Earth 351

This is an AU based around Rob's new character concept. In short the powers of the elements can be bound to a person through an artifact specifically for that person. With these artifacts the elementals have hosted a tournament of champions for as long as recorded history. An artifact may give it's user the power of Water, Fire, Earth, Wind, or Electricity. In the past the elements have chosen only one champion per element but the stakes have grown higher and those left alive are nearly all recruited. After a decade of escalating combat the world's cities are left in rubble as the war continues. When a person is chosen by an element their artifact adapts to them and gives them the ability to bend it to their will in hopes that they will continue to fight the opposing elements. It seems the only way the war will stop is the elimination of the opposing elemental champions.

The five armies are beginning to amass for one last epic battle. The forces of Earth and Fire have struck a biref alligience to attempt to eliminate the smaller forces but have been hamstrung by guerilla attacks. Unfortunately stragglers still lay in waiting throughout most populated areas waiting to strike at potential opponents. What element would be chosen for your character? What would the artifact be that manifests? Would they decide to join the fight? Where would your character fight? All those and more are open for you to decide.


Base of operations:

Updated Bio:



Powers & Abilities:

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5 Things of Note

Name: Robert Demetri Vargas
AKA: Donny

Age: 26
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 165 lbs
Hair: Black. shaved short
Eyes: Yellow and black
Element: Fire
Artifact: The Spear.
Base of operations: The Rubble of Mexico City

Updated Bio:
When the Elemental War broke out the Third World was the first to fall. Top class heroes didn't want to abandon their cities and lives to try and maintain peace so it was up to street level heroes to protect the innocents constantly caught in the cross fire.

It was during such a trip that Donny was chosen by the Element of fire. By finding the spear shaft artifact and attaching a very powerful spearhead that he had been increasingly tempted to use Donny had his weapon. Over the next eight months he reistsed the urge to blindly attack the other elemental users in an effort to try and salvage the city but it was all for not. The governments of the world were collapsing, Stories of more artifacts being used were becoming common place, less people were around, and even less could be considered innocent. Donny still wanders the empty streets of the city every day followed by his pack of about a dozen cats.

They are his only friends and companions now. He's too paranoid to trust another champion, even of the same element. The spear's evil has made him a bit mad. The thin man has left his museum of priceless paranormal artifacts completely in order to continue to hunt for food and scraps. The past seems to be a distant memory to the man as his world has been twisted to something completely unrecognizable. He spends most days drifting throughout the city mumbling to himself trying to protect whatever disaster will come next. The urge to travel North for something important still lies in his mind just muddled by the thousands of incoherent thoughts forced into him every second by the tip of his spear.

Appearance: Donny is a bit of a madman now. He shave his own hair to escape the blistering Mexican heat but has allowed a thick black beard to grow in. He rarely showers and tends to wear the same tattered clothes until they rip. He is merely an echo of the man he could have been. He only cares about one thing, his fine crafted spear. The rich oak finish matches the Obsidian tip orf the Spear of Power perfectly. He carries it over his shoulder most days, using it to carry whatever won't fit in his backpack.

Imagine your favorite homeless guy.

Powers & Abilities:
Donny's use of various artifacts has dwindled to just one. His knowledge of the paranormal seems long forgotten. What remains is a hunter who uses the heat of his element to burn targets the moment the spear comes in contact with them. The burn of fire couples with the sting of the evil within the blade itself to cause pain on several levels.

Additional Notes:
Donny's cats still hold true that he'll break the control of the spear and return to his destiny. It's not likely.

5 Things of Note
1. Spear of Absolute Power (Spirirt damage, Piercing damage, and heat damage)
2. Madman (Makes mind reading virtually impossible)
3. Vagrant (Needs next to nothing to survive)
4. Adapted (Can traverse the ruined city with ease)
5. Burn resistance (His element has given him increased defense to it's own powers)

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