First Weekend Off

The class trip to the Edmunton mall via "Dr Watt's Class room"

Basically the class room has the power to open up to diferent places and differnt times, and the retunr trip, of course, something happens, jarring it out of normal existance and a student "Jason" was lost as he sacrified himself to save the others. (Which happens to be my character)

They made an "emergency landing" in what turns out to be some where in North America in 1558.
However it also has dinsaurs and mammoths and other anachronisms, so something is wrong on a huge scale. So, they need to find "Jason" and hopefully find a clue to what is causing these temporal rifts before they can get back back home.

Your character opened the door to the classron at teh ACADEMY and feel into a wormhole, and wake up in a old bed stuffed with hay, looking into the face of a chinese mandarin.

They also met up with the Academy class of 1558,
(One of the member of the class of 1558 is repairing one of the PCs who is playing a robot - giivng him a steampunk makeover)

The class of 1558 includes
Manfried "Artifocer" steampunk gadeteer
Rodrigo "Gigante" biog and strong
"Woodwose" adolescent/bigfoot/swashbucklering/bard
Beatrix "Fume" Vapor powers
"Fyremaker" an American indian with teh abilty to turn any materian into an unsatbe exoplosive. He usually charges his arrowheads.
"Salem Lass" a witch trying to escape from her evil massachusetts coven
Dr. Crane a brillinant but mysterious chinese mandarin whose eyes glow when angry

Oh and it seems that the villian is called "The Enchantrix" while no one has seen her she seems to be insiring nightmares in magically sensitive and seem to be able to posses people. Roses seem to be her focus and MO.

Of course she has superpowered henchmen in addition to her mysterious hooded footsoldiers.
The Enchantrix's henchmen include
Olivia a "runemaster"
Pitstop - a gadeteer with super speed who can make and disassemble gadeets on the fly.
Corundum - A crystal giant with super stregth
Facade- A shape shifting andriod who can go into a coocoon and emerge with a new identity and powers
Wilt - Super strechning

The heroes have discover that the Enchnatrix and her superpowered henchment are not on;ly from thier supervillian school the INSTITUTE, but from the future as well.
The team has recent discovered the footsoldiers are captive who are placed under her control by maical torcs adoned with roses. Once release, the they revert to normal.
Unknown to the heroes, they are being followed by Fyremaker, who seems to be from the future as well, and has unknown plan.

After discovering a cabin from a time displaced hippie, the team travels to find themselves in a desert, populated by tribesmen who look like eskimos. They mistake the team for the Enchatrix's agents. Jason is discovered to be their shaman, but he has lost his memory and goes by teh name "Redskin" because of his continual beet red sunburn.

Faced with either fighting the tribmen and thier newfound comrade, the team has no chioce but to surrender to "redskin" and the tribe. Th local shaman Whaledreamer, casts a spell placing out heoes in eth dreamtime, where they manage to reassemble Jason memories and fight his subconsious mind which was able to cople with being torn between the ACADEMY and his tribe.

Along with the reintegrated Jason our heroes now to finish thier task, to save the tribe, themselves, and maybe all of time itself from the hands of the dreaded Enchantrix of the Rose.


Ahalls25 as Aaron Halls AKA Heatwave (Mutant who can shoot fire from hands)
B1g-Trouble as Rio StalageMight
Bio-Flux as Carl Lennox (Can generate electricity, lightning and EMP.)
BlackSamuri as Zion
bmarks61 as Harris Brent AKA Cragon (Brick)
Dndd as Davey Pebbles (Regeneration)
Ghostpanther as Ronnie Richards AKA Ghost Panther (Mage with latent psionic mutations)
GoldenGuy as Severin Ravens AKA Golden Guy (Mutant who emits a golden kentic aura)
GORDO as Jason Roberts AKA Cohort (Trained normal)
kevdan as Kevin Long (Crash Course)
MonkofLords Ted Galange/Ballista (Strong Legs)
Monody as Kyrie Aeleison Volant
Nickowow as Logan Ravened AKA Renegade (Brick)
ReaperMonkey as GigaVolt (Robot)
Runaway as Alexandria Winston-Slater AKA Aegis
SilverEcho Sarah Omnics AKA SilverEcho
Spectral AKA Genevieve Spectrum (Light Powers)
Starkrier as Ariel Lokken (mentalist)
Steamtank Hanlon Casey AKA Leviathan (Metal skiined brick)
Supacasterl Maerik Marson AKA Archmage (Spellcaster)
The Thin White Duke as Jacob Xenakis Pridelord (Regerating hunter)
TicklemeHellmo as Max WalkerAKA Frostbite
timtheory Timothy Fitzgerald AKA (Mystical archer)
Transcended-Light as Luno Harper (Light Powers)
UncannyMadman as Tyler Pryce AKA Urchin (Aquatic Powers and Water Control)

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