by the age of sixteen. She even made a splash as the super heroine "Ms. Roboto." She had to cut short her career however, in a battle that resulted in her requiring to replace her right hand with a cybernetic replacement. After that, she has dedicated herself to making sure the next generation of heroes and heroines are better equipped than she was.

Despite the many opportunities to regrow a new hand she has refused. They say that she has more weaponry in her little finger than some small countries do… quite literally.

" Bah. Who cares what the EPA and OSHA says. They can't stand in the way of SCIENCE!!"

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