Earth 928

[SIZE=7][u][b]The Story[/b][/u][/SIZE]

There have always been legends of strange monsters and mysterious creatures that exist beyond the mortal world. Urban legends, fairytales and the stories of madmen…for the most part.

Behind the mortal world exists the many realms of Arcadia, home of the True Fae, mythical, godlike beings with the maturity of children and the morals of a serial killer. These Fae grow bored and apathetic in their ever changing worlds, so to amuse themselves, they sometimes take on assistants.

The fae ventures into the mortal world and snatches up a mortal who interests them and takes them back to their part of Arcadia. At first it seems beautiful but it never lasts; the mortal is forced into cruel servitude. They could be lit on fire to serve as a living torch, starved and beaten before being forced to devour the dead, locked in isolation and made to toil endlessly in a workshop, or turned into a deer and used for hunting.

Whatever the mortal was taken for, it is never kind and never intended to end. But ever now and then, one will escape and flee Arcadia, making their way through the cruel labyrinth of the Hedge and finally returning to the mortal world years later.

But returning to their old life is never easy. These mortals have been permanently changed by their time in Arcadia, making them less than human. They find their body's and their faces warped by their purpose and must constantly act to keep their 'mask' (an illusion of being human) in place. Not only that, but many have been replaced by a replica called a fetch, made by the fae that stole them. They come back to find an imposter having lived their life.

Not only is their the issues of their old life, but there are the ever looming threats that the Fae will return to try and take them away and the problems with keeping ones sanity after having endured their time in Arcadia.

Many of these changed mortals find each other and band together, forming courts and societies just so they can come to terms with what's happened to them. These, are the Changelings.

[SIZE=7][u][b]The Rules[/b][/u][/SIZE]

All changelings must choose a seeming, this covers the broad type of Changeling you have become, mostly based on what your time in Arcadia dealt with.

[b]Beast [/b]- Those who were turned into animals for the pleasure of their Fae, they could have become hunting hounds or a rhino in a zoo, maybe even just a fly on the wall. All show signs of their animal in both their true form and mask.
[b]Darkling[/b] - Those that were taken in the night by dark and mysterious fae, they were used in graves, dark tunnels and ancient castles that never see light. All are less 'real' in some way and fear the light of the sun.
Elemental[/b] - Those who were turned into a raw element, being used as a candle, a stone in the garden or metal gears in a clock. They are all in tune with their elemental, often marking their body.
Fairest[/b] - Those used for social affairs, they could have been used as living artwork or performers in a twisted circus. All are beautiful in some unnatural way but often with a darker side lurking underneath.
[b]Ogre[/b] - Large beasts often used for violence, they may have been a gladiator or a huge guardian, blocking paths or living under bridges to kill all who pass. They are all larger in some way and prone to agression.
Wizened[/b] - These were used for labour and servitude, ranging from servants to cooks to craftsmen. Many have become smaller or less real in some way and often resemble gnomes, goblins and kobolds of myth.

A kith is a subset of one's seeming, often further defining them from the others of their kind. This is optional.

[b]Beast Kiths[/b]
[b]Broadback: [/b]Changelings who are attuned to animals that are renowned for their endurance or stubborness, such as camels, elephants, horses, mules, goats and the like.
[b]Cleareyes:[/b] Changelings attuned to creatures known for keen senses.
[b]Coldscales:[/b] Emotionless Changelings with an affinity for reptiles.
[b]Hunterheart:[/b] Often, but not always, those changelings who have something of the predator about them: wolves, bears, cats, crocodiles, snakes, and birds of prey.
[b]Rot Eaters:[/b] Changelings who feed off of garbage and other products of decay.
[b]Riddleseeker:[/b] Changelings who are noted for especial wisdom or cunning
[b]Runnerswift:[/b] Changelings who move like the wind, reflecting hares, rabbits, antelopes and the like.
[b]Skitterskulk: [/b]Changelings who have an affinity with flies, spiders, beetles, centipedes, and other creepy crawlies.
[b]Steepscrambler:[/b] Changeling who are at home in high places, and who are attuned to such animals as monkeys, raccoons, squirrels, some insects and some lizards.
[b]Swimmerskin:[/b] Changelings who draw affinities with aquatic or amphibious creatures: seals, otters, ducks, salmon, and the like.
[b]True Friends: [/b]Changelings with an affinity to animals kept as pets.
[b]Venombite: [/b]Changelings who have an affinity with poisonous creatures, such as spiders and insects or certain reptiles.
[b]Windwing: [/b]Changelings who are not confined to the earth, with their hearts in the skies, drawing affinity with birds, butterflies and bats.

