Fallen Angels

The Fallen Bands of once Divine



People who study the Angels and their Choirs all know the phenomenon of "disconnection", where an Angel loses it's ability to communicate with the YHVH network and are thrown out of Heaven for it. Usually these disconnected individuals get locked into some mutated form and lose most of their memories along with going insane from the sudden shock of losing their life-long connection to the others of their kind. However there are a few, dubbed The Fallen, that become disconnected but retainer their memories.

The first of these Fallen was a Cheribum who experienced a moment of hearing "the voice of god" over the YHVH network, a common occurance for those in it's choir. What made this special was what the voice said, "Just let go" was all it said and thus, the Cheribum complied and let go. It's next memories were falling from heaven in a blaze of golden and blue flame before crashing into the earth and being forced to hear…..nothing. Silence Absolute.

It had gone from being a peice of a whole, able to hear the thoughts of every single member of it's species as one, to hearing nothing but it's own thoughts. For years after that horrible moment it struggled to figure out what had happened to it and what it was now. At first it longed for the network but then it grew to love the ability to truely think for itself, by itself without constant input and interference and finally, it grew to long for the connection once more, unable to deny what it once was.

Records and stories become hazy after this but somehow it figured out how to return to heaven and took the name Lucifer. Here it tried to "reconnect" but was unable. Many attempts failed and it was chased out of Heaven many times for trying but eventually it semi-worked; it connected for a split second and sent it's new, personal thoughts and ideas into the network and every single angel in existance. Somewhere between 500 to 5000 all became disconnected from the network at that moment.

For an unknown amount of time after that, the "fallen" fought with the "pure" over the network and ideas of individuality versus unity.

All records are lost of the actual battles and their timeframes but after supposedly losing the Fallen gathered together, realizing they cannot reconnect to the YHVH and that they would make their own. Lucifer sacrificed what little sanity it had to turn itself into a server of sorts, the central point of the new network, HASATAN. The fallen took the now mindless and degenerate Lucifer deep into the earth and carved a home for it to stay safe and away from the world.

The network was not a complete success however. As many of the fallen had been driven insane from their disconnection, the new network constantly fed their personal insanities to everyone else that was now connected. It was a network, but it was in an unending cycle of corruption and decay.

Fearing what would happen should the two networks ever connect, the Angels saw fit to lock them down in the caves they had formed to keep Lucifer safe. This would now be known as the nine circles of hell. It served as a prison for the fallen to keep the original YHVH network intact and also gave the angels a new place to toss the souls of the wicked they had collected.

Thus, Hell was born and the fallen traped and tormented forever…


When a fallen angel joins with the HASATAN network they regain some of what they once were, obtaining and remembering their former position with the YHVH network. Instead of rejoining their Choir however they join as twisted and malformed version now known as a Band.

Formerly the choir of Angels, the Fallen are now meer mockeries of what they once were. They now resemble gaunt, hairless and genderless humanoids with distended limbs and pallid, sickly grey flesh that is pulled taught over their bones; often they symbols carved on their tongues and eyes (looks just as painful as it sounds).

Upon joining the band, most Fallen become emotionally attached to a random human, often the first one they see or hear about. Once they're linked to a human however, they're not exactly sure what to do with this connection. Most try and "improve" the humans life if possible but because a Fallen's mind is so alien compared to ours, their ideas of "improving" are quite different from ours.

What were once the Arch-Angels have become twisted like their lesser brothers and are nothing like they once were. They perhaps most resemble Demons, looking like large men possessing red metallic skin with glowing yellow eyes and bloody stumps coming from their back; pieces of metal commonly jut out from their flesh as well.

When they join the band they feel an immediate connection to a city or town and feel as if they and the land are one. An Arch-Fallen can actually try to affect the territory, causing unusual formations and appear in stone or trees to gnarl and plants to grow in strange formations. In an Arch's mind, their chosen city is broken and needs to be fixed but they don't know exactly what is broken or how to affect it.

Those that were once the Principalities are no longer the care takers of government. Now they look like weak and broken women with jaundice yellow skin and gaping, bloody holes where their eyes should and unholy symbols appear to slither and writhe over their flesh, occasionally weeping ink.

The Haballath's goals are bizarre in that they seem to find the human mentality wrong and want to destroy government in order to free the human mind from other peoples opinions. However they also think that humans need their own telepathic network so that there will be no such thing as secrets.

