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[Center][b]Planeswalker RP[/b][/Center]

[Center]There are many people that get sick of their boring lives. They may try to bury themselves in fantasy or science fiction of some sort. They may day dream about another more fantastic world. A more fantastic world than their own. Because in their world is nothing special, and they are flat out normal.

But one day something changes. They feel their bodies reaching for something. Something else. And then, one day, they break free. They are in the same location, at the same time, in a different universe. In a world where they can be special. And they learn something else about themselves. That they can cross over to all the other universes, at will.[/Center]

There are seven universes, all floating in space. Each one advanced in its own way.

- [b]Magic[/b] - A modern universe of magic. Wizards exist, and so do Vampires, Werewolves, Fairies, and anything else you can imagine. The general populace isn't aware of this however, and the mundane world is rather similar to our own. Magic tends to overwhelm basic technology. Drawing from this world essentially makes one a wizard, prefixo-mancer, or some other human spell caster.

- [b]Mutations[/b] - An universe where biological mutation and experimentation is the most prominent. Those capable of becoming powerful mutants generally do so, or are sometimes born that way. Most of these mutants are hidden by corporations and governments. Those who draw on this realm are capable of being mutated into something stronger.

- [b]Cyberpunk[/b] - The universe where technology took a shift towards the control and flow of information instead of hard machinery or biology. Here, everything is linked in networks of information. Living beings that can be are hardwired so they can directly link up to these networks. And AI's are real. And the general populace is oblivious. Drawing from this realm allows someone to easily use this technology to full effect.

- [b]Espionage[/b] - What seems to be the most mundane universe is almost the most dangerous. On the outside, things are calm, but in the woodwork, a vast network of conspiracies, spies, and masterminds. Cloak and dagger is the name of the game. The gifts of this world are more subtle. A person suddenly becomes more aware, their mind more able to handle large complexities and to create them. Everything simply opens up.

- [b]Psychic[/b] - An universe where power is found deep in the reaches of the mortal mind. Every person capable has what seems to be a nuclear reaction going off in their heads. Hidden in secret from the unknowing world, the psionic order attempts to wrest control from the powers that be, or to simply gain control of themselves. The gifts from this world give the user vast mental abilities.

- [b]Galactic Interconnectivity[/b] - This universe is unique in one aspect; the level of technology of each world isn't too different from the norm, but there was an ancient race. One that built a series of warp gates throughout the universe. Thus all worlds are interconnected. Most planet' s governments keep this under wraps. Planeswalkers can use this portal technology, along with the other technology they left behind.

- [b]Nature[/b] - Despite the name of this universe, not everything is overgrown. But everything, in a sense, is alive and cognitive. There is a spirit in everything, from the tree outside, to a blade of grass, to the toaster sitting on your counter. And some people can call on these spirits and control them. Those who work from this realm can communicate and deal with these spirits.

[Center][b]Character Sheet[/b][/Center]

Name: Duh…
Age: Yup…
Gender: Indeed…
Race: When I added the Galactic world, I realized something; there's no logical reason why Aliens can't be Planeswalkers too. You can be alien races that are described properly. BUT, they need to be basically human in their capabilities. I don't want a super Gorilla Moose with acid snot and wings to be a PC. You can be a lizard of some sort, but you aren't different than a human being in terms of overall capability. Remember though, many of our adventures will be on various Earths for simplicity, and a ostrich with human intelligence and speech may stand out a bit.
Home Plane: This is your plane of origin. Remember, your character was a normal average being of their race. They had no idea their plane was even remotely special before they could see it from another perspective.

Appearance: Text or Picture

Personality: I would appreciate some thought here, as this basically is how your character will play out. Don't skimp on this.

Biography: I'm not a stickler for histories, but I do expect a few points to be reached. First, their life in a nutshell before their first dimensional transfer. Then, how their first transfer went. And what they sort of did afterwords.

Stats: (You get 120 points. 20 is "human average". These stats are intended to be your natural stats without any enhancements. These are intended to be used as references. No stat can be 0, and none can exceed 50)
Strength: Your raw physical force
Vitality: Your endurance and physical constitution
Agility: Your natural reflexes and partially your speed and coordination
Intelligence: How smart your character is
Willpower: Your conviction and drive
Charisma: Your social capability

Specialties: Pick two of the universes that aren't your Home Plane. These are were your abilities are derived from.

Abilities: You start with one ability per specialty, and one more that is a combo of the two. This is detailed below.

[b]Home Plane:[/b]





[b]Strength - [/b]
[b]Agility - [/b]
[b]Vitality - [/b]
[b]Intelligence - [/b]
[b]Willpower - [/b]
[b]Charisma - [/b]



[Center][b]Basic Planeswalker Powers[/b][/Center]

Universal Shift: The ability to shift to any other universe by thought. You relocate to the exact same location general location in another universe. The user will generally appear within a few feet of where they transferred, so they don't appear in a wall or something. The most anyone has been shifted from their original location is about 40 yards. But beyond not putting you in a solid object, no other safety guarantees are made. You could land in a nuclear reactor, or in a place without oxygen. Planewalkers are generally wary of simply shifting with no prior knowledge of what it's going to be like on the other side.

Reading Shifts: Any shift made leaves a mark, one that other Planeswalkers and certain other beings can easily sense. Not to mention know exactly where that Planeswalker is going. So generally, shifting is never a good way to shake off someone who is capable of following you.

EDIT: One More

Many Tongues: Planewalkers seem to understand each other on some primal level for some reason. They also seem to be able to pick up new languages very quickly. No one has quite figured out why this is.

[Center][b]Ability Overview[/b][/Center]

I will approve abilities on a case by case basis. When I give players an upgrade, you may add a new ability or improve an existing, unless the rules state otherwise.


