Eric Elders
Eric Elders
Personal Data
Real Name: Dr. Eric Daniel Elders
Known Aliases: The Messiah
Age: 27
Height: 6'1
Weight: 177
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Black
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Washington, D.C.
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
Known Relatives: Reginald Elders (Brother)
Mr. & Mrs. Elders (Parents; deceased politicians)
Known Powers
Chemical Manipulation


Potentially the most powerful mutant to currently exist and only potentially because there may be other mutants like him that are not exposed as such. The degree in which he has mutated is uncommon. His nervous system and all other bodily systems linked to it have evolved to a superhuman degree. Not much can be said about Dr. Elders from the Academy's prospective, as they have all yet to learn of his existence as an enemy. Off the radar, his laid plans pose the greatest threat to the Academy as an institution, but worse the world as well. He is a powerful new enemy, just on the horizon, but quickly approaching. What happens after they meet this powerful enemy cannot be predicted but it is surely a foe they cannot approach alone.


Son of politicians. Parents were mutant and as such had pro mutant stances in politics. Assassinated as father was about to take a presidential seat. Grew in care of brother, also a strong mutant. Developed strong mutations, a genius, and began to explore and embrace vast powers.

Personality and Appearance

Quiet, not a leader, Analytical, Well intentioned, Idealistic,

Powers and Abilities

Eric can manifest chemical reactions on an atomic scale of control. His abilities are unbelievable and can and have been applied countless ways. He has also ascended to a mental level incomparable to that of a human and as such has a deadly intelligence behind a deadly power. His most proficient use of this power is an advanced form of biokinesis but it does not end there. Aidan's powers are purely biological, he was born with them and slowly after birth they developed themselves. At first it was internal, a biological rapid adaption of shaping his mind to better suit his powers, it then developed slowly to the state it is in now.

Superhuman Brain- In reality, his brain isn't 'human' to begin with. Eric's entire nervous system has evolved to be a lot more complex than that found in any living organism. This was a very necessary mutation to allow him to use his powers which at their level a human brain is not compatible. To illustrate this, if a human brain would be equivalent to a Harvard Mark-1' the super-developed brain that Eric has would be one of the computers of today with their groundbreaking processors. The wiring of this brain is very efficient and complex. His brain is no smaller either, offering plenty of storage space.

- Fast processing of thoughts and execuion of action.

- Resistance to sluggishness, and a bit resistant to the effects of alcohol and the like.

- Psionic defenses.

- His Brain is also capable of true multitasking. The multitasking human is not able to actually multitask but to swutch their focus rapidly beteen tasks. There cerebral cortex is one track in a way. Within Eric's brain there are three different points of focus, allowing him to literally split his attention three ways. One part can be figuring difficult equations as another holds a phone conversation with a philosophy professor and the third is being used to write a thesis paper.

- His memory is enhanced and does not need sleep to properly store knowledge. The sleeping process can be avoided all through chemical process. his memory is photographic.

Cerebral Manipulations- Eric's most practiced use of his power, Eric uses his abilities to manipulate the bodies of living organisms whose bodies are all composed of and controlled by chemicals. The human brain controls everything. Their breathing, the pumping of the heart, speaking, and wiggling your toes are all controlled by bio-electrical signals, chemical reactions, sent from the brain though the nerves. HE can effectively blind, deafen, numb, cripple, paralyze, disorient, put to sleep, retard, asphyxiate, induce sickness on, regulate temperature of, regulate PH of, stop heart of, (and the list goes on) any living organism. There has been more than one occasion where entire rooms of enemies of Eric have dropped like flies the moment he saw them as a threat to his safety.

- Control bodily functions and affect behavior.

- Release or suppression of body's hormones and stimulants. Adrenaline, testosterone.

- *Chemical Surgery* With his vast abilities in chemistry and manipulating the chemicals of the body, Eric has developed the ability to completely change someone's appearance in a real, non illusionary, way without having to alter the DNA… Though that is technically possible as well. For instance a person can become hairier through an increase of testosterone, a formation of bone can take place just as it does when a limb is broken, he can change the color of the eyes chemically without harm to the body, make hair thinner and straighteror thicker and curly. Eric can affect the pigmentation of skin, and it goes on. Usually he makes these changes gradually over the expance of time so that no shock or damage is done to the body.

Perfect Specimen- As a result of his powers, Eric was able to mold his body into that of the perfect athlete. His strength, speed, durability, endurance, agility, and perception were all enhanced to an Olympic level. The absolute limitations of a human person. He was able to do so quickly and his knowledge of what the body needs and how it works to reach this perfection has allowed it.

Molecular Construction- As part of his power, Eric can temporarily break down substances to their most basic elements then encourage particular reactions or formations of new molecules. In essence, a form of alchemy. An example is that after feeding you a sandwich, he can break the ham cheese and lettuce to the various elements that it is composed of to make a chemical compound that would induce violent vomiting. He can also, therefore, create water 'out of thin air' by merging the hydrogen and oxygen atoms himself. He can set fires through concentration, and do many more things.

Familiarity- And yet another ability is Eric's ability to 'read' a persons biology. He can interpret chemical signals of their brain to discover many things about them. He could tell before they do if they are ill, or even if they are mutants. In the case of latent mutation or dormant genes, he is even capable of bringing those out forcibly, making a person a mutant. He has had his abilities for many years, as such he recognizes just about any pattern there is. He therefore can identify a mage or a mutant by but a glance of this special sensory. He also knows what parts of the brain control said power and can therefore effectively suppress them to the point of being non-threatening.

Damned Smart- Finally, the guy just knows stuff. He's been studying chemistry and biology just to augment use of his powers. He knows what the body needs and therefore knows how best to help it if it is injured, able to predict exactly how long a person will recover from an injury to the hour and even capable of offering methods that would help healing in such precise degrees. He knows how certain chemical reactions affect certain parts of the body and what elements affects what where.


Left out until his RP expires. Until then, the students can only learn the hard way,

Average Combat Capacity Achievement Chart
The Messiah
Perception: Perception; the senses and understanding of them.
Agility and Reflex: Agility; athleticism and over all dexterity.
Pain Threshold: Pain Threshold; the amount of damage one can take, willpower, and vulnerability.
Lifting Strength: Lifting Strength; weight able to be lifted and sustained above head.
Running Speed: Speed; the distance covered within a limit of time.
Martial Proficiency: Martial Proficiency; the level of training and skill in melee combat.
Energy Projection: Energy Projection; the measure of how far energy can be expended.
Logic and Learning: Logic and Learning; the ability to reason and/ or grasp new concepts. Not based on knowledge/ education.
Charm: Charm; the ability to gain another's favor or influence them.
REC Room Evaluation
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