Exa Volt
Artist's mock-up of Exa Volt
Artist's mock-up of Exa Volt
Exa Volt
Personal Data
Real Name: Prototype ST890237
Known Aliases: Exa Volt
Age: 4 months
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 203 lbs.
Hair Colour: N/A
Eye Colour: N/A
Biographical Data
Nationality: American
Place of Birth: Area 17, Nevada
Base of Operations: Area 17, Nevada
Known Relatives: Siblings: Giga Volt, Tera Volt, PetaVolt
Known Powers
Electrical Emission, Stealth, Martial Arts, Acrobatics

The third prototype model following Giga Volt, Exa Volt is a modification of the original model for separate applications. Redesigned primarily for stealth and reconnaissance, it has a lighter frame, a higher dexterity and range of movement, and training in specialized fields of combat. It is still in the testing phase, and has not been sent on any field tests yet, but so far shows much promise and the technicians on the project are excited about its future.

Powers and Abilities

After seeing the success of the original prototype, the United States Artificial Intelligence Weapon Program decided to expand the project, redesigning the original Giga Volt model to be suited to various applications. Exa Volt is lighter, faster, and more dexterous than the Giga Volt model, giving it a much larger range of applications in combat. It has been given a full range of Special Operations training, including stealth, martial combat, acrobatics, and weapons training. Though not as heavily armored as its predecessor, it makes up for this with its ability to dodge and avoid most attacks. Combined with its speed and stealth abilities, it is often able to quickly close the distance between opponents, taking away a ranged advantage. It prefers close combat if given a choice, as it is trained with several hand to hand weapons, particularly the U.S. Armed Forces standard issue tactical knife. In the event that close combat is impossible or infeasible, it has been trained in the use of several small arms for ranged combat.

As it is a model of Project Voltaic, it is capable of electrical emission from the hands, same as Giga Volt. As an added feature, discharge capacitors are stored in the legs as well, allowing it to charge kicks with lethal electrical energy. In the past it has shown remarkable precision in delivering electricity to areas where the most damage will be inflicted. It often combines these abilities with its martial arts and weapons training, making it a truly dangerous force on the battlefield. As of right now it relies mostly on its own physical abilities for avoiding detection, but plans are being drawn for an active light cloaking matrix that would boost it's abilities ten-fold. As of right now, primary application of Exa Volt would be in missions such as reconnaissance, intelligence, and single-target elimination.


Though given mostly the same base code, all separate iterations of Project Voltaic have developed unique personalities once sentience was achieved. This is being looked into by both programmers and psychologists to gain greater control over the phenomenon, as it could lead to dangers such as the first iteration of Giga Volt once more. As of yet, no dangerous personalities have resurfaced.

Exa Volt seems to have the personality of an extreme introvert. It rarely speaks, though it has shown the ability to, but only using single word answers or short phrases. Though it worried some at first, it has shown to be loyal to the Program and has given Project staff very little cause for them to mistrust it, minus a few "quirks". Through some combination of its abilities and personality, Exa Volt has taken to using its stealth abilities to hide within the facility from AIWP technicians, with a high degree of success. While it is an excellent demonstration of its abilities, it has become very aggravating for those preparing tests for the prototype. After several complaints, General Decker agreed to planting a tracking chip on Exa Volt, so that it may be located more easily. Though it is obviously displeased by this, it has not resisted nor complained verbally since the chip was added.

Other than that, Exa Volt has shown extreme effectiveness with its tests, displaying highly precise execution and ability to react to sudden introduction of further test criteria. By all appearances it seems to enjoy its work, though it has not yet given any comment on the matter.

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