Powers: Essentially, all magic boils down to Channeling instant spells, and conducting Rituals. Channeling can only do simple things, such as direct attacks, defenses, support abilities, and boosting effects. Rituals can do far more complex things, such as curses, wards, and finding spells, but take far more materials and time.

Downsides: Magic often runs into a few problems. The first is that magic only works if the user believes in it, and can mentally see it happening. If they lose conviction, it fails. Secondly, magic often has arbitrary rules of engagement, both between normal magic and magical creatures. Break those rules, and best thing that will happen is that the magic doesn't work. These rules are lessened a bit on other planes though. Finally, magic is incredibly personal. If someone tries to hurt someone in malice with magic, it tends to mark them some way. Corrupt them.

Rules: When making an ability, choose Channel or Ritual, and describe what it does. For a Channel, describe its basic function, and how it works. For a Ritual, describe what it's supposed to do, and what is need to conduct the ritual (IE, how much time, what materials, etc.). Magic takes effort, so using it does drain you a bit.


Powers - Depends, as mutants cover a large gamut of abilities and powers. They all work differently, though only more experimentation can change how those abilities work. These abilities tend to have a biological basis of some sort, or at least something that mimics biology. These mutations are generally triggered by connections in the nervous system.

Downsides - Unlike other abilities, a mutation is generally a physical effect only, and a one trick pony at that. Sure, some mutations may have many applications, but they don't venture much further than that. When mutants attempt to have other powers and abilities warped into their genetic structure, the effects are usually less than desirable. People lose their minds, or their bodies, and never go back.

Rules: Pick a ability that can be conceivably be a biological mutation. Like improved skeletal structure, a gland that secretes an intense tranquilizer (That your immune to of course), or the ability to see in infrared. Unlike other abilities, when I allow you to add more, you will simply improve on this one. So basically, this power evolves.


Powers - These abilities come through cybernetic implants. These allow a user to function like a computer to some extent, attach themselves to computer networks, install technology into their own bodies, and harbor and interact with AI.

Downsides - First of all, implants need to be directly installed into a user's body before they can be used. Also, using them can possibly damage one's mind. All that information, not to mention AI's, can flow freely through the user's brain, and that can spell disaster if not check properly. Losing one's mind to the system is always a dangerous outcome.

Rules: Though all implants eventually tap into your brain, they are generally have some sort of access point on the user's body, generally on the arm, or reflected in the eye or something. Then basically state the general intention of the implant. This could be to harbor an AI to interact with, to store and read through incoming information, to hack computers, etc. You can add more implants, or improve others.


"Powers" - Most the abilities from this plane are very subtle. The user's mind suddenly "wakes up" and possibilities take hold. They may become phenomenally lucky or aware of their surroundings. They may find it easier to keep fit or learn things. They may be able to masterfully understand people or create complex plans…that work.

Downsides - The downsides to this are subtle, but interacting with those without these abilities generally feels odd. It feels as though you know more than them, that you have an up on them in some way. It is hard for people whose minds and bodies have adapted to a world of distrust to trust those that don't understand.

Rules: These abilities are more vague, as they are basically an additional state of mind or natural talent that you have that is extraordinary. It isn't necessarily super human, but once these abilities start to stack, it starts to seem that way. Describe a basic effect, like increased awareness or superb luck, and go from there.

Powers - Psionic power is essentially a nuclear reactor in one's head that they are trying to control and make use of. Abilities include, but not limited to, telekinesis, telepathy, clairvoyance, and psychometery. All of these abilities must be reasonably considered psychic.

Downsides - Even having these abilities can take a toll on the body. Starting with nosebleeds, and going down to multiple personalities, degradation of internal organs, and other nasty things, this raw power has a nasty price to pay.

Rules: Describe a basic form of a psychic ability. This is basically Mind Reading of some level, or basic lifting of things with telekinesis. Though you can expand your powers in one or more regions of psychic powers, being a telepath doesn't automatically give you all telepathic abilities. You just start with the basic knack for one little thing.

[i]Galactic Inter connectivity [/i]

Powers - The user is able to make use of ancient technology to travel within a given universe. Also, they may use a piece of tech that has been registered to them. This technology is lost all over its plane of origin, so new goodies may always pop up.

Downsides - Unlike other abilities, a piece of ancient tech can only be directly used by someone that it is registered too. Planeswalkers and people of that plane have been trying to figure why that is, but have yet to come up with an answer. Also, most tech has many features, most of which their users never figure out. They usually also aren't aware of how their tech works beyond basic functionality, or how to fix it.

Rules: Pick a gizmo of some sort. Pick its limits and how it works. Remember, this stuff doesn't look locale to just about anywhere, and while you can get more devices as time goes on, do remember you actually have to carry them around with you.


Powers - The user can commune with spirits of some kind. This may mean animal spirits, or the spirits of appliances, or so forth. They can ask these spirits for information or help. For all direct purposes, they function as ghosts, generally undetectable, and capable of directly affecting the real world based on their power. Despite spirits only being really active on their main plane, they are able to be interacted with on other planes if someone with these abilities is involved.

Downsides - Spirits are finicky beings. Just because you ask them too, doesn't mean that they will talk to you, or help you. Some may want something in return, some may insult you or something, and some may just not talk back. And they may just attack you. Also, spirits have natural enemies in other kinds of spirits. Your own group allegiance may put you at odds with other groups.

Rules: You automatically gain the ability to hear, speak with, and see any awakened spirits. Pick a type of spirit (Gun, Wolf, Rock, etc.) and you can wake, commune, and make deals with that kind of spirit. You can always add more groups of spirits, but when you upgrade this ability, you just get better standing with any spirits of a given group. You can go from just being some guy that can speak to them, to being someone respected, to being a recognized leader.

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