Earth 939

Brief Synopsis

Lately I've been reading a series of book called The Leviathan Trilogy (although the third book isn't out yet and it's driving me nuts) and it mainly deals with an alternate reality with vastly different technology and set during World War 1. Given that they books focus on characters around the same age as the Academy students, it just seemed like I should write and AU about it (also partly making up for me seemingly being unable to make a single damn post in DoD).


It is the cusp of World War I, and all the European Powers are arming up. The Austro-Hungarians and Germans (Clankers) use Kerosene-driven iron machines loaded with guns and ammunition. The British (Darwinists) employ fabricated animals as their weaponry (genetically engineered animals used for everything from labor to weapons).

The world is falling into a state of chaos as alliances are formed and broken, war will break out any day and when it does come, it will not end well. The Clanker's oil their great machines while the Darwinists feed and groom their gigantic fabricants in preperation while both side scramble to gain the favour of the still neutral regions of the world.

So with a war on the horizon, it's all a matter of which side you want to be on?


Clankers - The 'old world' technology. Clanker tech is the iconic image of steampunk, huge steam and kerosene powered machines using massive engines and gears to move huge iron constructs while bleching smoke into the air.

Their decives use massive treads or huge mechanical legs, thick plates of heavy iron and massve mounted machine guns and cannons. Their machines range from the smallest 'centaur' scouts that resemble motorcycles with legs, to the 'cylcop' bipedal walking tanks, all the up to the famous 'hercules' eight legged walking aircraft carrier.

They are also famous for their use of zepplins and dozens of electrical devices, the most commonly used being wireless communication devices and electric lights.

Dawrinist - The 'new world' technology founded by Charles Darwin. Darwinist 'tech' is a curious blend of genetic engineering used by manipulating the lifethreads of various animals to creat entire new species. In favour of technology they ue fabricated animals for almost everything from transport to communiction to even household lights.

They use animals such as massive "elephantines" to pull carriages and trackless trains, with huge "lupines" and "lionesque" beasts for warfare all the way down to tiny 'messenger lizards' that can memorize and mimic human speech. There are even more bizare creatures such as the gigant hydrogen filled jellyfish called "huxelys", the navel warship 'krakens' and the truely gigantic flying whales such as the inconic 'leviathan'.

While their technology is clean and reliable with it's own intelligence and logic, it certainly does raise numerous moral and ethical questions.


Africa - Darwinist but occasionally uses leftover Clanker Tech.

America - Clanker but occasionally uses Darwinist fabricants. Still neutral in the war.

Australia - Darwinist.

Austria-Hungary - Clanker, second only to Germany.

Britain - 100% pure Darwinist as well as being it's founder.

Bulgaria – Clanker

Canada - Newely Darwinist, still some remnants of Clanker.

China - Originally Clanker but in the process of turning to Darwinists, still neutral in the war.

France - Darwinist.

Germany - 100% pure Clanker as well as the leader of all Clanker regions.

Italy - Pure neutral but favouring Clanker tech. They usually distrust the 'godless' Darwinists. Still neutral in the war.

Japan - Darwinist

Ottoman Empire - A unique group fo Clanker's who use custom machines designed to resemble animals and mythical beings as well as being designed to be as elegant and fancy as possible. Still neutral in the war with both sides constantly trying to win them over.
Russia - Darwinist with a focus on making massive 'war bears'.

Spain - Pure neutral but favouring Darwinist fabricants. Still neutral in the war.

Character Creation

Name: Obvious
Age: Again obvious, also remember people can join the military at the age of 16 at this time period.
Height: Duh
Weight: Duh again
Country of Origin: The country your character is originally from, this could dractically affect they way they see the war. Eg, someone born in a Clanker region but joining the Darwinists would cause some moral difficulties for them.
Faction: The faction/region they are currently part of.
Militray Position: Whether they are navy, army or airforce. Or civillian if they are refusing to join.
Background: A retelling of their life leading up to the war.
Personality: General personality along with the way they veiw the whole Clanker VS Darwin mentality and moral issues.
Tech/Fabs: What sort of devices you're character commonly uses/fabricants they usually work with. Feel free to make up neat steampunk devices and weapons for Clankers and unusual hybrid animals for Darwins (heck, one of the most common creatures are hydrogen sniffers, which are dogs with two snouts and six, spider like legs that are trained to sniff hydrogen leaks).

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