Father Caleb
Blessed be he who stands under the tears of those beyond The Gates
Blessed be he who stands under the tears of those beyond The Gates
Father Caleb
Personal Data
Real Name: Caleb Dawson
Known Aliases: Caleb the Piteous
Age: Unknown
Height: 5'4" stooped 5'6" standing
Weight: 100lb
Hair Colour: White/Balding
Eye Colour: Blue
Biographical Data
Nationality: French, American
Place of Birth: France
Base of Operations: Bastille
Known Relatives: Laphet: Sister
Known Powers
Water Magic


The head of the Tears denomination this sickly looking man is adorned in traditional monk robes. He is a very pious man who maintains an air of solemn compassion. His teachings tell of a world in waiting, passive and contemplative. He believes that this world is only a test life and that true life, eternal life, exists beyond the Gates. And so he teaches that we must accept the failures of others and make it our duty to compensate for those who are lost, make mistakes or on the wrong path. Caleb is a gifted water magic user his specialty being Rain magic. We have to sacrifice some excess to achieve moderation, we have to do something right in order to nullify something wrong.


The Golden Gates Church


Powers & Abilities

Water Magic
Caleb has knowledge of every spell of a water elemental alignment and has mastered most if not all of these spells.

Rain Magic
Caleb can summon various magical effects by first conjuring mystical rain storms.

Tears of Humility - Those whom fall under the Tears of Humility feel progressively weaker. If left under the storms long enough a person may find themselves powerless.

Tears of Gentle Repose - Those whom fall under the Tears of Gentle Repose will find themselves falling under a mystical sleep.

Tears of Purification - Those whom fall under the Tears of Purification will be calmed and forced to act on their positive emotions rather than their negative. This ability can be used to turn an evil force against it's leader.

Tears of Resurrection - The earth soaked in these waters will birth its dead. The water seeps into the ground and coming in contact with the corpses of the fallen, will animate the dead. Prolonged exposure to these waters will slowly undo the effects of death.

Tears of Stifled Flames - This rain has the ability to dispel the effects of magic.

Tears of Sanctuary - Those who fall under the Tears of Sanctuary will find themselves lost in illusions of their favorite things. They will experience absolute bliss.



“Through sacrifice, regret and guilt we accept our shortcomings and prepare for that Day of Judgment before the Gates.” - Father Caleb

“They are an overly eager folk. The Gates will reveal itself in time and never before, to search for that which is beyond us is to search against our faith.” - Father Caleb about the Wings denomination.

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