[b]Darkling Kiths[/b]
[b]Antiquarian[/b]: Those Darklings who surround themselves with dusty tomes of lore and the artifacts of long-dead lands and peoples.
[b]Gravewight:[/b] Cold-skined Darklings who draw comfort from the consorting with the dead, both restless and in repose.
[b]Leechfinger:[/b] The faeries who steal life from humans, grain by grain, drop by drop, with just a touch.
[b]Lurk Glider: [/b]Changelings which glide through the night skies, like the Mothman.
[b]Mirrorskin: [/b]Darklings who hide in plain sight from humankind, able to assume any appearance at whim. Their bones are malleable and their faces flow like quicksilver.
[b]Moonborn: [/b]Changelings attuned to madness.
[b]Nightsinger:[/b] Changelings who can produce hypnotic songs.
[b]Palewraith:[/b] Changelings who hide in the shadows.
[b]Razorhand:[/b] Changelings who can transform their hands to sharp knives.
[b]Tunnelgrub:[/b] Those of the Darkling faeries who slide and slither through tunnels and sewers and chimneys, the better to do terrible things in the night.
[b]Whisperwisp:[/b] Changeling who listen silently from the darkness.

[b]Elemental Kiths[/b]
[b]Airtouched: [/b]the Elementals of wind, cloud, smoke, and sky, who can be as healthy as a fresh breeze or as pestilent as the miasma that surrounds the dead.
[b]Blightbent:[/b] Elementals of pollution and toxic chemicals
[b]Earthbones:[/b] Changelings who have the mark of earth and stone: lumpen Paracelsian Gnomes, sand spirits, dour men of peat and dwarfs made of mountain granite.
[b]Fireheart:[/b] Elementals marked with fire, heat or electricity.
[b]Levenquick:[/b] Elementals of lightning and electricity.
[b]Manikin:[/b] Changelings who have the character of man-made objects, such as caryatids, mannequins, and other, stranger things, such as enchanted beings powered by clockwork or steam or living bodies made of mercury or glass.
[b]Metalflesh:[/b] Metal elementals.
[b]Sandharrowed: [/b]Changelings of sand.
[b]Snowskin: [/b]The Children of the cold, who can be as powerful as the Arctic ice or as delicate as a snowflake.
[b]Waterborn:[/b] Changelings who are imbued with the nature of the waters, soft and brutal, gentle and mighty: undines and nymphs and man-eating river demons.
[b]Woodblood: [/b]The children of the plants: Green Men, flower faeries, spirits of mandrake, rose, thorns and all manner of medicinal herbs fair and foul.

[b]Fairest Kiths[/b]
[b]Bright One: [/b]changelings who came from light; will-o'-the-wisps, bright elves. White Ladies and other beings of light and fire and ice from all over the world.
[b]Dancer:[/b] Those among the Fairest blessed of particular agility and grace, for whom motion is itself beauty and art. Whether entertainer, courtesan, artist or murderer, the Dancer is happiest when moving to the sound of her own rhythm.
[b]Draconic: [/b]Changelings who bear within them the blood of dragons or other Great Beasts of Faerie, including celestial bureaucrats and tithe-payers to Satan alike. Haughty and possessing a robust physicality.
[b]Flamesiren: [/b]Changelings born of the beauty of fire.
[b]Flowering:[/b] Flowers blossom on bare earth where these changelings have stood (although they take months to appear in the human world, rather than seconds as they did in Faerie). Their skin is soft like the petal of a rose or a chrysanthemum and bright with a bloom of health.
[b]Larcenist:[/b] Changelings with an natural affinity to pilfer and plunder
[b]Minstrel: [/b]Musicians apt at working their trade
[b]Muse:[/b] Their beauty inspires the arts. Whether a Romanesque beauty, a sedate and delicate daughter of the Heavenly Ministry, a grotesquely beautiful masqeur garbed in tatters, or a Dark Lady who drives her beloved to destruction, the Muse inspires the creation of things of beauty and honor and love and fear.
[b]Polychromatic: [/b]Fairest imbued with the power of the rainbow.
[b]Playmate:[/b] Fairest who are good at working together with others
[b]Romancer:[/b] Changelings who have become romanticized versions of what they once where
[b]Shadowsoul: [/b]The chosen handmaidens and servants of the night, they are the antithesis of the Bright Ones and distant cousins to the Darklings.
[b]Telluric: [/b]Celestial Fairest who always know what time it is.
[b]Treasured:[/b] Fairest who were literally used as display pieces, spending their durance as statues or similar items.

