Elijah Fennis
I don't do dead chicks...anymore
I don't do dead chicks…anymore
Elijah Fennis
Personal Data
Real Name: Elijah Fennis
Known Aliases: Castoff, Boiled Bunny (Insulting Term)
Age: 21/30
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 59kg
Hair Colour: {$hair}
Eye Colour: {$eyes}
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: {$birthplace}
Base of Operations: {$hometown}
Known Relatives: {$relatives}
Known Powers
Dominion of Blood


Elijah never asked to be vampire, but that never stopped his sire from turning him. Now he's on the run from his freakishly possessing sire and spends 90% of his time hiding out in the Goetia Bar and selling information in exchange for blood.


For most of his life, Elijah never really did much of anything; he was average in school, un-popular but still had friends, never got in trouble but never did anything of note, he just never stood out in any real way. He himself even noticed this and tried to do something more with his life from time to time, not that it ever panned out.

But his life started to take a real, legitimate change when he started working at an Animal Shelter. Admittedly he spent most of his time cleaning changes and taking note of the animals that came in but at least it was something and he liked it for the most part.

It all changed the day she came in though, Cybele, the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen walked through the doors looking to adopt a puppy from the shelter; she left with the puppy of her choice and Elijah even did all the vacinations for free. Ever week, roughly around 8:30pm, not long before the shelter closed, she would show up and just talk to Elijah; needless to say, he was smitten.

After two months of this 'courting' he was walking home when he saw an old house on fire and heard her screams from inside. Throwing away all logic, he ran inside and found her, dragging her out to save her and burned his own arms in proccess. He lay her down on the grass outside her burning house and lent down to give her CPR, and she bit a chunk out of the side of his neck.

He woke up two nights later to find himself in a dead, yet still moving body. Cybele was a vampire of the Hamia Clan and had turned him in a fit of passion. She told him about her condition and how her human father was still alive and had been hunting her for years, he even burned down her house and she only survived thanks to Elijah.

Reluctant and some what bitter, he still decided to stand by her and help her through it all. She trained him and taught him how to hunt and control the blood that flows through his undead veins. It wasn't the best situation in the world, but it wasn't the worst…the story of his life really.

Though it all took a turn for the worst when he found Cybele's scrapbook, esspecially when he saw all the pictures she had of him. Hundreds of photos from before he met her, his highschool life, spending time at work, even sleeping in his own bed, she'd been watching him his entire life. When he confronted her on it, she revealed she saw him once, years ago and knew she had to be with him, she bought that house specifically because it was between his house and work, she only adopted to puppy to talk to him, and she'd even killed her mortal father 10 years ago and explained how she burned her own house down so that he would save her and she could change him; she wanted them to be together forever and ever.

Needless to say, he freaked and tried to leave. But no matter where he went she would find him, and the punishment for leaving her got worse and worse each time; it started with handcuffing him in her haven and yelled at him, then it went moved on to cutting, and finger mutilation, she even left him facing an open window to let him know just how serious it was that they should stay together. So he played along, hoping to live to the next day.

By pure random chance, he saw several people entering a door and simply vanishing, so he followed them, hoping he could just vanish like they did. It worked, mostly, he found himself standing in the lobby of the Goetia Bar with Tammuz staring down at him. He didn't know just where he was but he did know that Cybele didn't know where he was and that was good enough; the Goetia Bar would be his new home, away from the blood sucking bunny boiler.

Powers & Abilities


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