Earth-077 "The Long Road to Heaven"

[b][SIZE=7]:: Scene One - Welcome To Vegas ::[/SIZE][/b]

25 Years ago collection of Gods from various pantheons got together, each for their own reason, a decided to found a group of their own Scions that would be collected and trained from a younger age and use them to to act where they cannot. These Scions now at the age of 21 have been trained over the last few years but are yet to have any practical experience; but that is all about to change.

In a curious decision, the Gods have gathered their young new Scion at…Las Vegas. Without warning all the gods contacted their children and sent them to Vegas in the quickest ways possible along with a room key to the Olympus Hotel's Penthouse Suite; there they are to await further instructions as they ready themselves for whatever fate may hold.

Now with the near perfect timing organized by the gods, all of their young Scions have begun arriving at the hotel to meet their fellow colleges. Many have met briefly before in the past, some knowing each other more than others, some meeting for the first time ever.

Carl Lennox was the first of the Scions to arrive at the magnificent suite. On the top floor of the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas with a full view of the entire city, 10 master bedrooms, 4 complete bathrooms and a massive kitchen with a near veritable vault of fine foods and wines from all over the world; not to mention to balcony with a hot-tub.

Unfortunately he was the only person here at the moment. So, to pass the time, he grabbed some chocolates from the fridge and a glass of milk before setting up his laptop and began working on setting up a Vigil Brand and Ward on the room to make sure nobody would sneak in on them.

(( Because these character's are slightly altered for the sake of fitting the lore, I will give each of you a 1 sentence discription of the changes to your character and how they will fit in now. Also, feel free to ask me any questions. Finally, this RP is a bit more mature than normal and the characters are a bit older, but that does not mean you get to play around with Booze, Drugs, Murder or Sex; keep things civil ))

[b]Genevieve -[/b] The daughter of Athena and naturally gifted detective, her bio has barely changed in any way.
[b]Garret Vola - [/b]Giga is now the son Hephaestus who was adopted by a military general and grew up learning of military grade weapons.
[b]Victoria Velsing - [/b]The daughter of Lugh who was adopted by a loving family that went wrong when her real father showed up (her brother is also secretly a Scion)
[b]Jacob Kaldr -[/b] A scion of Freyr who got his visitation during a plan to trap and kill Surtr forever; now Jacob is stuck with Surtr trapped inside of him, the longer he lives the more change Surtr has to escape, but if they kill Jacob, he will escape instantly….he's not in a good position right now.
[b]Maerik Marson - [/b]The result of Loki's one-night-stand who ended up getting adopted by the rich Marson family. Loki showed up after the death of Maerik's mother to give him his relics and teach him about magic before Loki was arrested again. Hel (under the guise of Lyndrossa) looked after his training after that.
[b]Alexandria Winston Slater - [/b]A the daughter of a rich man who's real mother eventually turned out to be the Goddess Isis. Her bio is pretty much the same.
[b]Alexander Lancaster - [/b] ((Zaro knows enough about Scion already, he can work it out himself!))
[b]Hoshea McTaggert - [/b]The biggest changed, Hoshea has always had human form and actualyl had a family. His mother turned out to be the goddess Brigit; he's a very different man here…but still loves cooking and ballet.
[b]Lily Woodruff - [/b]Pretty much unchanged apart from being the daughter of the goddess Guanyin.
[b]Grendalin Grant - [/b]A hideous, chaos loving son of Kalfu who plagued the Louisiana town of his birth as an almost folk-lore Vodou Gremlin before his visitation from Kalfu (who appeared as a very strange hippie).
[b]Shawn Wicket - [/b]Pretty much the same until his accident at which point the Atlantian god Skaft revealed himself as his true father and gave him hand crafted cybernetics and armor plating to ensure his currently mortal son would survive his visitation.
[b]Aaron Halls - [/b]Same old Aaron until the cheerful, fun-loving god Agni showed up with some gifts and tutoring. Now Aaron is the same as always but with a spear and supernaturally lucky.
[b]TJ Galange - [/b]Ordinary apathetic TJ apart from the breif appearance of the overly annoyed, video-game playing god Ptah shifted off two annoying spirit guides (Galvos and Langely) onto his son during the visitation.
[b]Jackson Daniels - [/b]The kind hearted son of Xipe Totec (god of nature and skinning people) who refuses to follow in his sadistic father's footsteps but still gains power from a suit of bear-skin armor he reluctantly took.

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