[b]Ogre Kiths[/b]
[b]Bloodbrute:[/b] Pit fighters and gladiators, adept at improvised weaponry.
[b]Corpsegrinder:[/b] Eaters of dead flesh.
[b]Cyclopean: [/b]The Cyclopeans are like the ancient hunters and herdsmen of legend who sought men for their cooking pots: changelings who resembles Cyclops of Orchaic Greece, the one-legged Fachan of Scots legend, the three-eyed oni of Japan, the elephant-eared rakshas of India or the wind-borne footless Wendigo of North America. Although many are crippled in some way, they have profound senses to make up for it.
[b]Farwalker:[/b] Changelings who resembles the abominable men of mystery, the possibly savage hairy creatures of the wilds whose existence straddles the divide between folklore and cryptozoology: the Sasquatch, the yeti, the Russian Alma, the Australian yowie and dozens of other wild men.
[b]Gargantuan:[/b] Captures by giants, these changelings had to grow to a greater stature, perhaps being stretched on racks or forced to drink noxious potions. As humans, they appear less freakish.
[b]Gristlegrinder: [/b]Man-eaters and gluttons, taking their cue from the English Black Annis, Scottish Red-Caps, or the Rakshas of India/
[b]Render: [/b]Changelings who destroy things with their terrible strength.
[b]Stonebones: [/b]Changelings who resemble the rocky giants of folklore, Nordic trolls, Native American mountain spirits and the like.
[b]Water-Dweller: [/b]Changelings who resemble the legendary water-demons of many cultures, from life-demanding river spirits through to the trolls of coastal caves and under-bridge shadows.
[b]Witchtooth: [/b]Old hags of legend.

[b]Wizened Kiths[/b]
[b]Artist: [/b]The Wizened who create startling works of art and craft: seamsters, sculptors, painters and builders.
[b]Author: [/b]Wizened who are adept at the written word.
[b]Brewer:[/b] Changelings who spent their durance in Faerie learning how to create mind-bendingly potent drinks or peculiar alchemies. Due to long exposure and gradual immunity, a Brewer gains resistance to poisons or intoxication.
[b]Chatelaine:[/b] Preternaturally skilled manservants, organizers and house-managers.
[b]Chirurgeon:[/b] Changelings who master surgery and pharmacy, sometimes from altruism, and sometimes simply because they can, ranging from scary back-street surgeons to strangely alien experimenters.
[b]Drudge:[/b] Brownies and housekeepers.
[b]Gameplayer:[/b] Adept at riddles and games.
[b]Miner: [/b]Kobolds and other tunneling sorts.
[b]Oracle:[/b] Changelings who, like many imps and goblins, can, in a limited way, see the future.
[b]Smith:[/b] Changelings who were forced to labor under the watchful eye of the most unimpeachable faerie blacksmiths, tinkers and toolmakers.
[b]Soldier:[/b] Members of the vast goblin hosts of the Fae, the Soldiers fought strange, inconclusive battles and now find the fighting comes easier to them.
[b]Woodwalker: [/b]The Wizened who, like their captors, live within and protect the wilds, sometimes jealously, sometimes violently.

Changelings can also choose to be part of a court. These courts determine just how they try and live their lives after escaping as well as what season they are strongest in and the emotions they feel most strongly.

[b]Spring - The Emerald Court[/b]
Those who reject the pain and sorrow they suffered, prefering to move on and forget the horrors. They live life to fullest while the can, feeling the powers of life, joy and desire. Many can learn powers over desire and life/healing.
[b]Summer - The Crimson Court [/b]
Those who would fight back and prepare for war, they ready themselves to battle the Fae and their minions should they ever come back. They are warriors and defenders, feeling the power of wrath and honor. Many can learn powers of war and agression.
[b]Autumn - The Ashen Court[/b]
Those who would learn from the Fae and their captivity, they plan to use their own power and knowledge against them when the time comes. They feel attuned with knowledge but also fear. Many can learn powers dealing with mystery, the dark arts and controlling fear.
[b]Winter - The Onyx Court[/b]
Those who would rather hide and forget what happened, never wanting to go back to Arcadia. They feel sorrow and want to stay out of sight, often gaining powers dealing with isolation and dispair.

[u][b]Character Guidlines[/b][/u]
[b]Name:[/b] Obvious
[b]Age:[/b] Again, obvious
[b]Seeming:[/b] Their seeming choice
[b]Kith: [/b]Their kith choice if they have one
[b]Court:[/b] The court the belong to

[b]Appearance Mask:[/b] How they appear to mortals, usually it looks human but with a few odd features (like an Elephant changeling would have big ears and a big nose but still look human).
[b]Appearance Mein: [/b]How the changeling really looks, determined by their seeming/kith.

[b]Background:[/b] A story detailing their life before and during arcadia and how they escaped, ending with how they live life now in their courts

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