Dimensional Reality Code: 667

Dufrick Variant Rating:3.7-5.0

Key Features: Close linearity with Earth-808 until 1939 - a cross dimensional contamination created an ever-propagating variant that has been further influenced by others. Metahumans and other Supernatural or Outsider creatures non-existent - patron gods 99.23% silent.

The History of Earth-667


Days of Judgement

Apocalypse and Resistance

Fallout and Rebuilding

Current Sketch [PFB3]

Excerpt from Mael'Koth

Some 60 years ago, during World War II in another dimension of Earth, something went wrong. A star fell from the sky, and a God arrived. This God set about purging the unclean, and he was worshiped. Statues were built in his image, and then wars fought in his name.

Upon his arrival in New Rome (what we call New York), Mael'Koth quickly promised an end to war and famine, all the negatives of the world, if people would only believe in him…

While still establishing his power base, Mael'Koth spread his Sin Eaters about the world, collecting the 'unclean' he said, which was more of an excuse to purge any non-believers then anything.

He attempted his first power ritual many decades later, attempting to consolidate all the new souls within him, but due to interference from the Academy during the first Pushing Forward Back, his plans were thwarted and the souls rose against him instead.

At the beginning of Pushing Forward Back 2, Mael'Koth has pushed his forces from the east coast to the west coast, annihilating all who oppose him. The last bastion of human power centered in the City of Silver Feathers (San Francisco) has been organized into the Resistance, but without the help of the heroes their efforts to destroy the GodKing still might fail…

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