Dr Stanislaw Trofim
Photo taken during Major Trofim's flight
Photo taken during Major Trofim's flight
Dean Trofim
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Stanislaw Nikolai Trofim
Known Aliases: Cosmonaut
Age: 52
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian
Place of Birth: Russia
Base of Operations: The Academy
Known Relatives: Wife and 4 children
Known Powers
Flight, Telekinesis, Portable Life Support




Опорных Крупной: Это опорных крупных Трофим (Искажен) Сейчас в свое время оставить капсулу, если вы смели

[GROUND CONTROL: This is ground control to Major Trofim. (Garbled) Now its time to leave the capsule if you dare.]

Основными Трофим: Это основные Трофим наземного контроля. Я активизирует через дверь. И я с плавающей в наиболее своеобразным способом. И звезды очень разными сегодня…(Искажен) отя я последние сто тысяч миль, я еще очень чувство, и я думаю… мои корабля знает, каким путем идти.

[MAJOR TROPHIM: This is Major Trofim to ground control. I am stepping through the door. And I am floating in a most peculiar way. And the stars look very different today…. (Garbled) Though I am past one hundred thousand miles, I am feeling very still… and I think my spaceship knows which way to go.]



Основными Трофим: Скажите моей жене… я ее люблю очень сильно.

[MAJOR TROPHIM:Tell my wife… I love her very much.]

Опорных Крупной: …Она знает.

[GROUND CONTROL: …She knows.]



Наземный контроль: Крупной Трофим! Ваш схем мертвых, есть что-то неправильно? Вы слышите меня, майор Трофим? Вы слышите меня, майор Трофим? Вы слышите меня, майор Трофим?

[GROUND CONTROL:Ground control to Major Trofim! Your circuit's dead, there is something wrong? Can you hear me, Major Trofim? Can you hear me, Major Trofim? Can you hear me, Major Trofim?]


Major Stanislow Trofim was one of the most highly decorated cosmonaut in the Soviet space program and a recognized for his work as a professor of aeronautical engineering at the Soviet Academy Of Military Science.

He had one more mission slated - the maiden flight of the soviet space shuttle. After this mission he was considered to be a shoe-in for promotion and possible replacement for Director General of the university city of Akademgorodok. From there it was a stone's thrown away from the Politburo.

Of course there was an accident with the nuclear powered "weather satellite." Major Trofim valiantly went out on space walk to dislodge the satellite and bring to a safe distance before it self destructed. Of course he was unable to get it far away enough in time. The ship was left crippled and the Major engulfed in a small atomic explosion.

However, something happened to him out there. What exactly remains a mystery. Analysis of telemetry shows that he was thrown over 300,000 miles in less than half a second, far exceeding the speed of light.

His space suit vaporized he was able to encase the survivors in a bubble of breathable air bringing them all safely to the US space station. (There were only two casualties. Commonader Alexie Reimus who was killed in the initial explosion, and Lieurnant third class Pavel Veselloff's IQ began to steadily increase until he died of a brain hemorrhage two weeks later.) Within moment of landing he was awarded the Order Of Ushakov (1st Class) by the Premier. No mention was made of the American role in the rescue.

What shocked everyone was when Trofin, hero of the Motherland, a supposedly die hard Marxist starting talking about a mystical experience and seeing the face of God for one brief moment…

Of course he was soon ushered off stages and a padded cell was reserved for him in a Siberian Gulag.

They did not expect that his new found powers of flight were far beyond anything they ever encountered. Just as he saved his shipmates, he soon escorted his family and sought political asylum in the US.

Dr. Trofim no longer interests himself in politics, and he only talks about what he saw in space to his closest family.

Personality and Appearance

The major, as he still called by students, because of military bearing and discipline, is a elegantly dress handsome man who ages gracefully. His gruff manner betrays the fact that he truly loves his work and would defend his students as if they were his own children. He is very good teacher. That does not mean he is the students' favorite. He is excellent administrator, a skill acquired in his soviet days, and he he literally wrote the book on the impact of superpowers on education. He can take complex ideas and express them in easy to understand concepts. He often butts head with Dean Henderson. Dr. Slavonosky should be more of a school rather than a training ground for superheroes. Politicizing the education process was one of the reasons that he defected to the U.S. In class and on the job he is 100% business. However, student are surprised to learn that outside the classroom he actually always has a joke and is devoted family man. (He has four children, two born in the US. His two youngest are in college. Sasha is currently a journalist in South Carolina, and Nikolai is a chemist in Texas. He owns a small farm in Montana where he and his wife Zena where he goes to regularly on vacation. He always wanted to see Montana.)

Powers and Abilities

Undisclosed but they include complete life support and flight at a speed that exceeds the speed of light. He has also exhibited minor telekinesis. He does not use his powers often, not even to practice. He uses them only in case of emergency.


Coach Tasker loathes Dr Trofim with a passion. Both for his dislike of the training program and for being a Russian. And we are not talking about the typical loathing the Coach has for all sentients in general. I mean LOOOAATHEEES.

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