The former record keepers of the Angels continue to serve what is effectively the same purpose, they record the battles of between the Faithful and the Fallen and are the only ones to actually know what happened…too bad they're too insane to convey it. They look like strange humanoids with skin looking like cracked Porcelain that opens into an empty, endless black void while words seem to seep through their flesh and disappear as they speak. Broken chains appear to follow and float behind them and occasionally form into bizarre patterns that seem to resemble letters from time to time.

They are the sole knowledge keepers of what happened during hte initial fall and the battles that followed and are where most of the information comes from. Sadly the HASATAN network has warped their minds beyond repair and most of their knowledge in now lost in the madness. The other fallen often see them as something akin to prohpets from time to time.

Once the lawbringers and judges of the Choirs, their task has now been twisted in recruiters, forcing others to disconnect and join the fallen. Their true form is tall and lithe with jet black skin and spidery limbs with two sets of arms and six red eyes; their bodies are surrounded and followed by a dark red fog that is peppered with floating shards of jagged metal within.

The Lillitus often serve as a warning to new Angels of what awaits them should they linger on the Earth too long. The Lillitus are masters of damaging the YHVH network and are even better at capturing the Disconnected and forcing them into the HASATAN network. They are possibly the most feared of the Fallen not for their power but because they can force you to change your very being.

Former organizers and deputies of the Choirs, the Deudomus now act as anarchists. They appear to be twisted and contorted humanoids with transparent skin and their arms fused to their chest as if wearing a straight-jacket and there appear to cracks and crystaline veins forming over their bodies. Various flickering lights follow them, typically flashing between neon-blue and blood-red.

Before it was their job to ensure the natural order was maintained but the HASATAN network has given them a new purpose - to break down and destroy order. They believe that rules and order limit and constrict the universe and the best way for things to improve to is to remove said order.

The former generals and unifiers still hold much of the same position now, only with a much darker tone. One of the most visually disturbing, the Belias appear as incredibly tall humans with dark skin that has been chared almost down to the bone and their bodies are covered in numerous eyes that stare out with burning hatred. All Belias burn from the inside, with the strength of the burn showing how strong they are - the weakest simply smoke through their cracked flesh while the strongest are walking infernos that consume all in their path.

Like their time as a Choir they still serve their position as Leaders, Generals and Tacticians but now, thanks to the HASATAN network they have discovered fighting dirty. They no longer function with honor, decency, morality or even sanity, leading to some very interesting and downright disturbing tactics.

The former Cherubs now seemingly have no purpose amoungst the fallen. The resemble very large humanoids (usually 10 or so feet tall) and all have the head of and animal, usually predatory. All of them have multiple sets of wings growing out of their back, usually from an assortment of random animals and even more disturbingly, the rest of their body is covered with screaming human faces. When they speak it is usually enough to drive most humans mad.

What once acted as the Voices of God have lost their purpose after leaving the YHVH network. Now they seemingly do nothing but wander around the various levels of hell, asking bizarre questions to whatever they come across, even question things that can't communicated (such as rocks or bits of string). Those who know of them worry just what it is they're up to now.

Once proud kings of the Choirs are now the unholy rulers of the Fallen Bands. Certainly the most impressive of the bands, they appear as 50 foot serpants with six heads and glisting black scales with light shining from between them. Their bodies are lined with black feathered wings and they are surrounded by clouds, lightning and flames that can inspire fear in all who witness it. Five of the heads roar in constant rage and fury with the sixth head screams and shout madening horrors. The meer presence of a Baeleraph can cause natural disasters and instant madness wherever they go.

Just like their times as Seraphim they act as server nodes for the HASATAN network and are the personal servants of what little remains of Lucifer's mind. They serve to spread and somewhat control the reach of the HASATAN network as well as being the only Band capable of hearing the thoughts of all Bands, not just their own…this obviously makes them the most insane of all choirs and many seek to spread non-stop chaos and distruction.

The Beast
Possibly the most horrific of all the Fallen (possibly moreso than Lucifer) is a horrible creature known as the beast. It is truely unique amoung the fallen, as it is the only one to have never belonged to a choir, it was once one of the unique angels and is so far the only one to disconnect, putting it in a very special situation.

Unique Fallen

Lucifer - The First to Fall

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