Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: The Weak
Age: 36(Perpetually)
Height: 4'2 (Wheelchair)
Weight: 100lb
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Biographical Data
Nationality: German-American
Place of Birth: America
Base of Operations: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Known Relatives: "Father": Mabus
"Daughter": Mary
"Sister": Joanna
Known Powers
Cursed Vampirism, Demon Magic



The wheelchair bound former head of Mabus' clan. Franz was turned sometime during WWII when Nazi Germany was at its military peak. His leadership was needed once Mabus' decided to disappear without a trace, as he often does. He usurped leadership of the clan and made Joanna, the Angel of Mabus, his right hand woman. She agreed for her own reasons and the two became the head in Mabus' stead. He is a disciplined, focused and compassionless man, who does not fall prey to the pleasures of the vampiristic life. He however, kept a secret. Before his turn, he was a weakened man, injured as a Nazi spy in France. Franz was betrayed by his own country. There was no room in Hitler's world for the crippled and so he was abandoned. A hatred within him festered and grew. Becoming a vampire in this state, his body was forever crippled. He used his growing knowledge of demon magic to grant himself the temporary ability to walk again. His deception could only last but so long.

He ruled well, managing to hide his disability through the use of demon magic, and his clan looked up to him. His deception lasted for many years until Zepar learned of his weakness. In a play for power, or perhaps just as a way to amuse himself, Zepar revealed his flaw forcing him to reveal himself as a disabled man. His clan still followed him, though in his own mind he had become a weak man. He started losing his sanity, fearing that his clan would see his weakness and turn on him. His paranoia consumed him and drove him mad. It was his degenerating sense of reason and sanity that allowed for Joanna to take power from him. He became like a puppet king for her, and her will for the clan was communicated through him. He saw through her using him and was finally driven to step down from his position.

He later joined Nirvana as a barkeep and watcher. He was a broken man. He gave into his weakness, his worldly desire. Or so he would have one think. He still commanded the loyalty, respect and adoration of many members of his kin. If at any point he gave the word, Joanna would be slain and discarded. He used his guise of insanity to infiltrate Nirvana, the most sacred place of Zepar the man who tried to destroy him. This time he would enact his revenge on those who betrayed him. He was close, very close but his turning Mary would be the key to his downfall. His downfall was marked with his act of compassion for another.


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