Earth 843

The idea of the Costume-Verse is as classic as any tale of heroics can be. This is as much a "What If" as an alternate Universe. In this world the need for secret identities and costumed heroics still outweighs the realistic paths many of our students are bound to travel. Upon coming of age our characters have graduated the Academy and began to replace the older generation of masked crimefighters across the world. The Nefarious supervillians of this world have near endless supplies of goons to knock out and death rays to destroy.

After picking a city to defend and an enemy to fight the only reasonable thing to do is get a costume made up and fight hard enough to be offered a spot on the Globe Guardians. The Guardians senior members constantly watch the Earth from their Moon Base and want to know will you be a symbol for peace? a caped Nightmare? a Wisecracking acrobat?

In this world your hero has come of age and is protecting the world the most flashy way possible. So it's time to choose, Where will they operate out of? How will their powers have changed? What's their codename and their costume? Are they on good terms with their predecessor? Are they on course to be invited into the Guardians? It's your turn to pull up the tights, lace up your boots, don your mask, and start knocking out henchmen!

((Due to characters aging, Players are allowed to "evolve" their character in any way they see fit. Its time to see what'd we'd be like in a world where capes are still common practice. this is no set time in the future, your character can be any age and at any point in their heroic career.))

[color=#6495ED]Real Name[/color]: Bob Vargas
[color=#6495ED]AKA:[/color] The Sand Witch

[color=#6495ED]Age:[/color] 25
[color=#6495ED]Ethnicity[/color]: Caucasian (French-Israeli Heritage)
[color=#6495ED]Height:[/color] 6'2"
[color=#6495ED]Weight:[/color] 191 lbs
[color=#6495ED]Hair: [/color]Dyed Blonde Cut short
[color=#6495ED]Eyes: [/color]Black, with a flicker of silver

[color=#6495ED]Base of Operations:[/color] Miami, Florida
[color=#6495ED]Replacing:[/color] Manta Ray (The two don't get along very well)

[color=#6495ED]Becoming The Sand Witch: [/color]
After Graduating from the Academy and nearly dying 127,000 times, Donny needed a break. He needed a place where vampires wouldn't be biting, Dark Gods wouldn't be attacking, and there was a steady supply of dumb girls. So short vacation to the beaches of Miami, Florida turned into a few weeks, which turned into him finding an apartment close to the beach so he'd never have to leave.

He moved his sizable stash of artifacts South and the boy found a job as a security guard at the local museum. Over time the boy began to return to his old potions just to keep his mind active and stave off the Man in Black. But his quiet life of beach parties and bikinis wouldn't last, when the city was attacked by an Atlantean madman while Manta Ray was away fighting for the Globe Guardians Donny knew he'd have to help as many people as he could. Donning a shoddy Costume made from his wetsuit and a scuba mask the boy fought valiantly to turn back the attacker then was celebrated as he helped civilians out of the rubble their battle had caused.

As Fear that Manta Ray would be gone more often due to his duties with the Guardians the local news media pounded the citizens of Miami into an uproar for the mysterious young hero to return. After coming up with a clever name Donny Vargas went through dozens of terrible costumes before he ever punched a henchmen. During his extended trial and error period the boy came home one night to find a visitor in his apartment. Standing in front of him was the Globe Guardians reserve member and team costumer The Seem Mistress and with her a costume for the young man. Before he could ask how she had got into his small apartment he was wearing a costume made specially for him with one special exception.

With her, the elder heroine brought the helmet of the Wind Witch (a magical hero from Chicago who served the Guardians for years and a powerful mage). Only minutes into their patrol the Mistress explained that the Wind Witch was killed only hours ago but the public could never know that. Donny was chosen as a replacement by the Guardians to adapt the persona and tweak it to his liking if he agreed to follow their rules. From that night on Bob Vargas has fought as the Sand Witch and the public believed that two members of the Globe Guardians watched over them at all times. Afterall everyone knew that Manta Ray and the Wind Witch were best of chums.

As he is only a reserve member the Sand Witch is often skipped over for important missions where Manta Ray would be needed but has excelled in Miami enough for Ray to dislike the younger hero. Ray was a friend of the real Witch and has no interest in losing the love of his city to a shoddy replacement.

[color=#6495ED]Costumed Appearance: [/color]
The Sand Witch wears the same magical Silver Helmet that he had as the Wind Witch (The helmet itself gives the user increased reaction time and flight) but has changed much of his outfit since moving to Florida. Under his bulletproof Crimson cloak the hero wears a mysterious Chestplate (The Templer's Chestplate) over his charcoal tights with white trim. On the back of his silver belt, hidden by his cape, is a special bag that the hero carries a near limitless supply of artifacts with him. The Sand Witch wears matching boots and gloves that are the same color as his cape. The fabric of his tights perfectly conceals the talismens and necklaces that Donny still wears.

Bob (As he has gone by since being called such by Manta Ray) understands he's extremely lucky to be chosen as a member of the Globe Guardians at such a young age but the fact that he is a mere replacement to one of their fallen and a back up to one of the Guardians' big Guns weighs heavy on the boy. Since he is still new to the Guardians he wouldn't dare speak his mind at their meetings and follows orders when given. The pressures of Costumed heroics do not weigh heavy on him yet as he truly loves Miami and its citizens. Whenever he gets a moment he is back on the beach revelling in his perfect tan being as carefree as possible. While operating as the Sand Witch he must remember that his predecessor rarely spoke to the press and was known to be stoic. As he operates as the Sand Witch every day and night the boy sits at home doodling a new costumed persona "The American Witch"

[color=#6495ED]Powers & Abilities[/color]:
Mainly using the Wind Witch helmet to fly and the Templar's chestpiece to take damage the Sand Witch has been known to cast spells of fire from his hands and conjure (In reality pulling them from the bag on his belt) a variety of artifacts he uses to fight. Bob Vargas received extensive fighting training from Manta Ray (At the trainer's personal disgust) and can fight well against even a large number of opponents.

[color=#6495ED]Donny's Things of Note[/color]
1. Only select members of the Globe Guardians know the Sand Witch is a replacement
2. Bob has stopped hunting individual vampires and now fights larger (More public) threats
3. The Sand Witch is known to be seen hovering over the coastline staring out over the water
4. His identity as the Sand Witch is so secret he doesn't even keep the costume at home
5. The Sand Witch gained further notariety when teaming with Manta Ray to finally defeat Ray's Archnemesis

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