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Well isn't that just awesome. Now if there's a way to modify the tools above the chat box to make coloring text easier…

[[span style="color:#660000"]]Your Text here[[/span]]

If you didn't know.

On a similar train of thought as Reap, do we know how well it takes to videos? I have yet to try it, but it would be a decent feature if we could embed video content.

One way to find out…

And it works.

After the Academy

It has been almost ten years now… and so much has changed, it has become hard to even remember how it once was. I still look back somewhat fondly at my time with the Academy, and the adventures we used to have, some grand and some mundane. And though I've striven to maintain contact with some, others have slipped away to lead their own lives, and I can respect their privacy. I have certainly had my hands full, and I have no doubt the rest have moved on as well. But still, I wonder if I shall ever behold them with my own eyes once more…

In the time since your character has graduated, they've moved on, and begun living their own life, whether as a superhero, a normal human, or something entirely different. These choices are yours to make, and everyone has a plan in mind… if not more then one. But for our purposes here, you can assume almost ten years have passed, which should give everyone a reasonable amount of time to consider what they've been up to since the Graduation, and how they've approached living a life on their own.

This should still be considered an Alternate Universe of sorts, because nothing is ever set in stone. The purpose here is to give everyone an idea of a possible evolution in character, while seeing if the Ties really do Bind us together after all. Some might… others might not. But we'll get to see the lives of our students as adults, going about their lives as they see fit, and that should make for some good stories all on its own.

There's no real rules per se, though I think everyone is familiar enough with the basics of our world. If there are any questions, please ask. For example, I don't see any of our student's becoming world leaders, not because they aren't capable, but because humanity at large wouldn't really trust say, a President that can fly and is invulnerable for all intents and purposes, because other Human leaders would see that as a veiled threat. So consider what you wish to accomplish, and if you're really left thinking a bit too hard, just ask!

After the Academy by Gen SpectrumGen Spectrum, 16 Jan 2011 09:33

This site's pretty neat. Wiki is fairly straightforward, Forums are cake, and Chatango works on it! <It CAN be coded PER PAGE here! Currently only on front, I'll stick it on forums too>

Thoughts thus far?

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Rules; by Gordo and updated by Spectrum. (I suppose Spectrum will just post it himself since Gordo will be absent.)

Here we have a compilation of our most basic rules. There are additions to these posted below, but these are the ones you should reference whenever you are considering being a good-for-nothing hooligan and general nuisance to everyone else. (Please don't be a hooligan.)

General Rules

1. We expect everyone on the site to be polite and friendly to each other. You do this for fun as does everyone else here, please keep that in mind.

2. We don't allow swearing, crude language, or any other sort of profanity. There are plenty of other words to use in the English language that get your point across; use them instead. And if you're unsure if something would be "passable", err on the safe side and say something else.

3. While our characters talk and interact on an adult level, there are many topics that should not be brought up either IC or OOC. Sex, drugs, graphic violence, psychological disorders, and other touchy subjects should be left alone. If you absolutely feel you MUST bring it up or include it, PLEASE ask first. People come here to have fun, not to discuss things on a political level. There are plenty of other places besides here to discuss such topics.

And just for clarification, "But REAL teenagers do/have it!" is not a valid argument.

4. We do not tolerate Sexism, Racisim or any other sort of insults on others based on their religion, ethics or any other beliefs. Really now, don't bring that crap here.

5. No guns. Kids aren't licensed firearms, and we don't kill, being heroes.

6. No tattoos, as kids aren't legally allowed to give consent. The school with remove visible tattoos unless they part of the characters powers. (Too identifiying anyways. Ever notice how many secret societies in shows have identifable tattoos? Whats up with that?)

7. No intentionally provocative clothing or uniforms. Keep in mind it is a boarding school with school uniforms and a dress code.

RP Rules

1. Since this is based on high school, all characters are around the ages 14-17.

2. Give some thought to your character! We like to see original ideas, not Superman/Goku knock-offs with 1000 powers and no weaknesses. What's their personality like? What are their likes/dislikes? What's their favorite color? Powers should be ONE of the things you consider when creating your character.

3. Please do your best to make all posts readable and respondable. i.e. Give descriptions, actions and speech so others have a good idea of what you are doing. Making a ::Location:: header at the top of your post is an easy way to let everyone know where you are and avoid some confusion when there are 30 people posting in one thread.

4. When RP'ing do not God play. Your char is not a one man army and is not a human swiss army knife. Everyone should get their chance in the spotlight, don't hog it all to yourself.

5. Respect the other players. In character, you can be as mean as you want, but you still have to maintain a level of respect to the player themselves. Do not control other character's actions without their express permission, and let the other players tell their parts of the story. You're role playing, not writing novels. It's a group effort.

6. Respect the GM. These crazy people have taken it upon themselves to tell whimsical stories of magic and wonder, all the while keeping tabs on dozens of players which could be easily compared to herding cats. It's not an easy job. Be nice to them by not going on sidetracking adventures with no relevance to the plot to fulfill your own interests. Follow the plot and go along with the story. They have enough trouble without you hijacking the thread to Cuba.

7. You are allowed 3 characters total on the site. 1 Alpha, 1 Beta and 1 Gamma. But please don't switch between your characters in the middle of a thread. If you start with one character, finish with that character, unless you're given permission to do otherwise. It gets very confusing when suddenly your previous character is gone and replaced with someone else.

8. Pace yourself. No need to do everything in one post. Talk, make an action or two, then wait for other people to respond. Give other people a chance to react to the situation before you run off and do other stuff.

9. In combat please try to keep it realistic, one attack and some movement are usually the most someone can achieve in a combat round.

10. We have school uniforms as our default outfits. This is in keeping with the private school theme, though slight exceptions are allowed. Do not expect to be running around naked or dressed promiscuously, as this will not be tolerated. We are a PG forum, so please, don't push boundaries. It is only to ensure the comfort of everyone. While on missions, we are allowed to wear our 'hero gear' if such applies. The basics rule still stands, in that this shouldn't be revealing. If in doubt, ask.

Failure to follow the rules will most likely lead to warnings if not expulsion from the group/school. We have to make this fun for everyone, so please don't do anything to hinder that.

General Tips

1. The Council and Mod's are here to help you, if you're unsure of anything, please ask. Usually one of us will be on chat to answer you, but if no one is available, feel free to PM one of us the question.

2. Do your research on the site and wiki page to learn about the students, staff, the building, and anything else related to the Academy. Buff up your knowledge of the Academy and show off to older members! (helps with RP too) The Wiki can be found here.

3. Read the other rules! This is just a basic overview of most of the official rules we have in place. There are several more additions and explanations of some of the other rules posted in the Rules section. Please look through those if you have any other questions of what's allowed here. If they don't answer your question, feel free to ask one of the Council members.

Gen's Turn

A PG-rated motion picture should be investigated by parents before they let their younger children attend. The PG rating indicates, in the view of the Rating Board, that parents may consider some material unsuitable for their children, and parents should make that decision.

The more mature themes in some PG-rated motion pictures may call for parental guidance. There may be some profanity and some depictions of violence or brief nudity. But these elements are not deemed so intense as to require that parents be strongly cautioned beyond the suggestion of parental guidance. There is no drug use content in a PG-rated motion picture.


The Academy Rules by Gen SpectrumGen Spectrum, 14 Jan 2011 12:20
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