Erik Lancer

Former Name: Erik Peterson
Current Name: Erik Lancer
Codename: Exo/Reaper
Age: 16
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 6'0”
Weight: 153lbs
Hair: White, dyed black
Eyes: Green
Build: Toned, Athletic
Motto: "Justice is as cold as death…and the Reaper always comes calling when you don't expect him."

Detroit - One year ago
Erik opened the door of the boxcar bathing himself in the harsh sunlight. Shielding his eyes he looked around. So this is it huh? Somehow I thought it'd be…different or something. Erik jumped from the moving train, landing in a roll on the grass next to the tracks. The hood of his grey hoodie fell back, revealing his thick mop of black hair, unkempt and unruley. His green eyes scanned his surroundings, making sure he hadn't been seen.

Erik pulled up his hood, hiding his face. His clothes were dirty from the trip and the fact that he hadn't changed them since his father kicked him out five months ago. The ocasional rain kept him from stinking, but the stains of his rough existance remained. He'd been living in the slums mostly, finding whatever scraps of food he could and trying to find whatever odd jobs people were willing to give him. He was a hard worker, he didn't want handouts, he just wanted to survive.

He stuck his hands into the long leather jacket that he wore over his hoodie. It had been a present from his sister, who'd spent her piggy bank money on it at the Goodwill for him couple years back. She was almost 10 now, he worried if she'd receive the same fate as he. His family had never had it easy like the other kids at school. His dad often pulled double shifts at work just to keep food on the table. When he wasn't working, he was either sleeping or on the couch drinking. Erik had liked it when his dad was sleeping. Erik's scars had since healed, well all the physical ones anyways, save the faded scar on his right cheek, just below his eye. He still remembered each blow as his father beat him, and the broken Whiskey bottle that almost gouged out his eye. When his father got mad, and especially if he'd been drinking, whoever was closest got beat. Sometimes the closest person was Valerie, his sister. Sometimes it was his mother or his brother. Erik stood in front of them each time, taking each blow without a word. No one messed with his family and especially not his sister.

He often wondered what happened now that he wasn't there. His mother would tell him everything was alright, but Erik wasn't stupid. Erik still saw her on occasion to give her whatever little he made under the table from his odd jobs. The factory had cut back, meaning his father couldn't work doubles anymore, and so wasn't making as much. He wouldn't see his mother or siblings suffer. "Get them some pie or ice cream or something," He would always say and hand her the money. He could see in her eyes that she wanted to protest, to tell him to keep the money. But they both knew they needed it more. The last time he'd seen her was in the alley behind the small deli near their house. She'd given him a puca shell necklace. "From Valerie…She made it for you and hopes you still remember her. And she wanted to remind you that she still loves you." It had brought tears to his eyes.

His hand touched the necklace as he made his way through the underbrush. He was her big brother, she looked up to him. He held back tears again, thinking of his family, or at least the members of his family that actually mattered.

Texas - Two Months Ago
Erik awoke in a plush room he did not recognize. He had no memory of how he got there, or who he was. At his bedside was a tray of food and a little card that said "Good Morning Erik, help yourself."

Two Weeks later Erik's powers were accidentally awakened by his 'mother'. His body reacted violently, growths sprouting from all over his body. His healing factor couldn't keep up, and it wasn't a pretty sight. He spent the next three weeks in recovery. After his recovery, Erik was sent to the Academy in Idaho to develop his powers.

Personality and Appearance
Erik was 'adopted' by the Lancer family, and so has a fairly comfortable lifestyle. His hair is naturally white, part of his mutation, but he dyes it black. He is borderline Gothic, though he doesn't claim to be. He has nice clothes and usually dresses in a hoodie, loose button shirt with a tie loosely fastened around his neck, baggy jeans and sneakers. When not in battle he wears his leather jacket and his necklace, though he doesn't know why he likes them so much. Erik often does things he can't explain, and it frustrates him. For instance: If he sees anyone hitting a girl he goes ballistic, but he doesn't know why. He has a very 'I don't care' personality otherwise.

Erik is comfortable around people, but often prefers to be alone. He is very quiet and prefers to listen to whats going on around him, or to his music, saying hardly anything. He spends much of his time pushing himself, training in using his powers and working on his Muay Thai. He wants to become the best hero he can be, He thinks his family abandoned him because he wasn't good enough, so he trains hard and almost is focused in the extreme, hoping that he will become the best and his original family will want him again. Erik is actually quite a good artist, but he tends to forgo working on his art, instead focusing on training.

He is quite fond of Hard Rock music, and is generally never seen without his headphones on, even in combat.

Because of Erik's healing factor not being on par, he is left with scars every time he uses his abilities or takes an injury. The scars would probably heal over time if he ever stopped using his powers, but that is unlikely to happen. So, Erik is left with scars from head to toe. His Sternum and Spine are always covered by bone plates, a part of his mutation, presumably to protect these vital areas. Erik is a cutter, and doesn't try to hide it. His primary reason for cutting is to strengthen his healing factor, but it also relieves emotional stress that he has forgotten how to deal with.

When in combat, Erik hides his identity by creating a bone mask out of his skeleton. He is also not a saint, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. (OOC: this will come later with his exo-skeleton powers)

Powers and Abilities
Erik was born with both a healing factor and the ability to manipulate bone growth. However his powers were not awakened until just recently. Currently he can't make bone constructs, due to his healing factor not being on par. But with time and practice he can expand that skill. His Bones and muscles have been reinforced with a natural Carbon Fiber that his body produces, making his bones as strong as folded steel, as well as an enhanced constitution.

Erik also is learning the Martial Arts, of course he doesn't remember taking it as a child, and has taken an interest in Muay Thai after seeing a special on it on TV.

He was born with his gifts, this is true. However, his healing factor isn't as strong as it should be. To protect itself, his body surpressed his other abilities. His powers were awakened by his 'Mother' and now his healing factor struggles to keep up. It can heal his injuries to a point, but sacrifices beauty for practicality, healing just enough to avoid further damage (i.e it heals wounds but leaves scars), also it can become overtaxed if it is strained too much (I'd like to use the Heroic Efforts to regulate this. when he gets low on PHE, his healing factor is overtaxed and new injuries wont heal. So if he tries to use his powers the wounds wont heal, or if he takes a bullet, it be basically the same as if a normal person took a bullet.) Now if he rests his healing factor can recover.

Due to the strain of his powers He also has to constantly drink milk. If he goes more than an hour or two without it he can't use his powers.

Things of Note
1) Bone Manipulation
(Exo skeleton)
2) Healing Factor
3) Muay Thai
(Martial Arts)

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