Earth 648

It's 1921 and the west has seen it all. Wars for Independence, wars for conquest. Slavery, oppression, freedom and emancipation. The unhealthy dream of glory through gold. The crystallization of a complex set of territory under the idea of a United States. Surely the world would tell tales of the legacy of this land. But here today in this, Wild West, a simple city still stands. Unaware of the grandeur of it's place in history. This little town of Demy, Washington, goes about it's regular happenings as Law continues it's struggle against crime. A man thought dead, has come back to town with a purpose. To bring the criminal infestation of his home town, to it's knees.

Spencer Smith, a man known for his reputation as an outlaw was freed from his crimes when he was "found dead" at the end of the last year. Somehow, he is back among the living this time apparently on the opposite side. He wants justice, and he wants revenge against the criminals who betrayed him and left him for dead. So the lines are being drawn in the sand. Spencer intends to build a crew or at least a following of able bodies to help him end the crime spree of the local outlaws.

So. There are two sides to this story, The Law and The Outlaws. Our characters may find themselves on either side, or no side at all. Anyone is free to join or switch sides at any point during the RP's as long as reasoning is done in character. It would be helpful to note your character's allegiance as it would be when our story begins.

Law - Fighting against the Outlaws.
Outlaw - Fighting for themselves and against Law
Neutral - No preference.

There are a number of roles to fill as this town of Demy is a self-sustaining network of different people with different roles to fill. Which mean's we don't all need to play rough and tough cowboys, as Barkeeps, Doctors, Inventors, Merchant's, Railroad Workers and Horse Attendants are needed as well. Some of us could be wealthy investors from the big city, or anything you can think of. Just remember the setting is at the "end" of the wild west period.

Most importantly, I think it would be great if our characters in some way retained an aspect of their powers. While no one should have "super powers", it would be cool to see how elements of our superhero powers can manifest themselves in a powerless, western setting. For example, I am using Spencer as "A dead man back for revenge", so *Spoilers* he never actually dies here, but he's thought to have been killed and was indeed left for dead but managed to survive. So now he has a sort of "boogie man" element as people might think him a ghost, or be disturbed by his presence.

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